Selection Making

             When I first became aware of the concept (later movement, and hashtag) of Choose Joy, I jumped directly on it, no delay, no hesitation.  I mean, CHOICE and JOY?  Who wouldn’t want to go there?

             We’d recently discovered, and discussed in great detail, the LovingKindness theory.  So, of course, I was all in.

             It’s been a few years, and I’m still enamored with them both.  Following along with several accounts on-line, and doing my own research/practicing daily, I’m finding them to be nothing but beneficial.

             I’ll never abandon my Pro Choice belief, just as I’ll never stop believing that we are all equal.  But to focus on the positive, at the cost of letting go of no-longer-useful negativity, can only be seen (and felt) as progress.

             This comes up right now, in an atmosphere of continuing media trash and unconscionable adult behaviour.  I never want to go back to complaining instead of thanking.  It just doesn’t serve anyone’s purposes to lay blame, incite hatred, stir up misery.

             Here is what I’ve been hearing, and here is where my view has been directed.


             I don’t know where the image came from, but it resonated with me the second I read it.  Our message of Choose Joy is about that gratitude attitude and recognizing (with intention) what we DO have rather than what we DON’T.

             Our lessons are not punishment, they are ways to do better, be better, and help more.  Improvement, that’s our goal.  Globally, personally, and within our community.  We begin with our very own soul, rippling out from there.

             It truly is a game-changer when we realize how much of our “suffering” is actually perception.

             Here’s one more, like last time, a meditation point, a vista to gaze upon and enjoy.  No one is asking anything of you, other than to be here, and to be you.

palmtree land







             After several days of being kind of rushed, today was more relaxed.  Even if this afternoon was the Deputy’s Monday morning.  Also, I think we’ve* begun to adjust to this “earlier” alarm clock time.

*Of course, by we, I obviously mean ME, he can wake up like a “regular” person very nicely.

             Oh, what?  You want a picture of the new baby?!  I can do that.  And if you want to see a shot of the Birthday Boy (a fantastic view that his namesake and grand-daughter took) some time last year, just click over to my Facebook page.

             (Credit goes to Dorothy for this, below, phone photo.  Hilariously enough, SHE was with me on the day, a million years ago, when I bought my digital camera.  Which her brother used [not entirely unsuccessfully] for most of the event last night.)

baby smells

Ohmydeargawd she smells good.
(Also, yes. That IS what my hair is doing right now.)

             Although, I’m not sure when I completely turned into my mother.  Not that I was expecting to become anyone else, but still.   Shit.  The resemblance is fucking frightening.

             And speaking of her, she’ doing MUCH better, health-wise these days.  I don’t think hanging out with all these kids yesterday hurt at all.  She treasures family get-togethers for days and weeks afterwards.

             She is also a huge fan of my channeled messages, didn’t surprise her in the least that this just started happening.  (She was also not at all shocked when I began having spontaneous regressions.)  Today is a prime example of how to live in a positive way.

No guilt.

No regret.

Yes joy.

Yes lovingkindness.

             Since there is no such thing as mistakes nor coincidences, we must live our lives with happiness, not sorrow.  Sure, we absolutely have sadness and grief (believe me, we DO!), but we need not LIVE every damn minute wallowing in it.

             Our reminders today are both so helpful.  And timely, it seems.  We’re back on the regular card rotation, with this outstandingly fabulous stack that I couldn’t love more if I’d created it my own spiritual self elf.

oracle cards

“Simplifying Your Life  ~

‘I cherish the simple pleasures in life.’

Card meaning:

Focus on what is important to you, and let everything else go.  Scan all areas of your life and clear out the internal and external clutter.  You’ll experience remarkable transformations.  Rest and rejuvenate.  Do what matters, and release whatever is left.

The Universe wants you to know:

To clearly hear messages from Spirit, simplify.  If you are always busy and have accumulated much more than  you need, you  might also have a lot of static in your life.  This can make it a challenge to hear the voice of the Creator.

Remove those things from your schedule that don’t move your life forward.  Then go through your living and work spaces, room by room, and clear out the clutter.  

Additionally, be sure to take time to clear any mental clutter.  Calm your mind and simplify your thoughts.  The smallest amount of clutter-clearing, both internal and external, can make a huge difference in your life.

Questions to ask yourself:

What can I clear out of my life that will enrich and empower me?  What blocks me from simplifying my life?  What will my ultimate result be if I simplify my environment and activities?


I cherish the simple pleasures of life.”

             There is so much here that I need to focus on.  And then, do something about.  Physically.  It’s daunting.  But I’d REALLY like to get started.

              (Anyone feel like coming by to help?)

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Mileage:

was just up to the pool and back, 3.808, in 25 minutes 6 seconds.  The “and back” part threw my pace numbers off, 9.1 MPH average speed.  The chain fell from its gearing, so I had to walk the last big hill home.

LateNight Update:

ouch.   I am in pain.  This happened right before I rode off today.

short nails, finger nail injuries

At least they stopped bleeding.

             I don’t care about my nails.  They either grow or they don’t.  Mostly they just appear, much like my hair.  But when they are broken back to the point of injury?  Then I notice.  And am uncomfortable.

             Also, since I haven’t bashed into anything in quite a while, I thought this might be significant.