Strength by Association

             I was going to say that it’s been a difficult past week in Mental Health, but truly, EVERY week has its challenges, for so many of us.  We don’t hear about the non-famous folks who are also struggling.  And that’s where my focus has turned.

             It’s not even really about “reaching out” as all the media is reminding us.  It’s more about the

staying connected.

             There are people who think this is our only life, and that there is no Source.  Who believe that we’re just bouncing around out here randomly, and then we die.  Well, that’s not how I understand it.

             Our goal is to do the very best we can, and the prize is that we can then go Home.  If our journey causes more pain than we can tolerate, sometimes, we bail early.

             This option leaves behind more hurt than can be measured.  And yet.  There are moments, times, people, who can only see that avenue, and no other.

             We can never know what our tolerance is until we have reached the breaking point.  It is one of the most individual aspects of who we are.

             Staying in contact with our loved ones, our co-workers, our community is the very best way to keep that pain from overwhelming us.  Just knowing that there is someone, anyone, we can depend on to share a tiny bit of that pain with can be enough.

             Another suggestion is to find what eases the discomfort, even for a glancing second.  And then, to share it.  To say, “hey, this works for me” so that others may, too, find a moment of relief.

             As always, it takes me no time at all to arrive in front of the most perfect stack of cards with the most validating message.

angel messages

“Angel of Self-Worth

You are currently undervaluing yourself;

It is time to regain your self-worth.

You are so much more than what you are portraying to the world and those around you.

The Angel of Self-Worth is here today to reflect unto you all the beauty, love, and light that you are, and to help you regain your sense of self-worth.  Feel her healing light penetrating your aura this very moment and affirm to yourself:

I am a being of light and love.

I love and value the many wonderful qualities that I possess.

From this moment forward, I will honour and value myself, and all I am and all I do,

in the knowledge that I am part of Creation.

I am worthy of love.

I am worthy.

Repeat this affirmation several times each day, either out loud or in the silence of your heart.  Reflect upon each word and truly believe and own each one.  Express each word with all your heart and soul.

As you begin to value yourself, you will find that others start to value you.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is to say, without question, at times like these, when everywhere we turn there are reminders of suffering, please, practice Self-Care.  Take your three minutes, wrestle them out of every single fucking day.  You’re worth it, I’m worth it.

             Spend your valuable and sacred time sitting quietly.  Relax.  Don’t move.  Listen.  Recharge.  Breathe.  Perhaps even think about sending soothing and healing light to those who have more pain than they can carry right now.





             The weather here today was stormy and dark.  I overslept.  (These two facts are not necessarily related.)   When I rode to the pool, it had stopped raining.  I made sure to say Thank You, outloud, as I pedaled along.

             The message I was shown this morning was not very cohesive.  It was in snippets and choppy chunks.  It began like this:

we choose.

             Then continued with things like:

  • we are in charge of our reactions
  • I am the one who picked this life
  • we are perfectly capable of being in a good mood, or a bad one
  • I define my destiny
  • it is up to me to move forward or stand still or look back.

             Again, all true.  And maybe, or maybe not, related.  But, here it is.  For us to ponder and apply as we see fit.

             On our card altar right now, still within the regular rotation, this draw pairs perfectly with the channeled words.  Really, nicely done, Universe.

harmony from clear quartz

“Clear Quartz  ~

harmony, meditation, protection, infinite possibilities

Clear Quartz crystal can be programmed with whatever qualities you desire, for just like you, this crystal is full of infinite possibilities.

This card is asking you to reflect on all that you would love to have and to achieve in life.  Make a list and then mentally infuse this card, or a real Quartz crystal, with all the qualities and things you wish to manifest.

Carry the card/crystal with you – keep it close to your heart and mentally envisage your life as you would love it to be.  See realistic goals for yourself and repeat this ritual daily until all the goals are reached, then set new goals.

Remember – all is possible if you believe it.  Just make sure it is truly what your heart desires.

Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Holiday Sharing:

 is this piece of mail we received today.

winter card

peace . harmony . prosperity . happiness . goodwill . cheer . hope . joy


             It simply says it all.  In the very best way.


Our Sacred Within

             One of the key components to us getting all of these messages about Healing and Retreat, is that we probably don’t spend enough time being silent.  Because really, unless we actually ARE on a true retreat (like to a monastery), we absolutely DON’T spend enough time being silent.

             And by “silent,” the Universe means, in prayer, or meditation, or simply unplugged.  As in, sitting still, being calm, and going inside.  Taking those Quick Three Minutes, and merely being.

             I heard one single word this morning.  And I heard it loudly.  With bells on.  (Or, bowls.  In this case.)


             What is the image of this message?  Well, the ones that I was shown were actually like small scenes of perfection.  A Pinterest view of the mind.  Snapshots of idyllic right now.

              The images were less important than the emotion.  Paradise can take the shape of wherever we love the most.  Or WHENever, even.  It’s all about the feeling.

             As I stood before our card altar, the direction was definitely for us to return to that regular rotation, picking up where we left off last time.  And then, seeing the daily draw, I knew precisely why.

"The Creator"

The Creator

             Or, is it really, All of Creation?  Is our Divine Source of All a person?  No, we can all agree on that.  So, we’re not going to go with the guidebook on this one, we’re leaving that behind and blending the glowing center of this illustration with what I was told.

             We are all part of Life.  Without gender, without heritage, without body, without any physical aspect of any type.  When we sit quietly and allow our mind to wander freely, whether attempting a blank-canvas approach or utilizing well-documented words, we are communing with that golden light.  That eternal presence which is all Love, all the time.

             Personally, (since I can’t get to the beach) I like to take my quiet moments on a our guest bed.  In a silent room, sprawled across the entire mattress.  With, or without, my CDs, it’s the way to my own serene place.  My inner universe which gives me access to All.

             Our recommendation right now is to not wait any longer.  Go.  Grab your moment.  Take it at the first opportunity.  And if you can’t get a hold of some Contemplation in your own current location, come by here.  I’ll loan you my spot.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

(with message channeled through me)


you can look back through any of the past posts with tags about guided meditation to find all of my favorites, or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll try to gather a list of CDs that I like the best.

Today’s Sharing:

is this view I just put up on Instagram.

GrandDog in my lap.

GrandDog in my lap.

             It’s a Maxx sleep-over weekend.  If you need us, we’ll be in the guest room……




             Today brought me great joy, in so many tiny and miraculous ways.  Which, how NOT coincidental, is precisely what our message is talking about.

             In the mindful consciousness, we are striving for that feeling of being here now.  Knowing the moment, and enjoying it.  No matter the outcome, no matter the physical situation of anything anywhere else.  Just, to be is our goal.

Observational success.

             We have not failed when we become distracted by a ringing phone, a barking dog, a chiming clock, or even a wandering mind.  We’ve merely been reminded of our human-ness.

             Bring it back.  Call up that calm once more.  See the small and important details.  Tune in to the greater beauty of us all.  We accomplish more in those tiny seconds of devotion than we can ever realize.

             Remember, being joyful is its own perfect reward.  We win when we see with love, and when we walk in beauty.  We replenish and heal every time we take those quick few minutes to slow and be and care.

             On our card altar right now, back within the regular rotation, this daily draw shows a gorgeous and soothing image, one I could just sit with for endless hours.  It has it all.

self-care, priorities

“Priorities  ~

Get  your priorities straight.

When you know what’s important,

speaking your truth gets much easier.”

             Whether it’s making time to be alone/be with others, saying yes/saying no, moving around/slowing down, once we have determined what is truly of the greatest importance to us, we WILL and CAN make it happen.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is an update.   One of my absolute favorite artists contacted me earlier, so we’re going to revisit THIS ancient post from years gone by.

Archangel Michael

Michael Archangel

             This illustration (the actual framed piece of paper) has many miles on him.  I’ve carted the drawing around, hither and yon, over and back, in cars and trains and trucks and buses and bikes.  Drawn by Christina Simonds, he’s helped me in ways that I can no longer count.

             Thank you, Christina, and Michael.  For being your own true selves, and for giving so much to the rest of us.

Beyond Integrating.

             Much better sleep, for all three of us, last night.  No thunder, no lightening, no one ringing the doorbell before 10 a.m.  However, I did wake up with some information that needed to be shared.

             It seems as though some of us are really struggling right now.  I  know that there have been points in my day lately (for several weeks) that were terrifyingly difficult to get through.  What I heard, in aid of this, well before I was even fully awake, was that we really aren’t asking for enough help.

             We put together these Teams, gathered our guides and teachers, before we got here, before we put on the bodies we are currently wearing.  (Well, we do it EVERY time.)  We’re not utilizing that resource.  Often, our most empowering lessons are the most challenging.  But we aren’t designed to face them alone.

             When we listen to our soul voices, when we heed the suggestions of our Team, when we walk in Beauty and we Live in Love, when we strive for lovingkindness at all times, THEN our paths become smoother.  And it happens right before our very eyes.

             Our own personalized and perfect help IS available, we need only ask for it.  When I did leave the bed, this is where my day (finally) started, with a big freaking dose of validation:

the waiting only FEELS too long,

in reality, this timing is perfect.

             Then, standing in front of the card altar, I was directed away from our regular rotation, because the rest of what we needed to hear today had to come from this stack.

fairies, oracle cards, healing messages

 “Visualization  ~

Your clairvoyance, your dreams, and the pictures in your mind’s eye are becoming more clear and powerful.  This card asks you to trust and to develop your visual skills, and to use them in conscious manifestations.

The fairies know the power of conscious visualization as a tool of manifestation.  By drawing this card, you are guided to sit quietly on a daily basis and to visualize yourself living a healthy, happy, abundant, and meaningful life.  Visualize only what you desire, and avoid picturing that which you do not desire.

You have powerful visual skills, even if you are unaware of them.  Affirm daily, ‘I am a highly visual person.’  Any blocks that you have about clairvoyance will begin to lift.  Know that it is safe for you to see the future, the spirit world, and the truth about your life.  By releasing any fears about ‘seeing,’ your visualization powers will be greatly magnified.


It is safe for me to see.

I am a very visual person.”

             Some days there is too much noise, too many distractions, just MORE than I need to sit down here and share with you.  When that happens I have to do exactly as the fairies suggest, I stop all of the outside interferences and I listen-I see-I feel-I tune in.

             Having it arrive as a suggestion from the Universe is a massively valuable and strong message.  One I hope everyone will apply, freely and liberally.  (Remember, anyone can do this, any time any place, in less than Three Quick Minutes.)

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was a short ride, compared to yesterday.  We had a post office run and then a quick grocery store stop.  See Dan’s map HERE for the slightly differing numbers.  Mine show 4.726 miles, in exactly 30 minutes, at a leisurely average speed of 9.4 MPH.

Tonight’s View:

is a gift from our local turkeys.  Probably trying to buy me off, after some/one of them pooped on my new table.

turkey feathers, yard gifts, neighborhood finds

There were a bunch of tiny, fluffy ones too, but they got blown around and couldn’t all be seen together.

Blog Business Update:

will only apply if you read this in your e-mail.  There seems to be some problems with how new posts are going out, as in, they are late, WAY damn late.  Something goes up every night at 10:55 Pacific Time.  (Unless I am tardy, but that’s pretty rare, and I always let you know.)