Sideways, but fine.

             A full hour late?  Why yes, that’s correct.  We are posting this in a tardy fashion.  (Not a record, but close.)  I have a half-written draft, with today’s message (now going to be tomorrow’s message) saved and not ready for viewing.

             Wanna know why?  Of course you do.  The card below will speak for itself.  Also?  Emma showed up last night.  She stayed over.  And we all slept late.  Then today, she and I went to a yard sale (held by a school pal of hers).  Which was next door to a fundraising baked goods table.  We got treats.

             And these treasures.  The cabinet/shelving unit is about four feet high, or around there, I can’t really estimate size.  I just know that it’s not as tall as me.

white shelving units

In front of our driveway gate, with some persistent greenery trying to escape the yard.

             The fabric draped over the side is what I selected.  Batiks.  Super nice.  But slightly musty smelling.  They are soaking in vinegar right now, and will soon be hanging on my outdoor clothes line.  Yes, in the rain.  It’s supposed to come back tonight.

             The afternoon just spun out of control after that.  A neighbor called to say that ANOTHER neighbor had a big red chair on the sidewalk.  For FREE!  Obviously we needed to get down there, quickly!

             Turns out, it’s the beloved large chaise that belongs to one of my oldest friend’s daughter who (due to circumstances beyond her control) has recently moved back home.  Mom and Dad don’t have room for this.  But guess what?  I do.  Because I sent Emma home with HER beloved (ugly!) chair.

             I told Megan I’d store this one for her, until she was out on her own again.  And by “store” it, I obviously meant that I’d sit in it and read library books.  Soon there will be a nice picture for you, but now, here’s the daily draw.

the tower

The Tower – 16
mostly reversed

             This is the direction we like to see our Towers.  Buffered and less than destructive.   Instead, this way tells us that we’ve been through the worst part already, and what changes are still on their way won’t be too shocking.

             It just felt slightly skewed and not too painful.  Which is always good to see.  When we transition it can be uncomfortable, but with a predominantly crooked view, we’ll survive with all of our limbs intact.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

             There is no mileage today because we had to drive, in order to move furniture around.  And who knows what tomorrow is going to do, I’ll be starting my day off by getting a dental x-ray.

Discouragement means letting go more.

             Before we do anything else, let’s all wish Carol a blissfully Happy Birthday.  (Even though by the time most of you read this, it’ll be over with.)  WooHoo to our beloved Tall Canadian!

             Okay,  so now, back to me.  (Whew, that was VERY festive, I hope she got cake.)  Here’s the thing, I’m sort of working my way, slowly, through the essential list of Firsts in the land of bicycling.   We’ve put that first crash behind us, and it was thankfully so nice and minor.  (Shocking, but not physically too bad.)

             Today, I had my first break-down on the side of the road.  In which I needed to be rescued.  Dan came to get me.  I tried to fix it my own incompetent self elf, but all I did was get really angry and greasy.  With no repair in sight.  He had BARELY enough time to drive the truck downtown, scoop us up, then rush home to shower and start his work week.  Yeah, I’m pissed.  And no, he wasn’t late.

bike break downs


             I didn’t actually care if my shadow was in this shot.  I was very unhappy, and was sitting on a decorative rock in the landscaping, so you get what you get.  No idea if it’s fixable, but I’m taking it to Anna tomorrow if the Deputy ends up not having time to look at it when he gets home tonight.

             Before the mishap I did spot a plate I’d never seen before.  It was sort of like our Cultural Trust one, but darker and, obviously, with a different state’s name across the top.  Also one from Vermont (which was not Delia, boo), Alaska, and Pennsylvania (which was also not Tracy).

             On our new-and-improved-super-roomy card altar we’ve come to the last two from this controversial deck.

oracles, tarot

The Rebel  ~  IV  ~  Major Arcana  (r)

The powerful and authoritative figure in this cared is clearly the master of his own destiny.  On his shoulder is an emblem of the sun, and the torch he holds in his right hand symbolizes the light of his own hard-won truth.  Whether he is wealthy or poor, the Rebel is really an emperor because he has broken the chains of society’s repressive conditioning and opinions

He had formed himself by embracing all the colors of the rainbow, emerging from the dark and formless roots of his unconscious past and growing wings to fly into the sky.  His very way of being is rebellious – not because he is fighting against anybody or anything, but because he has discovered his own true nature and is determined to live in accordance with it.  The eagle is his spirit animal, a messenger between earth and sky.

The Rebel challenges you to be courageous enough to take responsibility for who we are and to live in our truth.

7  ~  Fire: Action  ~  Stress

How many people do you know who, just when they were completely overloaded, with too many projects, too many ‘balls in the air,’ have suddenly come down with the flu, or taken a fall and ended up on crutches?  That is just the sort of ‘bad timing’  the little monkey with the pin in his hands is about to impose on the ‘one-man-band’ pictured here.

The quality of stress represented by this card visits all of us at times, but perfectionists are particularly vulnerable to it.  We create it ourselves, with the idea that without us nothing will happen – especially in the way we want it to.  Well, what makes you think you are so special?  

Do you think the sun won’t rise in the morning unless you personally set the alarm?  Go for a walk, buy some flowers, and fix yourself a spaghetti dinner – anything ‘unimportant’ will do.  Just put yourself out of that monkey’s reach!

            Here’s what I find interesting, the fact that we seemed to have gained so much ground with our forward momentum and our great Rewards, but then we faltered.  Some doubt crept in.  Our Truth got waylaid. 

             We may need to re-asses our definition of “fail/success” and our living genuinely as we look at this Contrary guy on that Rebel card.  In a more traditional deck this would be The Emperor, as the definition says.  And whether rich or poor, he is not under anyone’s influence but his own.

             Coming up reversed is at once encouraging and disheartening, all at the same time.  We ARE on our way to finally getting ahead, reaching a nice positive pace with our lessons and self-improvements.  On the other hand, we’ve sort of been tossed under the bus with that Stress guy, his creepy monkey, and our Challenging Rebel.

             The message seems to be telling us that it’s time to drop the  doubts, that there is no room in our strong healthy lives for poverty consciousness.  Let go of what is keeping us down, we MUST simply release it.  As long as we keep focusing on the problems, we won’t ever be able to get rid of the sneaky bastards.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Dog Health Update:

the itchiness on our Maximum Grand Dog is slowly diminishing.  But he’s just about worn out his plaid sleeping jacket.  The pants didn’t work too well, or not yet any way.  I’m off to my sewing room now, with another alteration idea in mind.  I’ll keep you posted, and he’ll be THRILLED to model whatever I end up inventing.