We recently discovered a fascinating series produced by the BBC.  Each episode features a “genius” and they tell that person’s story.  Clearly, and with historic accuracy.  Which is fun.

             What is less entertaining is how so many of our great thinkers have also suffered, been misinterpreted, and never lived to see their work recognized.  I know there’s a plan, but it sometimes makes me sad.

             Like how I can’t always enjoy sporting events because I don’t want any side to lose.  I wish every player and fan could come out a winner.  Is it so much to ask that we all live happily ever after?

             Apparently, that’s not what we’re here for.  Which, as I said, I know.  But the knowing doesn’t much alleviate the struggle, some days.

             Directly from the Universe, to me and you, here’s where to turn:

rise above.

             My mother, and niece, and I are what people call “women of strong faith” even though none of us are remotely religious.  We believe, we know, we entirely feel in a spiritual way.  So, when challenges arise, roadblocks appear, we seek answers.

              My own recent medical and work situation has caused me to really search for meaning.  It’s been difficult.  Daily.

             Which makes this message so much more meaningful, on a personal level, but also on a global one.  We are being instructed to find our detours.  Go around, move past, let go, and yes….. rise above.

             To do this, we have to focus.  Then, we have to walk away.  We can’t spend time suffering or whining, or screaming at problems.  Because in truth, there are no problems.  Merely lessons that we haven’t quite figured out.  Yet.

             Here’s an old Doreen affirmation that I feel will help us:

             My heart, my mind, my life, and everyone in it are perfectly at peace right now.

no such thing as problems

To rise, and go above




More evolving.

             Most of us are perpetual students.  Learning and reaching.  Others feel perfectly comfortable As Is, and without the need to find life lessons, to seek answers.

             I’ve come to understand that I’m kind of an in-between.  There’s not always somewhere to take an investigation, to me.  Sometimes I feel as though I’ve come to the end of my interest on that topic.  Other places, other times, I’d like to keep finding out more.

             This is what’s been in my head lately.  Both ways are fine.  As is the way of doing a little of both.  When we follow the obvious path, we still learn.  When we step off the trodden road, we learn in a different way.

             The Universe is calling it

true higher education.

             We’re talking soul lessons, deep down education of our spirit.  Learning in our own individual way, and going as far as we feel comfortable with.  The follow-up can be brief, or take ages to reach.

             We know now that our own way is best for us, and the way of others suits them better.  If we don’t know it, well …. maybe we can strive to.

             When we recognize our unique geniuses, apply our own best practices and methods, we can climb so much higher, we can advance so much more smoothly.  Part of that though, is to honour our rate, our tools, as well as our flaws, our “failures” (even though they aren’t really failures at all).

             Our message right now focuses on the particular and wonderfully singular nature of each one of us.  And how we use that to do better, every day.  No matter how this advancement, this spiraling up, may appear or manifest.  The lessons are our own, and that’s the most important part.

             Here for validation, this reminder.  So welcome, and so appropriate.

abundance and wealth

“Citrine  ~

wealth, creativity, abundance, healing

Your financial concerns will soon begin to dissolve as a steady stream of abundance starts to flow into many areas of your life.

This is not abundance solely on a monetary level but abundance also of creativity and healing.

You are being asked to let go of any fear and guilt you may be holding on to in regard to your wealth and prosperity.

Be thankful for the abundance that you are about to receive.  Honour it and put it to use in ways that nurture and replenish your spirit.

You deserve to be and to have all your heart desires.

Lovingly recognise the abundance you eternally hold within your heart and you will manifest abundance through all you think, say, and do.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from our dinner table tonight.  The Wilder Apartments.

downtown eugene

              We met with family, had food, and enjoyed the evening.




Anew, and A Trey.

             For January 1st (since, ya know, I’m writing this on Wednesday night), we have a Triple Treat.  Three messages, all gifts to see us safely into the New Year.

             In chronological order, the first is what I woke up with today:

never forget to remember.

             It is suggested that we open our minds up past the limits of our brains, recalling other lifetimes, other lessons, other memories.   The true fact is, our soul has never forgotten, only our current physical form has those limitations.

              When we look back, over the day, the month, the year, the lifetime, we can see where we learned and maybe, where we might have learned more.  Also keep in mind, there are no mistakes, so we aren’t searching for places to improve, simply seeing where we might be able to advance a wee bit more in the future.

             Which brings us to the second part of our Trifecta, the daily draw.   Because this is one of the tools we have at our disposal, another step on that ever spiraling upward journey.

oracle cards, self-care, intent, energy focus

“Intent  ~

Focus your energy.

There is amazing power in a strong intention.”

             This is extremely helpful for our purposes right now.  Looking ahead, while never forgetting where we’ve been, as well as mindfully being present in the now, is the key.  Again, all three are valuable and special, but not enough without the others to balance them all out.

             Now, the last bit comes from my new Louise Hay calendar.  Empress was sitting at the kitchen table when I flipped this over, so she got to see it first.

             We both agreed, the perfect image to begin Twentyfourteen.  And excellent dialogue along the side.  Very validating!

louise hay, sea images, calendar pages, january 2014

I’m still not entirely sold on the chosen artist, but this particular illustration has all the things I do love in a picture.

“I am in the rhythm and flow of an ever-changing life.

Awareness is the first step.

When we have some pattern buried deeply within us, we must become aware of it in order to heal the condition.   When it rises to the surface of our attention in some way, we often attract resources that begin to awaken new ways to approach the dissolving of the problem.

Often, our reaction to this stage is to resist the approach.  Perhaps it seems too easy, or unacceptable to our thinking.  We don’t want to do it.  We may even feel angry about the thought of doing it.

Any reaction we may feel is here to show us that we are already in the process of healing.  The truth is that the process begins the moment we begin to think about making a change.

We all have lessons to learn.  The things that are so difficult for us are only the lessons we have chosen for ourselves.  If things are easy for us, then they are not lessons, but are things we already know.”

Tangible. And not.

             My personal progress is not something that can be counted or measured.  Partly because I no longer live with numbers.  But also because when we learn the tough lessons there’s just now way to gauge that.

             There is, however, a way to count the lack of painful moments that I don’t have when trying to get past an issue.  What previously took me days to process, can now be done in hours.  Or, if I’ve caught it quickly enough, in minutes.

             This is impressive, even to me.  And I’m really proud of how far I’ve come.  What can still be a little more challenging though, is exactly what our channeled message focuses on.

Physicality is as important to tune in to as spirituality.

             We know that each of us learns at a different pace, and I’m mostly okay with going slowly.  Some days are just harder than others.  Today, I did well, in all directions. But then, we always know that there’s more to do.

             Our daily draw says that exact thing.  Dammit.  Fine, back to it then.

guardian angel messages, looking deeper, oracle cards

“Look Deeper  ~

Guardian Angel

You need to look beyond the surface of this situation, as there is important information that you’re not currently aware of (or haven’t admitted to yourself).  Your guardian angel will bring this to your attention; however, it requires you to be open-minded.

The angels aren’t necessarily negating the situation that you are asking about.  Instead, they’re asking you to look deeper.  This may involve sitting in stillness and listening to your inner truth, or it could mean consulting an expert who can teach you more about the topic.

The investment of time and energy that it takes to do this research is well worth the rewards that you’ll reap.  The angels will ensure that you don’t miss out on any windows of opportunity while you conduct this exploration.  Pay attention to the signs and intuitive clues that will guide you.”

             This is the perfect chance to mention something that I wanted to talk about recently, but then forgot.  When the guidebook mentions “the question” or references “the situation” in its definition, but you haven’t actually asked anything (or like here, we simply draw cards for inspiration and direction), just go with it.

             Let it sit.  Allow the pertinent parts of the information and message to sink in where they are needed most.  Without having to ask, very often an answer will just show up.

Today’s Deck:

Angels & Saints Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

is just one, a new New Mexico that we spotted on our way home from the pool.

Live, from the Oregon Coast. (Updated at midnight.)

             The Deputy and I are sitting in Florence‘s Dairy Queen.  We’ve been to both jetties, walked the length of Old Town, had lunch dinner some food in a delightful restaurant, and now it’s gone dark.

             This day-trip (facaction) is an early anniversary gift to each other.  And we are having an amazingly wonderful time!  Oops, losing our signal.  Better get this ready to post.

oregon coast views, siusilaw river

(Added later, across the street from where we ate.)

             The message was “know Joy” and our card is one of the angels.  But I don’t have my camera cord, so that part will have to wait until we get home.  I’ll be adding on an update later (probably an hour or so after regular posting time, so it won’t really effect many of you).  There will be links then, too.  Check back!

             ****** Just got home, it’s nearing midnight, here’s our daily draw, and the latest news.

angel cards, higher education messages, learning life

“Higher Education  ~  Guardian Angel

Your angel is guiding you to gain further education, either by attending school or through independent study.  Higher education refers to instruction with a spiritual basis, so this is a message for you to study topics that capture your true interests. . . .

Give any worries about having enough time, money, or skill to your angel.  You are being pushed to learn more as a result of your prayers for increased fulfillment.  Trust that this door is opening for you at the right time, and walk through it with full faith.  Begin with simple steps, such as researching various classes on your chosen topic.

Even though you may feel that school will take time, remember that you’ll be alive and doing something during that time anyway.  You may as well use your days wisely by investing in something meaningful.  By pursuing higher education, you will gain newfound wisdom, higher self-esteem, new friends, and exciting opportunities.”

             I have to add here that, when I looked at this one, right before we left town, I thought immediately of how I would be doing just as was suggested, in the form of learning a tremendous life lesson today.  Simply by going to the place where the land meets the water.

             It felt as though this idea could be applied with a much broader sweep.  Not all educational options are classroom oriented.  Sometimes our most valuable lessons are learned merely by living in a mindful, aware, and genuine manner.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is  this ridiculous view of me.  At the coast.  There will be more tomorrow, and probably for a few days to come.  (Also on the Facebook page and my new Instagram account.)

pacific ocean, oregon coast

I present to you…….
the Pacific Ocean!

             Dan’s smarty-pants phone made a video, we’ll figure out how to get it up here.

FLP Report:

from the road, with TWO! New Yorks, one New Jersey, a New Hampshire (not one of those was anybody we know and love), plus an Illinois, and Arkansas.