Resting and Roaming

             All of the images and visions I’ve received lately have to do with how we are best served by BEING in this current moment and understanding how no moment lasts forever.

             While at the same time, the Universe is reminding us of how we are here for the Journey.  The TRIP is the point, not the “end” of our adventure.  Because in truth, what we perceive as the end, isn’t.

             Feel free to hum and sing with this one:

As we travel along . . . . .

             To simultaneously be still and acknowledge movement would seem impossible.  And yet, that’s kind of our goal.

             We know we’re all excursion-ing on the path, but we also try really hard to appreciate our now.  Sound conflicting?  I agree.

             I’m told though, it’s completely do-able.

             On our (still-not-finished) card altar, we have been gifted the perfect validation.  Because, of course we have.

journey messages

“Expecting Miracles

‘Miracles are blossoming in my life.’

Card Meaning:

Majestic wonders are unfolding for you, even as you read this.  Watch for them and embrace them.

The more you become aware of the small marvels in your life, the more they will grow in magnitude around you.

The Universe wants you to know:

What is expected tends to be realized.  Expect miracles in your life.

Celebrate and cherish them when they appear, no matter how small they may seem.

Let go of fear and expectations; allow the Creator to solve your challenges in mysterious ways.  Don’t limit the ways in which you think miracles can appear in your life.

Know that you can be the miracle in the life of another.

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I be even more open to miracles blossoming in my life?  What are the miracles that are occurring now or are coming in the future?  How am I a miracle for others?


Miracles are blossoming in my life.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my tiny house hallway.

summer out-house

             The heat of summer continues here, as we pass Lammas and Lughnasadh.  Brown more prevalent than green around us now.   I’m not editorializing, merely stating facts.  The Wheel of the Year turns.  And we ride along.




Team Travel.

             Only having one perspective from which to view family visits, I don’t know how other people do theirs   But ours are very busy/idle.  We have pockets of THIS IS THE EVENT! bordered by relaxing hours of down-time.  It’s blissful.  For me, anyway.

             If you are the person who is here from out of town, it’s exhausting.  The bodies are too many and the hours not enough.  I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my Hurricane.  She is far more talented, on so damn many levels, than she could ever imagine.

             My daily intention (empathy) has helped me to see how very difficult her part of the equation can be.  Not that I didn’t know it before, because I absolutely did.  But it also goes well with our message.

Focus – when we aim our footsteps forward, 

we are more mindful of our path.

             Which makes me also think of just how important it is to appreciate and acknowledge the sacrifices made by others on our behalf.

             Within our regular rotation around the card altar, we’ve been shown what a great sense of humour the Universe truly has.  Or are we being reminded how completely we’re all connected?

saints and angel messages

“Marriage  ~  St Catherine of Alexandria”

             I won’t be transcribing what the guidebook says this time.  Partly just because I’m feeling like we don’t need it.  But I will share this bit about the image portrayed here.

“St Catherine is a powerful being who helped St Joan of Arc during her visions.  Born of Roman nobility in Alexandria, Egypt, Catherine was beautiful and intelligent…..”

             We can look at this one from different directions.  With our Wedding Weekend being the main attraction around here right now, we’d obviously go that route.  But there are also other ways of seeing this.

             Any time we combine efforts with another, as a team or group or simply a pair of us working towards a common goal, we are involved in a type of marriage.  As we all know, there is more strength when we have support, no matter what the circumstances.

             Where we are being directed with this message, is to remember our compassion, as we move along onto the next part of our journey, together.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is a posed shot.  Of the Grand Dogs.

dog treats

Speaking of Focus!

             Indi and Maxx, awaiting the treat Dan has in his hand, just barely out of camera range.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have pictures of people.