Loads of signs and symbols lately about Moving Forward.  And while I’m not a fan of looking backwards (Release lessons, much?), I do understand the necessity for setting up a way to gauge, a method to measure with, an examination of sorts.

             Since I let go of all numbers, and no longer count calories, hours, steps, miles, nor any false form of calculating my body through artificial ciphers, seeing how we’ve improved on a non-physical plane seems like a positive way to proclaim our


             To be in the moment is our ideal, appreciating all that we have, all that we are surrounded by.  At the same time, it feels like we’d benefit from experiencing and acknowledging how far we’ve truly come, how far this journey has already taken us.

             We can briefly glance back over our shoulders, honouring the task, the trials, the challenges, while genuinely being Here Now.   We can appreciate the advancements and education, continuing to recognize and respect our tremendous achievements while taking the time to breathe, to Be, and to be Still.

             It’s a difficult balance, yes, but  it’s also a Self-Care gift.  We are allowing ourselves to take credit for how far we’ve come and how much we’ve learned.  We are accepting gratitude for making it all this way, and for not only surviving, but for thriving and flourishing so beautifully.

             Progress is not only our advancing, but it’s the recognizing that we did this, we made it, we traveled, we have become aware.  We are the success.  We are the strength.

             Additionally, we are part of the bigger picture.  We are connected.


“Devotion ~ Nature Spirits


inspiration ~ contemplation ~ nature ~ faith

The presence of the Universe is everywhere, so if you feel disconnected from the Divine, you are the one who left.  Your Nature Spirits are beckoning you back to a place of awareness which reconnects you to your source.

Do not allow your mind to isolate you in fear or get stuck in dwelling on misery.  Instead, go outside and take in the natural world – which is a beautiful gift for you to enjoy.

Focus on the beauty, power, and holiness that nature affirms.  Humbly surrender to this greatest force present in all things, including you.

Your Nature Spirits message is this:

Breathe in the Divine.

You are one with All.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette


Today’s Personal Note:

is to say that I’m about ready to give this site a different, look.  If there’s anything here you might want to save, I’d advise printing those pages, because most of them will be going away.

             I know I said this months ago, but now it’s really going to happen.  All I’m waiting for is another perfect header photo, and the time to archive what I won’t be bringing with.

             It is safe to be happy, it is safe to change, it is safe to make progress.





Confidently positive.

             Ya know what I think part of my issue is with waking up?  Or rather, more truthfully, with NOT waking up well?  It’s my dreams.  I’m so freaking busy and active while I’m sleeping that I feel exhausted when the alarm goes off, like I never rested at all.  (It’s a theory, anyway.)

             No clue why I have such a terrible relationship with time, that needs further investigating.  What I do know is that the hours just keep marching along, with or without us.  I recall that in one of Doreen’s cards she says something about how whether we do or don’t follow up with a passionate idea, time will have gone by, no matter what we decided.

             Her point being, we may as well do what we love, because that amount of days will fly on past, whether we’ve done it or not.  I like that concept.

             What I woke up with in my head today was THIS SONG (sorry, I can’t do the embedded video).  And this message:

accepting and honouring the ways (and traditions) of others is entirely about love and forgiveness.

             Did you listen to the music?  Written by a true wordsmith, the man is a genius.  And the concept of forgiving, accepting, honouring?  So important.  It’s not even about “tolerating” because that denotes a lesser feeling.  When we truly validate how other people live and work and celebrate, THEN we’ve accomplished something wonderful.  THEN we are a genuine community.

             On our card altar, this guy showed up.  Every time we see him, it makes me smile.  (And want to learn firedancing………)

the fire prince, oracle cards

“The Fire Prince  ~  40  ~

optimism, aggression

When the Fire Prince arrives as your Ally he lets you know that he represents the invisible forces behind all manner of manifestation, and he brings you the gift of optimism.   You will be rightly inspired to move forward and take confident and assertive action to reach your goal.

Envisioning the path of highest good with an optimistic outlook, the Fire Prince also brings you the gift of a miracle.  Things come together as if by magic to create the reality you seek.

You have every reason to be hopeful.   Move forward, knowing that you have everything you need and more.  Just remember to share the enthusiasm, believe in others, and be optimistic for them, too, and your good fortune will multiply.”

             Doesn’t this just give us such a hopeful and inspiring sense?  Much like our Bat message from yesterday, we actually CAN fly!

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Mileage:

was just to pool class and back, for 3.870 miles, in 24 minutes 55 seconds, with a very misty and getting-dark average pace of 9.3 MPH.

             For the month of September I rode a grand total of 158.315 miles, bringing our Year To Date number up to 1229.636 (an amount I cannot actually comprehend when I try to envision it pedaled by my very own stubby legs).

New Month Calendar Page:

is this one from my Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” edition, in our upstairs hallway.

affirmations, calendars, louise hay


             The illustration page says, “I am an individual expression of Life.”  And down the right-hand side, we have this:

“I am a light in the world.

I follow my inner star, and sparkle and shine in my own unique way.  I am a very precious being.

I have a beautiful soul, outer body, and personality.  But my soul is the center.  My soul is the part of me that is eternal.  It always has been and always will be.

My soul has taken on many personalities, and it will take on many more.  My soul cannot be hurt or destroyed.  It can only be enriched by whatever its life experiences are.

There is so much more to life than I can possibly comprehend.  I shall never know all the answers.  But the more I allow myself to understand how life works, the more power and force I have available to me.”

             Yep, this one’s really good, extremely uplifting, in several ways.  I like the movement of that drawing, too.  Helps to remind us about our limitless journey, and that potential for flight.