a spark

             My week has mostly been a lot of work.  Also, a lot of work on healing.

             To “do better” or “get better” often we must put effort and energy into it.  I’ve been trying to be successful.  I’ll keep going, keep at it ……

             encouraging you to do the same.

             Our message is simply this:


             On my new front porch, in the small house where we now live, appeared a box.  It was accompanied by a handwritten card.  and this gift.

spark in the dark

             She sent me Light.  I needed it.  Now, I am sharing it.




thank you, my friend, for being there when I needed you most




Brigtht and Brilliantly Shared

             This morning I was directed to retrieve our message from slightly farther afield than the usual sources.  What came through was not anything I’d been expecting.  But it was good.

             Any time we are given aid, in honesty and lovingkindness, it should be considered as good.   Even if it’s not what we thought it was going to be.

New Levels Of Light

            When we move along our path, ever spiraling upward, we gather tools and lessons.  We raise in vibration, as we add to the collective consciousness.

             As we reach new heights, new heights become available to be reached.  We become more aware of our connection to the Divine, to the very existence of who we are and where we’re headed.

             Our path takes us through challenges as well as successes, struggles and triumphs.  All of which are why we chose to be here in the first place.

             It’s so important for us to always remember that there IS choice, and that we CAN step off if we need to rest.  Our journey doesn’t end, and our light never dims.

             Within our regular rotation around the card altar, we’re being advised of another aspect working alongside the same idea.  Another reminder, no matter how much we gain, or how much we (seem to) lose, we never have to go through any of it alone.

mermaid and dolphin messages

“Helpful Person  ~

‘Someone wants to help you.  Think whom that might be, and initiate contact.’

There’s a person who can help you reach your desired outcome.  You have probably already thought of whom this person might be.  Or, it could be a new person coming into your life whom you will soon meet.

Be open to receiving help from others.  Strong people learn the importance of delegating and working as a team, and this may be a time for you to learn these vital life lessons.

So, be sure to voice your needs and ask for assistance.  With the help of others, you are more able to manifest your Divine purpose and desires.”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

are these two views (neither of which is entirely clear and focused, so don’t think it’s your eyes, it was the fault of me and my bad angle).


Can you feel the emotion?

             We were in a newly opened restaurant, and they had several prints with information cards posted beside each shot.


“Revered Tranquility”

             For me, the service and seating area were better than the food.  But I’m glad that we went.  Angkor Cambodian Cafe   

             (The Thai tea was excellent, and no one was unhappy with what we ate, it’s just not my all-time favorite style.  Also, to be completely fair, the metal in my mouth has been causing some “tasting” issues lately, so definitely don’t take my word for flavor right now.)