Turn and Focus.

             Yesterday while Honey Graham and I poked around on the library’s website I realized that there were some books buried on our kitchen table, one was due.  Okay, technically PAST due (whatever, taken care of now, and so NOT what I’m talking about).  As I unearthed a few items from that catch-all, far-too-handy, partially-available flat surface, I also dug out our Exceptional Life volume.   Hmm, kind of neglected that wee project didn’t I?

            We shall remedy this oversight immediately, by sharing the following passage:

“… your thoughts directly influence your life.” 

            After that they go on to talk about how it’s simply pointless to waste time trying to figure out HOW this works, and much better if we just accept it and utilize it.  Apply the use of spiritual, rather than intellectual, tools.  This conscious action truly makes life kinder, easier, and so much more rewarding.

           The focus of these particular paragraphs say that when we understand the concept of living exceptionally, and we put the ideas into practice (by thinking good thoughts and making loving choices) then we are putting ourselves “in a state of flow with the Universe” -we purposefully make a stronger connection to all beings along with the planet itself. 

Then they’ll get all the evidence they need.  Things they couldn’t even imagine will begin to occur.”

             That’s where I want all of us to be, with unimaginably fabulous things happening.  Now, to keep that positive momentum going, to keep us on that exceptional path, we will look at our daily message.  It’s another one that I photographed from the back.  It seriously is better from this angle, I promise.

“Intent  ~

Focus your energy.

There is amazing power in a strong intention.”

          Our Intent today will be towards a positive outcome, in everything we are all doing.  For the higher good of us all, as well as our loved ones.  We all have shit going on, and my own is just not getting better.  When I saw the bright yellow cover of that Exceptional Life book I was reminded of  how we can all FEEL better about what’s going on, even if we can’t MAKE any of it better.   Yet. 

             The more we focus that positive intent though, and as Louise and Cheryl say, think good thoughts and make loving choices, the quicker our issues will resolve themselves; all of the answers coming in with wonderfully creative and fabulously terrific resolutions.  Ones we can’t even begin to imagine.  (Which is probably better, at least for me.)

          Speaking of me. . . .  Wanna see how entertaining and terrifically ridiculous I look when I’m all geared up for a rainy bike ride?  “Puffy” doesn’t even come close.  Enjoy this, you won’t be getting it again.

             That would be Dan’s borrowed bike behind me, and his work ride there to the right (yes, this is our driveway, and in the background is the neighbor’s parking pad/deck/thingie, with decorative plants and landscaping bark below it). 

                My Beloved says that the covered-from-head-to-not-quite-ankle, (uber wrinkly) SillyPutty-beige-colored raingear (which stops alarmingly short of those Cheap Imitation Crocs) is really one of his favorite features.  But I think the surgical style gloves on top of the children’s knitted type are pretty freaking special too. 

            We got out, we rode, we pedaled along a more scenic route, and then we came home.  By that point in our day he needs to get ready to leave for his shift of Protect & Serve in Mayberry.  While he was downstairs I read the paper.  And saw this. 

               Ah ha!  There’s the winter we all know and love tolerate!  While we were out there in it we saw how badly the running path near our house is flooded, large lakes have appeared about twice in each one block stretch, and lots of gutters were running super high.  Perhaps it WAS better that we were on wheels this afternoon.

             When I sat down here to check in and write this post I found a lovely item in my e-mail.  I have shown it* before, when I was working on the needlepoint itself and figuring out the stitches.

            My friend Cherie and her husband Bob moved to Arizona recently.  They had it framed, and now, as we can all see, it’s hanging in the new house.  Thank you both, for letting us see how this turned out!

*Yeah, going back through the History Quilt irritates me, and it takes time I don’t have (plus I suck at it and can NEVER locate the post I want), so I went back through my picture files instead.   An old work-in-progress view was easier to find.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

            I thought we could use an Exceptional bonus to close out, a bit of extra punch in the form of an affirmation from our book, under the heading of

 When Facing Difficulties:

I release this incident with love; it is over and done.

I look with expectation to my next moment, which is fresh and new.

Only good experiences lie before me.

I am greeted with love wherever I go.

I love Life, and Life loves me.

All is well, and so am I.

All is well.  Everything is working out for my highest good.  Out of this situation only good will come.  I am safe.

I enjoy a peaceful resolution to this problem.  The uncomfortable situation is resolved quickly, and everyone feels content with the outcome.

I release all drama from my life and now get energy from peace.”