Answers and Alleviation

             The past few weeks I’ve been feeling increasingly overwhelmed.  As in the way of all things, (see last post re: thinking and being), the Universe stepped in.  Pun unintentional, but highly appropriate.

             Wanna guess who had to make a visit to Urgent Care and got sent home with instructions to stay off her feet for the next 4 days? Yeah, this witch.

             The eclipse, politics, Mercury retrograde, debt, work problems, increasingly painful edema, and now a new (wtf?) foot situation.  It was just adding up to equal: too much.

             I went to see a medical professional and she shut it all down.   She became the voice of Source.  She said, “no more” and she was the last word.

             Thanks, Powers That Be.  I’m listening.  And now, I’m staying home, elevating my lower appendages, practicing Self-Care, and being here in the small house which is now our home.

             As I paid attention to what the signs were telling me, I heard this:


             We have many lives, many chances, many adventures.  If it all doesn’t get done RIGHT NOW that’s fine.  We have tomorrow.  We have next week.  We have next year, and all the years/tomorrows after that.

             We are being reminded that the Journey is where our focus needs to lie.  Aim for the enjoyment, the lesson, the tiny moment of pleasure.

             Once again, it’s about being present.  Being in this time.  And if some shit has to be transferred to tomorrow’s list (or some tomorrows in the future) that’s perfectly okay.  We’ll get there.  We always do.

            Time does not “run out” nor does it disappear.  It wrinkles, it rolls over, it moves along, it meanders down its own path.

             And as a validation, we see that it also turns like a wheel.

robin wood wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune  ~10  ~ reversed

             Or, as I like to read them, with a tweak.  This view shows us that we’ve all been around the block.  We’ve seen the ups and downs.

             What changes is not the Wheel, but how we see it.  There are lean times and times of plenty.  There are times when we feel like we need a break, and then, maybe we can go on a vacation/take a day trip/slip off for a nap.

             A new cycle has begun, and we are rolling around in the middle of it.  Transitions surround us.  The dust has begun to settle.  We’re finding our groove after having lost the beat.

             Basically, no matter what today feels like, we know tomorrow is there.  An opportunity.  A new fresh day, filled with potential.  Time turns, it is gifted to us.  We can choose to embrace it, or not.

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Robin Wood Tarot

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Robin Wood Tarot and me

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is this affirmation.  It seemed to be exactly what we needed.


             Be Well, my loved ones.  Because here we are now, exactly as we are, the perfect amount.






(Early) Winter Signage

            When I headed out on the bike today it wasn’t torrential rain, merely some misty sprinkles.  Totally tolerable.  Would have been even better if I’d remembered the correct hat.  (All this different headwear is slightly overwhelming.)  But it was fine, not very eventful, in the physical sense.  In my mind, however, it was frantically busy.

             As I’ve mentioned, I don’t take the music or anything on these rides, there’s quite enough going on around me that I need to be paying attention to (traffic, intersections, people, dogs).  Sometimes though, Magickal shit sneaks in, I get hit with darts of inspiration or messages from Somewhere Else (usually it’s my Team, but sometimes it’s random and assorted dead people).  Today I had a feeling that we needed one more acknowledgment of this journey we are all on, here in this corner of the world where we gather and share.  So I asked for a sign.

           The first thing that struck me was the old saying, so very clichéd, and yet so very apt as well: it’s like riding a bike.  (See?  I told you my messages are usually VERY obvious.)  Mmmm, so.  Not sure what I’m supposed to DO with that bit of infused wisdom, but I’m like, sure!  And what would that MEAN exactly?

             It, like basically everything else in my peculiar life, has several levels of meaning.   The first being, literally, riding this bike; here I am competently pedaling along.  I got right on it once I made the decision (or was guided) to extend the daily outdoor movement regime to include two kinds of exercise.   And it felt super comfortable (once we switched the seats, but still, even before that it was pretty much not terrible).  I completely see why that would be a phrase one would use to mean jumping directly back in to doing something you’ve done before.

            Focusing this towards a more metaphysical definition, we all have some thing in our lives that we’ve done before, and do fairly well, or did at the time.  Even if it’s such a tiny small detail we don’t, at first, realize the significance, it’s there.  (I suggest taking some Quiet Time moments or grabbing those three Bathroom Minutes to ask your Team to tell you what yours is, if it has not immediately sprung to mind as you read this paragraph.)

             We often hesitate to say we’re talented, or gifted, or learned, in specific areas of expertise, either out of genuine modesty or simply because we don’t realize how exceptional we are.  When one of these things* pop in to our heads, or we are reminded of past experiences that give us a reminiscent-type feeling, we are being told that THIS is like riding a bike.  We can bring that talent/gift/skill back in to our lives, to enrich our day-to-day living, and it won’t be difficult, it’ll be a simple and helpful addition to our Path.  As easy as riding a bike.

*Examples, for those of you who may need the extra nudge: art (of all types), organizational short-cuts once in practice now fallen off, hobbies or free-time activities that we thought we might not have the opportunity to reinstate at this point in our lives, former job/school skills that might now be re-applied to what we’re currently doing.

            Now we are going to look at our daily draw, then I’ll show you the bonus gift we received as an anniversary present.

“Rhodonite  ~ 

achievement, potential, emotional balance, an open heart.

You are well on your way to achieving your heart’s desire, so trust and keep an open heart and mind.  Life is always full of potential and you are always on the right track, so do not be discouraged by the recent set backs you may have experienced.

Keep quietly focused on all that which you wish to create and achieve.  Enjoy the journey and keep a loving attitude.  Have patience and faith, and the Universe will help you manifest your dreams.

Something wonderful is soon to occur.  Trust and keep an open heart and mind.”

             I actually made a “woo hoo” noise, outloud, when I saw this in the guidebook.  Usually I just take the picture and move on with my day, but this afternoon I felt the need to read the definition before I did anything else.  It was fabulous to see this validation right there in black and white.  I sensed a more vast type of importance.  So I pulled up my wee chair.

            As I sat in there, in our card altar room, it seemed like the right time to jot down my daily affirmation (yes, I’m still doing it, it’s oddly fascinating to see what gets written each day, continually without much input from me), but then, I glanced up at the large table where, on one end are teetering piles of fabric falling towards the other end, where I’ve stacked the decks we’ve cycled out.  And my eyes went directly and purposefully to the box of Archangel cards (which were NOT easy to spot, there’s a lot of crap to see).  This is what I heard in my head:

  Ah ha!  This means something.  Pay attention.

              Reaching over the other desk-like detritus, I grabbed the box and knew we’d be getting an extra message today.  We did, and it rocks!

“Prosperity  ~  Archangel Ariel:

Your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.

I’m pouring a cornucopia of prosperity upon you and your life, and ask that you open your arms to receive.  Some of the treasures will come in the form of brilliant ideas, and some will come as opportunities.  We will work together to realize your highest dreams, and I ask that you give any worries to me.  God and I love you very much, and are happy to help you in this way.  We know that you will pass along the goodness to others as well.

Working with Ariel:

Ariel is involved with Divine magic, which means instant manifestation of the highest will.  Ariel helps you attract any support you need for your life’s mission.  Know that it is normal and ‘in-the-light’ for miracles to occur in this arena.  Ariel’s aura is a pale shade of pink, and if you wear or hold a rose quartz, your heart will open further to Ariel’s magnificent love.  Ask her for whatever you need, and she will guide you accordingly.”

             Happy Happy to all of us, as well as Achievement and Abundance!  (The usual disclaimers apply, substitute as you see fit.)

Today’s (first) Deck:

Crystal Oracle by Toni CArmine Salerno

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Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue