Our Un-Tidiness

             We’ve definitely spoken before about how our adventure here sometimes leads us down roads and paths we never anticipated traveling.  Well.  I went there this week.  Literally, and figuratively.

             A bit of (formerly mysterious) health situation has now been clearly diagnosed.  And treated (if that’s the right term for: excising).  I’ve had my gallbladder removed, emergency-surgery style.

             What do we learn from shit like this?  Not to take ANYthing for granted, sure.  Not to let a day go by without saying nice words to loved ones, certainly.

             But, also:

life is messy!

             We wear messy bodies, making our messy little journeys, as we experience (and hopefully savor) messy existences.

             Nothing is tidy, nothing is sure, nothing is static.  We, daily, waver and change.  We grow and we have set-backs.  Most of all, we have our lives.   And they, unquestionably, can be a bit of a mess.

             It’s been a shock.  Physically, as well as emotionally.  It has thrown my Intuitive Eating on its head.  It was BEYOND unexpected.  Truthfully?  I am still a bit confused by the entire sudden ordeal.

             And, it’s my new normal.  I must heal.  I must rest.  I must mull over the changes taking place.

             For guidance, I’ve drawn this for us all.  And I’ll be transcribing both directions, they are valid.  As always, they are validating, too.


messy life

“Rescue  ~  16  ~

‘You are always safe and secure,

and free to be yourself!’


Asking for help isn’t easy for many successful people.  However, that’s what you need to do now as you expand your life.

If you find yourself troubled, you can expect help with whatever issue is at hand now.  You need only ask, and assistance will come your way.

The most important support you can count on is from Spirit.  Get into a right relationship with the Divine, and you will see that many conditions line up as if by magic to provide you with all the help you need.

Ask and you will receive.  There is no need to fear.  Safety is a place within.


Are you trying to rescue another?  Do you believe that your live can change someone and miraculously heal this person? 

Or . . . . . are you waiting to be rescued?  Do you believe that someone will sweep you of your feet and take away all of your problems?

Reversed, the Rescue card cautions you against romanticizing your situation right now.  Look closely and see reality as it is rather than the illusion of how you’d like it to be.

You need to step back and rescue yourself.  Trust that the Spirit world will guide you to expose the illusion so that you may discern the difference between truth and fantasy.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Affirmation:

( it’s worth repeating )

Safety is a place within me.

I am always safe, secure, protected.

I am free to be myself.






Merrily Along

             We have our charts, blueprints, road maps, for the journey in this life.  However, we can’t always read them, for whatever reason.

            That’s the irritating part.  Knowing that we’re on the right track can be the comforting part.  But, it’s absolutely of leap of faith, an act of confidence.

             All of this means that we have a purpose.  We are here for specific reasons and to attain specific results.  That’s the point of what I saw this morning.

             How we get there is not always as important as our end result.

             Because when we are ARE on the correct path we can feel it.  We are aware of our serenity.  We aren’t fighting every step of the way.  When we are following our chart to it’s fullest, our lessons are easier, our moments of worry not so deep and painful.

             And how we settle our feet there, that best route for us, is never as important as simply knowing the avenue is open and that we are welcome to walk it.

             Who we walk it with, well, here’s what the Universe has to say about that.

oracle cards, mermaid and dolphin messages, friendship

“Friendship  ~

Make a date for a play day with one or more friends.

Although you are busy with many responsibilities, it’s important to take time out to play with one or more friends.  By drawing this card, you’re  urged to make a date to go have fun with a companion.  Whether a new acquaintance or a beloved old friend, it’s important for you to balance your schedule with some good old-fashioned companionship and frivolity.

When you play and laugh, you open yourself to infusions of healing love.  Friends help you remember how lovable you are!  They also give you support without wanting anything in return.

Play stimulates creativity, which helps you return to your responsibilities with a renewed outlook and increased energy.  


I now have wonderful friends, and free time to spend engaging in playful activities with my loving companions.”

             Look at this illustration!  Mermaid and manatee tea parties!  Yes, thanks, I’d like to go there and play.

             Right, but can’t right now, so let’s do the next best thing.  Chat with on-line pals, catch up on e-mails to buddies far and wide, and sure, go do something fun with a friend in person, too.  Pick one, pick any, pick all.  Just make sure you have some friendship time.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is from a DMV in the state of Missouri.

Can everyone find home?

Can everyone find home?

Thanks so much for thinking of us here in JulieLand and sending this in our direction!  (I’d like one of these for my house.)