Answers and Alleviation

             The past few weeks I’ve been feeling increasingly overwhelmed.  As in the way of all things, (see last post re: thinking and being), the Universe stepped in.  Pun unintentional, but highly appropriate.

             Wanna guess who had to make a visit to Urgent Care and got sent home with instructions to stay off her feet for the next 4 days? Yeah, this witch.

             The eclipse, politics, Mercury retrograde, debt, work problems, increasingly painful edema, and now a new (wtf?) foot situation.  It was just adding up to equal: too much.

             I went to see a medical professional and she shut it all down.   She became the voice of Source.  She said, “no more” and she was the last word.

             Thanks, Powers That Be.  I’m listening.  And now, I’m staying home, elevating my lower appendages, practicing Self-Care, and being here in the small house which is now our home.

             As I paid attention to what the signs were telling me, I heard this:


             We have many lives, many chances, many adventures.  If it all doesn’t get done RIGHT NOW that’s fine.  We have tomorrow.  We have next week.  We have next year, and all the years/tomorrows after that.

             We are being reminded that the Journey is where our focus needs to lie.  Aim for the enjoyment, the lesson, the tiny moment of pleasure.

             Once again, it’s about being present.  Being in this time.  And if some shit has to be transferred to tomorrow’s list (or some tomorrows in the future) that’s perfectly okay.  We’ll get there.  We always do.

            Time does not “run out” nor does it disappear.  It wrinkles, it rolls over, it moves along, it meanders down its own path.

             And as a validation, we see that it also turns like a wheel.

robin wood wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune  ~10  ~ reversed

             Or, as I like to read them, with a tweak.  This view shows us that we’ve all been around the block.  We’ve seen the ups and downs.

             What changes is not the Wheel, but how we see it.  There are lean times and times of plenty.  There are times when we feel like we need a break, and then, maybe we can go on a vacation/take a day trip/slip off for a nap.

             A new cycle has begun, and we are rolling around in the middle of it.  Transitions surround us.  The dust has begun to settle.  We’re finding our groove after having lost the beat.

             Basically, no matter what today feels like, we know tomorrow is there.  An opportunity.  A new fresh day, filled with potential.  Time turns, it is gifted to us.  We can choose to embrace it, or not.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Resources:

Robin Wood Tarot and me

Today’s Sharing:

is this affirmation.  It seemed to be exactly what we needed.


             Be Well, my loved ones.  Because here we are now, exactly as we are, the perfect amount.






Make, Materialize, Manifest

             Some of us are letter people, some feel more comfortable with numbers.  I have a new co-worker, who, like me, is all about the words.

             We’ve been having a great time lately discussing, examining, and laughing over etymology, creative speech, literature, and language.

             And in the way of all things “me” this (obviously!) drove us directly into our message here.

Think, say, create.

             What we talk about, what words we use in our heads, and later outloud, they matter.  They have value and weight.

             We manifest what we say we’re going to.  Whether it’s positive or negative.  We create it, by thinking it, by saying it, by talking about it, by writing about it.

            We bring to life exactly what we’re thinking and what we’re speaking.  This is a Universal truth.

             All we need to do?  Simply remember that fact.  Because it’s happening, constantly, continuously, whether we realize it or not.  Much better to know it, and to shape it in a more useful and loving manner than to stay on a path of not-what-we-want.

             And if we’re concerned we can’t take control of our thoughts, our ideas?  Well, we can always ask for help.  Which will lead us to the answer we’ve been given here (in the form of one of my most favorite images).

mermaid manifestation


‘You, your loved ones, and your possessions are safe and protected by Heaven!’

Your prayers and questions, which ask for safety and protection, have been heard and answered.  Any attacks or threats are now a thing of the past, washed away with the tide of Heavenly love.

This love is clearing way your insecurities so that you can feel totally safe.

When you ask the angelic realm to watch over you, your loved ones, your home, and your belongings, your prayers are instantly answered.

There is no hesitation nor delay – it’s done as soon as you ask.

Your energies can now be directed in meaningful and creative ways, with your mind clear of worries.  Feel secure.  Enjoy your day!”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is the following view from Instagram.  A portion of our family had to go be with other members of the family. I stayed home.

             (It is never a hardship for me to be spend time in my own company, in fact, it seems as though, for this entire incarnation, I’ve been trying to get some alone hours.)

             As our card said, enjoy the day!




Material / Ethereal

             Are you all familiar with the concept of repeated numbers?  That they are a sign?  That when we see them, when they just keep popping up (on phones, on clocks, on roadmarkers, on mileage, and gauges) over and over, it’s obviously something very special and important?  Yes?  Great!

             (If not, and the answer to that question was “no” then I’d recommend you go a-googlin’ for more specific info, there’s LOTS out there.  I just looked, and got plenty, too many to link to.)

             I’ve been involved in some truly inspirational readings recently, and this week has been particularly loud, as far as signs go (the occurrence of those numbers was right up there at the top of my list).

             What we do with this information, the symbols, the messages, the signs is where our focus will be directed.  Here is what I heard:


             To take raw ingredients, and then to produce something new out of those combined bits and pieces is our goal.  We are to create.  We are to craft.  We are to Manifest.

             And we’re all pretty good at it, too.  It just happens that sometimes what we’re bringing in to play is not always what we wanted.  It simply happens to be what we’re thinking about.

             Is our mind on the positive and the joyful?  Or is it on the negative and sad?  Of course we must honour our feelings, all of them.  And we must acknowledge what is in the world.  What we don’t need to do is to stay there.

             We can steer our journey onto a more fruitful and productive path by coming back to Grace, by returning always to lovingkindness, to actively seeing the miracles and blessings around us, instead of dwelling in the rage and the fear.

             Another point, along this same road, comes from who showed up on our card altar.


“Magpie  ~  38  ~  Balance

Magpie is the bringer of balance, the yin-yang of the bird world, an agent of awareness, the embodiment of ‘the opposites that are equal’ and the force that champions the attainment and correct use of esoteric knowledge.

She demonstrates that spiritual knowledge, and the power that comes with it, must be approached with a committed, objective mindset.  It cannot be attained overnight, or bought with money.

Information gleaned during a weekend workshop, for example, can only be considered a foundation on which real learning, learning that comes with experience and practice, takes place.  True wisdom must be deserved.  It must be gathered over a lifetime of study and embraced as a way of life.  It must become a path of the heart, explored with absolute devotion.

Before questing for spiritual attainment, for example, we must first dedicate ourselves to becoming a whole person; a process that involves surrendering our familiar self to Spirit, so that our authentic self, hidden deep within, can emerge reborn.

We must be prepared to face our fears and conquer them and turn our weaknesses into strengths and our darkest hours into gifts of power.  In becoming a whole person we embark on an expedition to reclaim inner balance and authority and, in doing so, find ourselves stepping out of our comfort zone into the unknown.

Magpie is a doorkeeper to the other realms; a guardian who lets only those wiling to honour the sacred balance between the good and bad, light and dark, feminine and masculine, in all things to explore her world.

If Magpie has swooped into your cards today, you are being guided to a place of awareness.  You are being shown how to better understand the innate marriage between the opposites that are equal, and the duality of all things.  You are being primed for a deepening of purpose and a broadening of perception.

Magpie’s arrival heralds an obligatory confrontation of fears, the reshuffling of thoughts, review of values, and a loosening up of everything that has offered sustenance and strength up until now.

It means being ready to walk a path of the heart to find a place of inner freedom; a quest for a better understanding of the poise that resides within you and everything in Nature.”

Today’s Deck:

(in celebration of our longest day) is Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is very much about who I am.  It’s difficult for me to find movies and books I like, let alone REALLY like.  So when I do, it’s a big damn deal.

             Listen to the video below, and then, find a way to watch the film it comes from.  (I highly recommend it, and that’s sayin’ something!)

             (You can thank me later, I’ll be right here.)


Building Anew

             Very often, following (or near) a full-moon phase/emotional holiday time, folks feel the urge to be creative.  To build.

             As our message says today:

to craft.

             It’s not necessarily about scrap-booking or quilt-piecing (although, it very well could be), it truly is the need to allow our brains and hands to manifest freely.

             My favorite (cook)book authour says, “the space between what we want to do and what we can do – that’s where creativity and resourcefulness live.”

             She’s right.  We can learn something new, or we can revisit an old hobby.  We can play a game (or a section of music), or we can drag out our colored pencils and crayons for some rainbow-hued inspiration.

             The “it” doesn’t matter, the “doing” is what’s recommended and what holds the draw for our souls.  When the Universe gives us a green light to follow our instincts, the meaning is clear.

             We need that outlet, that release, that calm and intentional purpose.  We need to craft and be creative.

             And on our card altar right now, another version of this same reminder is present.

sacred space

Four of Swords

            The balance here is evident.  Our illustration is showing a person in repose, in rest, in complete relaxation.  This is the perfect representation of Sacred Space.

             Because where we are?  That spot of time and place, it’s holy.  Merely for having us in it.

             Maybe our “craft” right now is to find the exact right yoga pose, or to create a more meaningful altar upon which we are encouraged to meditate, pray, give thanks.

             Being of the Air, this draw shows us that to manifest we must first think of what we desire.  We must imagine it, so that we can then create it.

             The truth is, it really all begins within.  The thought, the idea.  Only then can we bring it to physical life.  To the place of creation.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS VIEW from Instagram.

Today’s Hope:

is that we all have a beautiful, safe, and festive Samhain.  Happy Witch’s New Year!



             The images shown to me this morning were fascinating.  They were a variety of in-depth views which featured a singular aim.

             Our message is clear, we are to continue setting our attention towards improved Self-Care and our over all healing, from the inside out.

Individual Focus

             It’s neither selfish nor egotistical to believe in ourselves, to keep our physical shells, and our spiritual bodies, in productive and happy shape.  Not like spinning our wheels to No Where, but in the sense that we’re well taken care of, we’re Joyous in our movements and our actions.

             When we are well, all is well around us.  When we take on the suffering stresses of the world, then we all suffer.  Accept the beauty in which we dwell, starting that focus with our very own selves.

             On our card altar right now we’re being handed a beautiful validation.  And like yesterday’s idea, the gift is about how we all deserve the best, no matter what.


“The Diamond Dreamer  ~  6  ~

material wealth, true prosperity

When the Diamond Dreamer arrives, he represents the successful manifestation of the unseen into the material.  Be sure you truly want what you think you desire, for this Ally will commit to getting it for you.

All manner of conditions will flow around you; messages from Spirit will serve to guide you toward achieving your heart’s desire.  If you want a house, you’ll be led to it.  If your priority is a new job, with the right continual steps, you will achieve this.  If you desire a more harmonious relationship, the measures needed to create this will be obvious.

A project finally pays off.  Material gain and positive financial shifts may also be on the way.  You will, indeed, see the tangible results of your ambition.

The Diamond Dreamer also serves to guide you to the appropriate choices so that the unseen is awakened to move mountains on your behalf.

Positive communication is now possible in all your relationships.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

FLP Report:

 begins with something we’re not sure we’ve ever seen before, three out-of-state plates in a parking lot row.  They included Montana, Minnesota, and North Carolina, which makes it even more rare, because I saw two other Minnesotas this week, plus a special edition “Treasure State” Montana.  And that’s not including the Tennessee, New York, BC, and Alaskas from a few days ago.  I have no explanation for any of it.