Stealth Style

             There’s a saying in the Christian mythos about “mysterious ways” in which the Universe works.  From my standpoint, as a practicing pagan, I have to partially agree.

             Often it feels as if life is happening TO US, instead of us living our life.  There seems to be only so much we can do about that.  Some of these decisions and situations we certainly sat down and mapped out.

             Others?  Well, those we look to Destiny, and the free will of all who are involved as the answer (and the blame).

             Our message right now, and where our focus has to be, is as close to a cliché as I can tolerate.  Problem is, it’s true, and important.

Disguised Blessings

             Possibly where we are and who we’re talking to is really the most perfect solution.  The future is malleable.

             The future is also our current reality when we arrive there.  Just as this moment now, is our truth.  Soon, today will be behind us.

             Let’s make each second count.  Let’s recognize those blessings and mysterious turns as the gifts that they are.  As we appreciate where we’ve been, honoring the place we sit now, while resting our eyes every so gently on where we may go next.

              The validation for this one is perfection.  (Again with the old adages, but ya know, maybe that, too, is part of our lesson.)

blessings in disguise

“Slow and Steady  ~  12

‘Slow and steady wins the race.’

This is the time for easy movement, unhurried steps, and a steady heart.

Trust that taking life at a more leisurely pace will give you greater access to your dreams.

Slowing down allows more contact with the juicier elements of your life.  Savor them.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

has no pictures.  But I’m sure you can imagine a towering stack of boxes in every room of a tiny house, some empty now, some still packed full, and a few with contents spilling out.

             That’s our current condition.  Definite progress, but, as the card says, it’s slow.


An Assorted Assemblage

             Since I’ve been spending a lot of time in a hotel lately (as my potential job), naturally travel has been on my mind.  The ideas of how we move through our lives.  How we ambulate, living our Journey.

             What came to me today was a view and a feeling, all of the layers and aspects of the gifts we receive along the way.

             It’s like a treasure hunt, really.   We’re gathering, we’re learning.  We are also releasing as we go.


             Who we spend our time traveling beside, who our companions on this Adventure are, that matters.

             How we spend out time, leisure, work, recreation, obligatory, this also has great importance and impact.

             As we gather and collect our Tribe around us, what we’re doing together is part of the lesson, part of our learning and growing.  They matter, they have significance, these people and these activities.

              Before each step we take, the Universe wants us to remember, all of this is about the process, the Journey, the collections.

             As a brilliant validation, look what has appeared on our card altar.

in divine order

8 of Wands

             Some of the words I hear when this particular draw shows up are:

Keeping Apace

Everything In Its Time and Place

Divine Order

             This one is so perfect for our message right now.  It’s the suit of inspiration.  It’s the number of infinity.  It’s the very illustration which captures our view of this Journey, through time and space, through living and learning.

             Look at all of the gifts we’ve gathered there!  Our friends, family, loved ones.  Our blessings, our challenges.  All lined up.  In just the most exact order, when and who and where we need at precisely the best time and place.

             This did fall with a bit of a tweak, and that merely tells us that when we’re feeling like maybe the progress has been delayed, it’s okay.  When, where, and with whom…… all will be the most perfectly timed.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my downstairs November calendar page.

Pull up a chair!

Pull up a chair!

             Look, there’s room for everyone on this porch.  Join me, it’s nice out here.


Gettin’ It and Goin’ With It.

             It can be so damn difficult to make positive changes in our lives.  This is simply a fact.  But what we don’t hear about, when we strive for this New & Improved self, is that it’s even more difficult for those who have known us a long time to accept our changes.  Which can often cause lapses, or drops back into a bad place.

             No one is ever shocked when I slip and crash, or sprawl in a messy heap, falling off of my Making A Better Me wagon.  I certainly never am.  So it feels doubly challenging to KEEP getting better, to keep getting back the fuck up.  This thought saddens me, but it does NOT always send me spiraling down into a depressive state.  As much.

             This afternoon I was aiming for a goal, and I missed it.  By mere minutes.  Then I shot for another one.  Second fail.  I tried one last time.  Third attempt = three strikes yer out.

             None of this put me over the edge, as it previously would have.  Sure I was down and kind of emotional, definitely disappointed.   I was not, however, completely lost/balled up on the floor/unable to move or speak.  This is huge improvement.  Huge.

             The heavy feelings and darkness were both acknowledged, I recognized the loss.  Then, I chose not to look at it any more.  I released it.  I opened my hands and let it go.  I consciously examined my discouraged attitude and turned it around.  Being thankful for the opportunity, if not the result.

             I  hung up my wet raingear, changed into dry clothes, and read a library book on the couch.  Later I had a snack* and got Dan out the door to work.  Now, I sit here sharing my accomplishment.  It feels like sometimes the little steps are more important than the big ones.  Or maybe it’s all just a part of the process.

*Empress made some muffins yesterday, and since she is über considerate, she set aside part of the batter for me, leaving out the bananas that she put in to everyone else’s.

             On our card altar, the message made me laugh, due to the timing.  Literally.

oracle, gateway, and self-care cards

“Taking Action  ~

‘I enthusiastically embrace life’s boundless possibilities.’

Card meaning:

Don’t hesitate!  Whatever you have been putting off, now is the time to act.  Stand tall, raise your fists to the sky, and leap into action.  Break out the champagne, for victory is in reach.

The Universe wants you to know:

Action creates momentum.  Whatever you have been wishing and waiting for, this is the right time to move forward without looking back.  Quicken your spirit by taking action now.  Even if you have to face your fears in order to do so, look them in the eye with a calm and clear gaze and forge ahead.   The action you take now will reap immense rewards in the future.

Questions to ask yourself:

In what area of my life should I take action now?  What blocks me from acting, and how can I overcome this?  What is the most direct action that will yield the greatest results?


I enthusiastically embrace life’s boundless possibilities.”

             Once more, this set of cards hits it out of the park.  The purple person is slightly odd, but otherwise I like this one as much as I’ve adored all of the others so far.  That hint of a rainbow above the bendy tree just says “here’s yer sign” to me.

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Mileage:

on my wee Fool’s Errands was a mere 3.314 at a staggeringly slow rate of 8.6 MPH in a brief 22 minutes, 56 seconds.  On the plus side?  I was out on the bike.

FLP Report:

from the past few days is not much but some that make me really wonder when I see them, like Delaware.  Also two Illinois representatives in one day, and then two Michigans, plus whatever that one is that says “First In Flight” (and it’s not the one Dan kept thinking it was, Ally knew it though).  In yesterday’s traffic and rainstorms several got past me that I absolutely couldn’t see, nor recognize.

Today’s Sharing:

comes from New Jersey and Washington.  First, Karen Buys sent me this phone photo.

feet and feathers in new jersey

Her feet, for comparison purposes,
and also maybe to keep it from getting away.

             The 2013 Seattle Sibling Weekend has gotten underway, as we saw when J.D. sent us that shot of his hotel keys yesterday.  This morning I woke up to a panoramic view from Hanna’s apartment building roof.

seattle rooftop views

On a clear day……..

             She’s in a new place now, with some cool new perks.  Like that vista above.  Thanks both of you, for your generosity.


             One of my greatest and most passionate wishes is to be healthy and not obsess about food.  Or body-issue crap.  This past year (two, three?) has really been eye-opening.  I credit my children and their father for phenomenal support and advice, as well as my delightful counselor, and all of you for cheering me along.

             But I also know that I’ve done some damn fine work.  (And a shit-ton of miles.)  My goal, and probably everyone else’s too, is to be nicely balanced.  Ya know, the entire MindBodySpirit unity concept.

             All of this was in my head today as Dan and I ran a couple of really fast errands before he had to leave for work.  We were frighteningly efficient.  And even though we weren’t on our bikes this time, I could FEEL the robustness of our movements.  It was a potent and dynamic sensation for me.

             Additionally, it felt like a gift of freedom.  Like we could just accomplish all that we needed to.  It’s a difficult idea and mindset to describe here, but I just wanted to acknowledge it.  And give thanks.  No clue how long it will last, but my guess is that it’s an inner ease that will hang around more now that I’m aware of it.

             (Equate it to getting a challenging task completed and that releasing sense of “yes, I’m finally done!” which runs through your body and makes you smile.  Except, obviously, we are never done.)

             On our card altar this evening we have a complimentary-but-somehow-not-surprising message from those super cool rocks.

oracle cards and crystal meanings

Amulet Stone  ~  Thunder Eggs

Travel plans will soon be on the horizon.  An unexpected opportunity will soon arise which will see you preparing to travel to a far away place.  The amulet stone offers you protection and guidance while traveling.

While away you will discover interesting ways of integrating your physical and spiritual life as well as your business and personal life.  Ideas and opportunities arise that you will find both rewarding and stimulating.

Allow yourself to keep an open heart and mind.”

             More opportunities being presented to us?  Hell yeah!  We’ll take ’em.  Multi-leveled integration?  Absolutely!  Sign us ALL up.

             Also, kinda funny that this one talks about protection while traveling, since many of us will be doing some sort of holiday driving, flying, training, or boating*.  Soon, or in the next few weeks.  When we step out, we should keep this in mind.

*Sure, someone might be going by water.  Why not?  I’ll be doing most of my traveling on two wheels, so whatever.

             Speaking of travel, my son is still visiting his sister.  There is a display up there that I forced him to go see suggested he visit (go HERE to see more, click through the entire gallery, it’s not that long).  This is precisely the type of thing I’d REALLY like to view in person, up close.   But he’s the one in Seattle, I’m not.  Yesterday he shared this phone photo.  Proving that he went (or at least walked by).

gingerbread village

So beautiful, and creative.

             One of the reasons we don’t build gingerbread houses here in The Burrow is because they become decorative, not edible.  And that’s too much food waste for me.  I do love looking at how ingenious  “public” ones like these are though.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Health Update:

the cut is healing nicely.  I showered after my yoga work-out and as I was toweling off, forgot about it, until I touched that area.  No more bleeding though, so we are definitely on the mend.

              Daniel observed that it was like an extremely wide (and long) dull-style puncture into/across my skin, which is why it doesn’t seem to be closing up really well.

              Last night I looked at where that toolbox was sitting in the garage, and what was sticking out (not secured down) that could have caused this injury.  The snap-hooking closures on the front.  Right, not so much a slice, as a gouging indentation.

             On the plus side, tomorrow we have dinner plans.  With my parents.  ALWAYS entertaining and distracting.

FLP Report:


Local Vanity Plate: