Authentic Freedom

             As we travel, experiencing our journey, living our lives, we are learning our lessons and gaining knowledge.  (At least, that’s the hope.)

             In this process, we grow, we evolve, and in many ways, we change.  (Again, that’s how it’s “supposed” to work.)

             What I was directed to share right now has to do with that growth and change.  For me, it’s about Release, but there are also factors that deal with moving away from judgment, becoming more independent, and keeping ourselves:


             When we remember the Universal Law of Free Will we are better able to understand the choices and decisions of others.  Their selections and paths are theirs, ours belong to only us.

             When we come across someone who is headed in a way we don’t necessarily agree with, we can’t just shout “stop this, you’re being a fucking idiot!” even though, perhaps we might feel that this would be most helpful.

             We must keep our hearts, and minds, and souls open.  We have to honour those off-ramps which others take when exiting the highway of life.  It wasn’t OUR turn to make, it may not even have been the best one for them.  But, we don’t know where they’re going.  (Hell, I hardly even know where I’m going.)

             Open-ness, freedom.  The key in this particular message is to allow whatever needs to happen, happen.  For them.  And for us.

             With validation, we have landed here.  One of the best ways to step away from the troubles when dealing with everyone else is to go within.

life life in the open

“Look Inside Yourself  ~

‘You’ve been trying to find satisfaction through outside sources such as material possessions or relationships. 

You’re also looking for help from other people.  The fairies ask you to look within for the answers you need.


I have great beauty and light inside of me.

I tap in to all of the knowledge of the Universe.”

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Bonus Image:

is this view.  I do not where it came from;

if you are aware of the photographer or designer, I’d be happy to credit them.


The perfect place for a moment of freedom.





Two Way Streets.

             Last night was a sort of a bonanza moment around here.  I ended up baking, twice. Which makes me want to address a comment that Robin left, about this exact thing.  She said, ” I don’t know why you think you can’t cook.”  Well, because to me, this is a true statement.  I cannot.

            “Cooking” denotes a certain amount of success, knowledge, enjoyment, and satisfaction in a job well done.  What I do, or rather, have done in the past 50 years, is WANT to cook.  THINK that I can cook.  And FAIL in the meager attempts.  What seems to be happening with all of this Transformation is that I’m becoming less sucky at cooking.  I refuse to admit that, as of yet, I am able to “cook” -but I will concede that this endeavor is now much more possible than it used to be.

             Yesterday’s batch of biscuits, and then later some peculiar cupcakes, are the perfect example.  Today we picked up a few things while we ran out quickly before Dan had to leave for work.  One of the items I selected was cake flour.  We’ll see how that goes.  On my next effort.  (Tomorrow we need to use a department store credit card and charge a new hand mixer, my old one is unquestionably dead.)

             Once I’ve had more than the random, and very likely to be accidental, success or three, I will create a new category.  Perhaps “almost able to cook” instead of just saying that I can’t do it.  It’s like how I gradually became a bike person, or a water exercise person.  These are slow installments, baby steps, to getting there.  I’m not even making the choice, it’s simply happening.

              (Causes me to wonder if ALL types of Transformational life changes are like this.  Either way, it’s been interesting and educational seeing how it all progresses.)

             We saw this FLP earlier.  Just as I “found” my last phone memo listing of the ones I’d seen before I got so sick.  Add the pic, and the first two, below.

out of state license plates


             This grouping, or one similar,  seems to be showing up a lot lately, not really so foreign maybe.  Colorado, Arizona, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota.  Not re-runs though, all different vehicles.  I continue to find this phenomenon fascinating.  Who ARE these people?  And what brought them to MY town?

             The sensation and accomplishment of getting caught up has been lovely, and also ya know, not feeling like I’m on death’s door any longer.  Still not able to jump on my bike quite yet, and resting continues to be one of daily tasks, but just being UP is so refreshing right now.  As I peacefully sat in my card altar room, this was validated by which stack we have come around to, too.  Nice.  I love that.

             One of the most dynamic facets of my “working deck” is the palette.  Each suit uses an array of tones that embody their own elements and foundational meanings.  In a perfect world we’d all be balanced and made up of all Five.

              In reality, we are learning how to get there.  Swords are a personal favorite of mine.  For as much as I talk, read, and write, there is a distinct lack of Air in my make-up, so I think that I crave it even more.

tarot cards, swords suit

Two of Swords

             This is reminiscent of the belief that Justice is blind, that the blades will fall in precisely the most fair and right way possible.  I love that attitude. It’s the physicality of “all is well” from the stance of the Tarot, and the Universe as a whole.  Because in the end, all IS well.  It’s just the GETTING to that end which causes us stress and pain.

             On the other hand (and that’s one of the points of today’s message), if we hadn’t gone through that stress and pain, we wouldn’t be so fully able to appreciate the blessings and the gifts.  This card allows us to see that, to see both sides, both hands.

             The 2 is so valuable here, in showing us the duality of all.  That eternal balance, the ceaseless and cyclical give and take.  I feel as though the character in the illustration is just about to put the Swords together, pointing straight ahead.  Telling us that even when we have options, the direction we are moving is always forward.

             We need to be aware too, of how this current Retrograde of the communication planet might mess with our sWords right now.  Or try to.  The more concise and defined we are, honed and prepared, the better we’ll weather this.  And the better equipped we’ll be to make any decision that comes along.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot