Every.  Single.  Day.  We are granted educational opportunities.  It is our task to find them, and share them.  (We get more than one, but probably less than a million.)

             Some are obvious, way obvious.  They are clear and easy to understand, they make sense.  Others, well, they can be like a spiritual Easter Egg hunt, elusive and hiding.

              We all pass along our lessons in different and individual ways, none better than any other.  Some of us, like those loved ones who went Home early, had less time to learn and to teach.  But their lessons are as valid as someone who shares for twice as long.

             It’s so very important to honour every type, evenly, lovingly, and fairly.

             This is where the message is taking us right now:

find it, acknowledge it, give it.

             To share, is key.  We can learn and gather, but if we don’t share and give some of ours to others, it doesn’t help; doesn’t help us, doesn’t help those who we could be learning from, in our own sharing.

             This has been a difficult journey, no doubt about it, but it’s also been so fucking FULL!  The downs are terrible, the ups are amazing, but the in-betweens are where we spend most of our time.

            To be grateful for all, every lesson, is where the Universe wants us to focus.  We are here to learn, and …… to teach.  It’s the sharing.  Really, it is.

             And in

Today’s Sharing:

             I have to say that my old Nikon digital camera has been misbehaving lately.  I can’t take any photos with it at the current moment.  I may need a replacement.

             For this post, I’m being directed to search in our archives and come up with the perfect complimentary view.

             No card draw, just this, a shot I saved from December of 2015, it fits.  Our North Jetty, in Florence, as the sun sets.  All that sand, it used to be someplace else, and now, it makes a walkway, covering the rocks.

florence oregon


             Things change, and we move forward.  We treasure the past, but we have to cast our eyes ahead, while living here, in this moment.  Now.




Perspective Plus

             There are times* in our lives where we’re being challenged, when difficulties arise.  We call them teaching moments (or, alternatively: shit-storms-of-fucked-up-ness).

*Some of us have these “times” over and over and over and over and . . . . .

             Those moments may also be known as:

a learning experience.

             Because learning and teaching are the same thing.  Not only do they go together but they basically happen simultaneously.  (If we’re doing it properly.)  And, that’s the point of us making this trip to School-On-Earth, it’s why we are here.

            What we maybe aren’t paying enough attention to is how valuable each of these situations are to our soul’s growth.  Or, how healing and helpful each circumstance is, once we’re through it.

             Let’s look to our card altar for the final piece of this message, as we return to the regular rotation.

  6 & 7 osho zen tarot

        “Projections  ~  7  ~  Water:  Emotions


Success (reversed)  ~  6  ~  Fire:  Action”

             We see these characters looking at each other, but not being able to perceive their truths.  While at the same time we have upside-down and skewed ideas of what success means.

             As well as, we’ve got Fire and Water facing off.  What is the result?  Steam.  Or maybe just soggy ashes.  Either way, if we don’t remember how important the learning and teaching instances in our journey are, we won’t be able to get any action nor any value from our emotions.

             Once we do though, we’ll have REAL success!

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS  (EXCELLENT!)  PIECE by my Seattle girl.  I could not be more damn proud of her!


Such Simple Steps

             Nothin’ like waking up with your message glaring you in the face.  Today the Universe is blunt.  And direct.  No doubt about it.

             But also, by what I saw, of course it’s the right way to go.  For everyone involved.  It just SO isn’t up to us to argue.  We’re the ones who plotted this all out beforehand, anyway.

Face it,

fix it.

             My own recommendation to this would be to grab a Quick 3 Minute self-care moment to honestly look at what the primary issue is.  (Or ya know, you could hire a someone* to help you find it.)  Then, address it.

*Like a professional Tarot reader, perhaps?

             Usually we know deep down though, we actually have the insight as to what our biggest stumbling block looks like.  What keeps popping up?  What do we bang our heads up against more than anything else?  THAT’S the one.

             To facilitate this find and fix even further, I was directed to leave our regular rotation around the card altar earlier.  And now we can see why.

angel messages, learning and teaching

“Teaching and Learning  ~

Archangel Zadkiel:

‘Keep an open mind, and learn new ideas.  Then, teach these ideas to others.’

Additional Message:

‘You are a spiritual teacher and an avid learner.  Learning and teaching are linked in a perfect cycle, in which information comes to you when you need it.

Teach others about the topics that awaken your passions.   The more you teach, the more your lessons are reinforced within yourself.  Be open to sharing new ideas, and learning about topics that aren’t in your immediate sphere of interest.

Your students will teach you in many ways, too.  Trust in your teaching and learning abilities, as your mind is one with the Divine Mind of (Mr and Mrs) God.  

You are an intelligent and wise being.  Know that it’s safe in this lifetime for you to be outspoken in your teachings.’

Working with Archangel Zadkiel:

Zadkiel is the ultimate spiritual professor.   He’s patient, kind, and has access to all knowledge.  He’s widely known for us ability to help human memory function.  

If you need to remember or memorize any information, ask Zadkiel to assist.   Anything that you need to know, Zadkiel is glad to teach you.  Just ask him questions in order to elicit his help.

Sometimes Zadkiel uses the Socratic method of teaching, which means that he’ll lead you so you can learn for  yourself.  Being observant of patterns in everything you see, hear, and think is the best way to benefit from Zadkiel’s teachings.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

begins with one that we’ve never seen before,  City of South Florida.  (Why it has its own plate, I have no clue.)  There was also a Louisiana and one that got past me.  Slow couple of days in foreign-ness.