Winter Wishes

             I hope whatever holiday you celebrate(d) was/is filled with light and joy.

             I hope if you do not celebrate, that your days are comfortable and kind.

             I hope, for all of us, that 2018 is more positive, more loving, and all ’round better than the one we’re in now.

             I hope all of us remember that this chosen life of ours is a journey, not a race.

             I hope we all treasure every step, and the quiet pauses which fall between them.

             I hope each and every one of us go into tomorrow, and all the tomorrow’s following, with health, prosperity, and love.

             Be Well,

from me to you.


holiday cheer


The Path We Walk

             When we set out on this journey, this adventure, we have everything we need to complete it.  And yet, it’s the stop-overs, and the resting pauses, which truly make it worthwhile.

             Often, we think we’re in charge.  Ha!  Not even close.  We did, however, chart out the basic map.  We just don’t always pay attention to it.  Which then leads us off-course.

             And ya know, that’s fine, too.  It absolutely is about the traveling, not the destination.  Today’s message though, is a reminder of this.  The journeying and the side roads, the movement and the stopping.

Back On Track

             Our course is far from direct.  It can’t be!  We’d never learn anything that way.  But, some parts?  They can totally zoom us ahead a few steps.  Like in Candyland, when you get the “good” card, and you’re magically transported to the castle, flying past Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly.

             That’s what we’re talking about today, those Bullet Train hops.  We need to be aware of them, they do happen.  Especially when we’ve been paying close attention, and really allowing our lessons to sink in.

             They are as important as our standstill moments, the ones we’ll soon be moving out of (if we haven’t already).  Each part has value, that’s the point.  Going or staying, we have to acknowledge how important each aspect is.

             Making our way around the card altar, now that we’re moving again, we’ve come up to this perfectly validating draw.

don't settle

“Set Your Sights Higher  ~

‘Increase your standards, and expect more for yourself.

Don’t settle!’

This card indicates that you have been trying to rationalize that some situation is okay . . . when it isn’t.  You’ve settled for less than you desire, and for much less than you deserve. 

You don’t need to compromise!  Heaven will help you heal, or will replace troubling situations in your life.  All you need to do is ask for help, and then adhere to the guidance that results.

Take time today to visualize and dream about your true heart’s desires.  Don’t worry about being disappointed – you deserve a great life, and you have the power and the Divine assistance to accomplish it!

Fear and worries slow down your manifestation, so keep releasing all cares and doubts.

You may feel intimidated by moving up to a higher plateau in your journey; however, you have the reassurance of the Universe that you’re ready.  Reach for the stars, know that you are qualified and deserving of these gifts.

Open your arms to receive them!”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Kitchen Adventures:

come from THIS POST, so go read it (she has a printable recipe there, too).  We’ll wait.  Also, here’s the Insta-view.

home baking

There were LOTS more behind me as I lined up this quick shot…..

             ……. but these were the prettiest.  Well, nearly all of them were delightful to look at.  I can’t believe how well the entire thing turned out!  (Even if I had to make a few substitutions.)


Stability, more.

             Right.  Yeah.  Well, so.  Here’s a thing that’s never happened before.  (And every time I say that, I think, “what else might come up that never has?”)

             We are so VERY entrenched in this double Mercury retrograde phase that the cards aren’t even moving now.  Literally.

             I won’t say we’re stuck, because we aren’t.  We simply aren’t going anywhere at this time.  Because last night I was visited by our Emperor from yesterday.  He’ll be joining us for one more post.

             (Possibly he could leave tomorrow.  But, who am I to know that?  I’m merely the radio, sharing with you what is shared with me .)

             This planetary situation is well and truly a representation of how to appreciate exactly where we are now.  Not what’s gone by, not what’s ahead, but right here and right now.

             Our message is slightly different though, even if our daily draw remains the same.


             We know there’s a sound and comforting foundation beneath us.  But we also need to be aware of the fact that when we are in this stationary stage, we are encouraged to use what is at hand.

             We can still create, we just have to be more thoughtful about our materials and their origins.  Think of it like MacGyver-ing.  There’s nothing else to use, so we may as well set to work making do with the stock we have in front of us.

major arcana

The Emperor ~ 4

             Do you see how his feet are resting lightly on the Earth?  It’s like today he’s saying, “here, you have all you need, reach down and appreciate it.”

             There is a certain security when we know that this is it.  We don’t need to keep peering around for what’s next.  Because right now, there IS nothing else.

             To build and to craft with limited resources takes skill and ingenuity.  Which, since he’s still here, he’s saying we obviously have.

            For me, it’s an ecological choice, too.  The more we don’t purchase, the more we are showing with our actions how we care for our home.  Ourselves.  And our loved ones.

Today’s Deck:

(same as yesterday’s)

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is another phone photo from our most recent adventure.   A view of the bridge, at Waldport.

oregon coast

A lovely spot to sit, with gratitude.

             If I can’t BE at the coast every single day, at least we can look at it.