It’s What We Can Do

             We live in a flawed world, with rules made up by people.  This is true.  But what is also true is that there are real rules.

             Universal Law is on a higher plane and of more value than the back-and-forth of ignorant, petulant man-babies.

             We feel confused because in our physical bodies it seems like we need to heed both.  In a way, we do.  However, we don’t need to be overwhelmed by either.

             Here’s what I’m hearing:

steady, with care.

             I understand this to mean that we can detach, we can employ SelfCare, we can reach out, or we can burrow down.  Whatever is the best fit for each of us, as individuals, we should do that.

             We absolutely do not have to be so entrenched in the news, the worry, the fear mindset that it sends us spinning out of control.

             Allow that “control” to wash away; we can allow ourselves to be calm, steady, at ease, of zen mind and soul (the body will follow).

             A great lesson for me lately has been to simply “be” in this small house we now call home.  I visit the different rooms, spend time in the space there.  I am not (as!) impatient about FINISHING!!! every corner, every shelf, every wall.

             I softly and slowly, with care, envision how each small area will look, eventually.  I rest there, I breathe there, I simply am there.

             Practicing this patience is dual purpose.  I’m stepping (literally) away from the frenzy, the media, the stupidity which makes my blood boil, and I walk (literally) in to a calm, steady place.  It’s like a moving meditation.

             I believe it can be done anywhere, and I encourage others to try it.  We can’t change all the rules, but we can change our attitude about them.  We can stay involved and current, but we don’t need to let the chaos infect us or our emotions.

             Here is the card I was drawn to as I listened and channeled and typed; as a validation, of course, it’s perfect.

stay steady and calm

“Inner Calling  ~  2

You can choose to see your biggest challenges as your best opportunities for inner change and growth.  The trials and ordeals we experience in life are actually for our soul’s evolution.

Take a moment to reflect back on past difficulties and identify how those experiences have made you stronger and wiser.

Now, turn your attention to the present, reminding yourself to take the drama out of your challenges and try to see how they are serving you.


I choose to see challenges as ideal opportunities to work on my inner self.

I look for the blessings in all situations, past and present.

I am connected to the positive aspects of my experience.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Angels by Mario Duguay

Today’s Sharing:

is something I just found out last night.  Did you know……. baby puffins are called PUFFLINGS?!  Of course, they can also be called chicks.  But come on!  Who would pass up a chance to say PUFFLINGS?!





In Its Spaciousness

             Haven’t I said this, repeatedly? Don’t question the message.  And yet.  I still do.

             I struggle and wrestle with it.  I fret and stress.  Then.  I finally let go.  And it’s still sitting right there.  Patiently waiting for me to just Accept.

             This is what I saw.  And heard.  Complete with the image of a blinking neon hotel sign, all buzzy-sounding and everything.  (See why it was confusing at first?!)


             It means: space to breathe.  It means, we have to have empty places to contrast with all the fullness.  It means that without some openness, there is no intimate comfort.

             In the past few days I’ve taken some heavy emotional hits.  (Nothing anyone did, there was just a compound effect, on my psyche.)  But inside there, hidden from the chaos, where pockets of tranquility.

             I found some Vacancy places.  Some quiet minutes where I could regroup, sit with deep breathing, and be calm.  They were gratifying and uplifting.

             They felt like I had arrived at my own personal oasis.  Even if each tiny island of serenity was short and grabbed out of otherwise frenzied hours of turmoil.

             They were there, and I was healed because of them.  They were soothing, and I was empowered to keep going.

             Returning back to our regular rotation around the card altar, we have another excellent suggestion on how to stay peaceful.  When we recognize the expression of self, we are giving back, we are nourishing on a soul level.

expression of self

“Creativity  ~

Express your creativity.

Delight in the mystery of your muse.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is to say I was super glad to see that Sarah had a few words of explanation for some of what’s been going on, celestially anyway.  Go HERE and read her latest post.