To Adapt

             Many of us have difficulty with Change.  “New” is not always better, in our eyes.  (I, personally, prefer nearly everything from before 1900……)

             This past year or so has been nothing BUT upheaval and challenges and different for me, for my family.  But, I’ve also embraced much of it.

             I’m not “better” at dealing with Change, but I am learning the lessons of


             And since our journey here, this life we’ve mapped out, is all about the lessons, it’s beneficial to address our success as well as our less-than-successful experiences.

             There’s no such thing as mistakes, nor failure.  So, all of the aspects involved are worthwhile.  (Some simply feel more positive than others, that’s okay, perception is as unique as we are.)

             The Universe, in Its divine and infinite wisdom, has even given us this gift of validation.  As if to say, “hey, you’re doing well, keep up the good work!”


“Opportunity  ~

Release your ties to the past.

When you let go of the old,

you make room for the new.”

             While I’m not such a huge fan of “new” I do feel willing to accept these Opportunities for the promises that they are.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from  Instagram.

See this #tinyhouse? It's called The Vicarage, and it's some sort of #collectable (from #england, of course). Next to it, for size reference, is a #VotiveCandle. It's no bigger than a medium #pear. I found it in a #SecondHand shop recently. It called out to me (and was incredibly #inexpensive), so I brought it #home. Some days I just walk around the #SmallHouse we live in, enjoying our space, carrying my #vicarage, feeling it with my fingers, and cradling it in my hands. I like the #miniature detailed nature of it, and I really like living here. The two places are similar, linked. New post up, on the website. I'm expressing #gratitude and working to #destress. Join me? #MentalHealthAwareness #ChooseJoy #TarotCards #SelfCare #FromOurHomeToYours

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             I don’t always post when there are updates here; Social Media and I have a complicated relationship.  Sometimes there is crossover, sometimes not.  Sometimes it’s timely, sometimes it’s not.



So Insightful

             As I learn the lessons of this lifetime’s purpose, I’m surprised by how simple and direct they can often be.  Today’s message is the perfect example.

             On Thursday afternoon I was sitting in a comfy and inviting waiting area (one of my favorite things to do right now, surprisingly enough, is to sit quietly and wait) when an idea popped into my head.  (Or it was placed there, you choose.)

             This is what I heard and understood:

enlightenment = lightening/lighting up

             As in “to let go of physical attachments and darkness; weight release, both biological and metaphorical.”

             Writing it all down here, transcribing my notes, has made it even more clear.  When we hold on too tightly, to too much, we are encumbered.  We are burdened.

             There’s a very real reason why so many sacred men and women, mystics, healers, and holy people take vows of poverty and relinquish all possessions.  It directly connects to their personal enlightenment.

             What I came to know was that the more we open our hands as an intentional releasing motion, the more we are actually creating opportunities to receive, and to understand.  Because to “see the light” is bascially about BEING (the) light.

             And on our card altar right now, we’ve been handed a continuation of this concept.  (It was VERY determined to show up, too.  No mistaking that this one needed to be heard.)  It is recommended that we not only concentrate on and comprehend this message, but that we share it, widely.

archangel gabriel

“Leadership  ~

Archangel Gabriel:

‘It is time for you to assume your leadership power and position, and lovingly guide others.’

Additional Message:

‘Embrace your power in a loving way, and use it for the greater good.  I’ll guide your actions so they inspire and motivate others.  I’ll also replace any self-doubt about your qualifications with an increased desire to serve, help, and teach.

When your focus is more on ‘how may I serve?’ then you won’t worry what others may think about you.  Focus upon your strengths, the many lessons you’ve learned, and how good it feels to be a living example of following one’s Divine guidance.’

Working with Archangel Gabriel:

Gabriel can help you fearlessly tap in to your power and strength.  She’ll reassure you that it’s safe for you to be powerful and strong.  She will protect you in all ways.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Universal Truth:

Our misery comes from the mistaken belief that we are powerless.


A Matter of Evolving

             So, here’s a thing.  As you all know, my primary lesson in this lifetime is about Release.  But, I wonder, how many are drawn here for their own similar message?  (Especially in light of who sticks around and who shows up anew?)

             Our coming together, being pulled here into one place, is absolutely not by happenstance.  (Nothing ever is.)  This is no accident.  The exact spot we occupy is made sacred by our very existing in it.

             We travel to the locations, virtual or physical, which can benefit us the most.  This is a Universal truth.  A spiritual law.

             Here we all are, which then moves us to the next level……..

where does it lead?

             Do we help each other out?  Hell, yeah!  Do we support each other in all ways?  No question about it.  Does a coming-together heal?  Not a doubt about it.

             Simply being here (any lovingkindness-based location) is part of our journey.  Interacting with those who are also learning and growing and healing can do nothing BUT improve our lessons and growth.

             We are here, for our highest good, and that of those we care about.  (Here being where we sit, where we travel, where we land.)

             And on our card altar right now, within the regular rotation, we have even more validation.


“Letting Go  ~

‘I surrender joyously to the ebbing and flowing of life.’

Card meaning:

Surrender.  Relinquish control and allow Spirit to take over.  You don’t need to do everything by yourself.

All is well.  It’s time to just let it all go and enjoy the ride!  Doing so gives others permission to let go in their own lives.

The Universe wants you to know:

There are times to hold on for dear life, and times to simply throw your hands up and let go.  It’s time to release any limiting patterns, emotional attachments, or inner and outer clutter. 

Surrendering does not mean that you’re yielding to a force outside of yourself.  It means that you are allowing your soul to take over.  

Release the stress of needing to control things, wanting to determine the outcome of a situation, or expecting others to act in a particular way.  There is a simple grace and beauty that unfolds when you truly let go.

Loving spiritual help is all around you . . . . simply open your heart and let it in.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there anything that I need to release?  Is there a person or situation that I need to let go of?  Is there anyone who needs to let go of me?


I surrender joyously to the ebbing and flowing of life.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Gratitude:

is for my (many!) wonderful and generous friends.  Thank you.  Your gifts mean more to me than I can ever express.


Deserving of our Attention and Scrutiny

             We seem to be skirting around the edges of a theme right now. Perspective and observation, looking and knowing.

             This feels appropriate as we leave that double Mercury retrograde behind, while at the same time head full-on into Summer.  This can bring about some very introspective emotions, as well as actions.

             We know now, even the choice to do NOTHING is a choice.  At this moment, choosing to open up and perceive is what’s recommended.



              By using our soul-eyes (more than our physical ones), we are better able to notice subtle and small ripples around us.  Minute and perhaps unperceptible to others, these images are our signs and symbols.

             To be the conscious observer, watching carefully, we can pick up on the tiniest of nuances.  We can notice and understand our messages on a deep and important level.

             Even our daily draw wholeheartedly agrees.  Returning to the card altar’s regular rotation, we are resoundingly validated.  And reminded of how valuable the effort of paying attention truly is.


“Reflect  ~

Keep your eyes open.

Joy lives in small places.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Musical Sharing:

is some outrageously beautiful mariachi tunes on a CD that I just picked up from the library tonight.  Uplifting, to say the least!  (Makes me proud of that side of my heritage.  We certainly ARE a festive people.)


Beyond Endurance

             I’ve been learning to embrace Change, and all that it entails.  I’m not quite there yet, but my progress is obvious.  Another aspect of traveling along in this adventure is about how long it takes to arrive anywhere.

             Yes, it IS all about the Journey.  But it’s also about the marking of milestones and accounting of achievements.  In that particular category, I’m also learning.


             The Universe wants us to be aware of how very far we’ve come, and to not feel antsy about the pace.  Which is fine, to say.  Difficult to do.

             On the other hand, as we look back, it’s actually pretty encouraging to note our breakthroughs and discoveries.  We’ve done really damn well!

             And that’s what we have to remember.  As my Beloved once said, “focus on what we DO have, not what we don’t.”  To which we can always add, because it happens when it’s supposed to happen.

             Equally positive is today’s draw; making our way around the card altar right now, we’ve arrived at this uplifting message.

crystal oracle

“Calcite  ~

energy, vitality, enhanced memory, study, communication, expansion

Your energy levels are on the increase and you will soon feel a new found sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life.

An exciting new venture is in store.  You will find yourself communicating your ideas and feelings to others with clarity and certainty.  People will pay attention and will want to be part of your venture.

Calcite is also about the expanded awareness which stems from knowledge, study, and learning.  This magical crystal will assist you in your studies and enhance your memory.  

It will also help you put your knowledge to good use in ways that expand the possibilities for your life.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Planetary Update:

is to say that Mercury will be going direct on Thursday, June 11 at 3:33 p.m. (my time).  We’ll have the Shadow Effect for another week after that, but this double retrograde phase will officially be coming to an end.  (As they always do.)