Looking Close

             Is everyone as excited about new calendars as I am?  Of course, there won’t be resolutions.  We’ve learned so much!  And we now know that those are not necessarily productive, nor helpful.

             New pages though, with beautiful views?  All those hopes and possibilities?  Absolutely.

            That’s right what the Universe wants to remind us of today.  We have so much to be grateful for and to look forward to.  While at the same time being consciously here and present.

Imminent, and Now

             One of my major lessons, as everyone is aware, has to do with letting go.  It focuses on the power to NOT keep looking behind me.  This message, of being present but also acknowledging the joy in our future, can be challenging.

             Which is probably why it’s so important.   It’s a process that I might need to sit with, and feel all the edges of.  It’s also very promising, bringing inspiration, pulling us back to consciousness.

             Reviewing the past year is not the goal, but absorbing what we learned there, that does have value.  Finding the balance, that’ll be where we aim our mind and heart.

             Standing amongst my cards, in front of our altar, here is where I was directed.  This is a perfect draw, what with the current Mercury Retrograde we’re still involved with.  I’m including both parts from the Guidebook.

mercury retrograde

“Details, Details   ~   43   ~

‘The most powerful patterns are created within the tiniest details.

Pay attention.’


This is the time to be aware of the fine print in all areas of your life.  Look at the details and leave the broad strokes for another time.

When this card appears in a reading, it is a sign to finesse a project, make small but meaningful gestures, or add a personal touch to your correspondence.

Be aware that what you need to know lies in the details.  If you are entering into an agreement of any kind, pay attention to them before, not after, when it’s too late.

Clarity and transparency are key.  You can gain great understanding by observing the minute body language, offhand remarks, and fleeting facial expressions that reveal the larger picture.


Heed the gentle warning that perfectionism will not lead you to what you desire, but instead will steer you way from it.

Nothing will be good enough when you become obsessed with being perfect.  No one can ever measure up to your scrutiny, and nothing that you can ever do will assuage that general feeling of not being up to par.

You are perfect already, just as you are.

Reversed, the Details Details card challenges you to accept things as they are in all their imperfections – to step into the world and engage it without any expectations.

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that tomorrow marks my 9th year here.  Anniversaries for blogging seem to have fallen out of fashion.   But really, when was I ever concerned with trends set by other people?


Comprehending, and Expressing

             A few times a year, every year, we face it.  Used to be, we dreaded it, and were afraid.  Now, we know better.  We don’t love it, but we go into it now with more preparation and knowledge.

             It’s Mercury retrograding, of course.  And it’s here.  Along with an eclipse and a dark moon.  Plus, some assorted other planetary fun.

             It’s what we need to look at, and understand.  It’s what the Universe wants us to discuss and embrace.   The most important feature that we are being asked to pay attention to this time around is . . . .


             The depth of this cannot be expressed deeply enough.  The information I’m getting is that we’ve all come so far, now it is necessary for us to expand on our learning, and keep moving forward.

             The planet Mercury is entirely about communicating, in one form or another.  When the backwarding occurs, well, that’s the challenge.  To make sure we aren’t caught up in it, we must step back and allow the delays (or confusions) to tell us WHY they are here.

             I recently watched a YouTube clip about forgiveness, and the woman spoke of loving our way through the pain and grief.  I understood what she was saying, in that when we allow ourselves to feel the feelings, we are better able to let them go once they’ve been acknowledged.  It’s much the same with this.

             If we slow down, take a deep breath, and simply look at (listen to) what the challenge is trying to tell us, we can manage it with a better attitude.  At least, that’s the goal.  (And that’s what I’ll be striving for in the next few weeks.)

             On our card altar right now, this messenger couldn’t BE more appropriate.


“The Lady of Lightning  ~  35  ~

surprises, sometimes shock, total paradigm shift

As an Ally, the Lady of Lightning brings powerful forces of change into our life.  She tells you to expect a sudden shift in your circumstances.  

Perhaps a situation you weren’t anticipating arises and offers you the opportunity of a lifetime, or a series of ‘Aha!’ moments culminates in a pivotal flash of insight causing everything to change ‘just like that.’

Maybe someone enters your life and pushes you to new heights.  You may have a brilliant idea that hits you like lightning.

Be prepared; change is imminent, and a total paradigm shift may be upon you.   Don’t resist the changes, as this kind of lightning isn’t something you want to fight.

Great things are happening when the Lady of Lightning appears.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Personal Sharing:

is to ask a favor of you all.

             If you think of it, would you stop for a quick second on Tuesday morning (yes, before noon) and send me a happy mind-dart, a silent wish for peace and understanding?

             I’m heading in to a new training session next week, possibly with the end result being a job.  Fingers crossed that all goes well.  Thanks for the assistance, I’ll keep you posted!



             We haven’t talked about perception in a while.  It’s time.  Again.  To address that topic.

             Partly this is about the Attitude of Gratitude, but also it’s about conditioning.  We’ve been taught to think that some things are “better” than others.  Even when this is absolutely not the case.

             Here’s what I woke up hearing and singing:

Bright Sunshiny Day

             Where I live, we are in the middle of a very dramatic (and painful) heat wave.  (And by “in the middle of” everyone is hoping that I actually mean DEARGAWD LET IT END TODAY!)  The weather right now, is serious.

             A “bright” type of forecast is not always what I, in particular, would like for my day.  Personally, I’d prefer something that’s cooler, dimmer, more misty, and not even so “day” at all.  My favorite hours are dusk, sunset, night-times.  (Mornings are simply too sharp.)

             In our cultural parlance though, Sunshine-y is positive.  Am I wrong in my choices, or are those who prefer otherwise?  Neither.  Obviously.  It’s all in how we observe.  It’s all in how we are trained, raised.  It’s also in our hearts and emotions.

             There’s so many examples of this thought process, all around us.  When we dwell on the “negatives” (or what we’ve always been told is in the bad category), we miss out on merely having the experience of them.

             We have been conditioned to see clouds as a problem.   But, if they bring rain during a drought, isn’t that exactly what we need?  Also, like the song, then we get the rainbow.

             We need all of it, both, a variety of days and nights and temperatures and adventures.  That way, we see every direction/phase/lesson as worthwhile, necessary with diversity and appreciation for the whole.

             I was drawn straight away to this selection on our card altar.  Not an image I adore, but the messages continue, and that’s where we need to focus.


“Baboon  ~

In love and declarations of passion heartfelt communication is key.

Sublime Baboon, adept of love, wears her heart on her sleeve.  Baboon does not pretend.  Her passions and shows of affection are genuine, her reactions without artifice, so you may believe the ardent declarations of others.

Truthful, heartfelt communications and open expression of feelings are what matter now in your relationships if, like Baboon, you seek lasting love.

Hiding your emotions will leave others unsure of your intentions and reluctant to reveal their feelings, which can only lead to misunderstandings and sadness.”

             Read that one more time, “misunderstandings and sadness.”  There’s a shit-ton of planetary movement currently going on.  Be careful and be direct.  See the lesson, see the beauty.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages Oracle Cards by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

includes two spots to read up on what’s happening.  HERE and HERE are great jumping off points.  If you find any others which might be helpful, be sure to share in the comments.   Knowledge is Power!


Existence and Awareness

             We all have our struggles.  They are as varied as we are.  And the tools we use to keep ourselves safe, they are as individual, as well.

             What we all have in common, though, is what our message is here to remind us.

Staying and Going 

              It’s sometimes quite soothing to look back and reminisce, to recall those “good times” with friends and family.  But we must use care.  That type of thinking can become a problem when we dwell there.

              It can be painful when we compare.  It can become a roadblock to our forward momentum; just as always looking ahead and worrying or fretting over what “might” be in the future gets us nowhere.

               What the Universe wants us to keep in mind is that when we flow freely with a gentle pace, sailing our boat in a current of just the right speed, we can gaze back, or peer ahead.  While at the same time still moving forward.

              All the while, we are able to appreciate precisely where we are at this exact moment.  Be here now, it’s a beautiful spot, and it has an amazing view!

               In fact, on our card altar, it’s being suggested the we even pull ashore for a bit, and rest here.

higher self

“Judgment  ~  46  ~  Higher Self

precision, rationality, analysis, discernment

This isn’t a time to act under an imagined sense of urgency.  Keep emotions from running away with you.  Turn to your Higher Self, engage your power of reason, and trust your inclination to step away from the drama and intensity of the moment.

Study and analyze all the factors of the situation, and allow your Higher Self to guide you to the right end.

Sleep on it a night.  Better yet, sleep on it for three nights, then heed your Higher Self’s message:

‘Leave it to me for now’.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is to say, yes, this draw knows of which it speaks.  Don’t make any decisions for a short while.  We are in the Shadow Phase of an up-coming Mercury retrograde.

               The true planetary event begins on Thursday, April 28 at 10:20 p.m. (my time). Going direct Sunday, May 22 at 6:20 a.m.  It’s all about the review, the redo, the reconnect, the revisit, the revise, the reassess, the refresh, the renewal, the re-reading.

              Don’t sign papers, do speak clearly, and definitely be ready to repeat yourself (in a calm and kind way).


Analytically Specific

             When I have the wires or bands adjusted on my braces, the official terminology is detail work.  And that’s exactly what the Universe wants us to discuss right now.  Only, ya know, on a metaphysical level, not inside my face.

             I heard this before I left the comfort of my cozy bed:

fine tuning.

             Because of our current Mercury retrograde situation, it’s not a good idea to begin anything new at this time.  What IS recommended is all aspects of “re” – as in:

review, refresh, reassess, rejuvenate, renew, reenergize, resume, recall, regenerate, replenish, reawaken, revive, refine, repair, remember, revise…..

              The process of taking a moment to look deeper, examining those fine details, refamiliarizing ourselves with the smaller particulars gives us a chance to tune in, on a soul level, and simply within our own quiet and sacred self.  We allow our busy-ness to drop away for that second, and we are calm.  We are renewed.

              Another part of this has to do with releasing the nagging, material-world specifics, giving way to the peaceful, tiny blessings, letting them rise to the top.  Those usually uncredited players (like, our ability to hear and breathe and walk and speak) are not the biggest of our details, but they are among the most important.


             This is the first month of my other new calendar.  It’s going to be our Sharing and our Resource for today.

             Use it as a meditation aid, if that’s something you feel drawn to.  I’m going to study this view, then close my eyes, sending my mind to that left-side chair (so I can put my virtual feet up on the wall).  I’ll keep the details that want to hang around, and release those that are no longer useful.

              You might want to do something similar.  Maybe I’ll see you there?