Divine Positioning

             This afternoon I carved out a couple of hours to spend time in the company of a like-minded soul.  It was a mundane errand cloaked in joy.  We made our own fun.

             He and I know that we’ve wandered other lives together, wearing different bodies, but still the same spirits.  We are planning some more afternoons.

             What’s been in my head, even before today, humming loudly, is how we find each other.  How our paths cross at exactly the proper and correct moment.  At that point in both of our lives when we need each other the most.

             This is connected to last week’s message, because it’s still focused on Time, but now, it’s also about

the placement.

             That old cliche of being in the right place at the right time, or even, the wrong place at the wrong time, is not valid.  We are where we’ve PUT ourselves when we need to be in that place.

             Right place, or wrong place.  That’s a construct not known on the plane we all come from/return to.  Good time, bad time, same idea.

             Is the place or time benefiting to us both, to us all?  Then it’s good, even if, by some standards, it might seem bad.  The trick is to relax in to the plan we made before we put on these bodies; tune in to the blueprint, and allow ourselves to make these soul-connections, the remembered friendships we’ve treasured before.

             Another side of this same concept is about letting go of the old, no-longer useful burdens (even if some of them may be relationships).  And, turns out, here’s our validation.


“Smoky Quartz

emotional blockage, negative thoughts, release, grounding, protection

This beautiful Smoky Quartz crystal has appeared in your reading today to help you to release and express the many emotions which you have kept suppressed for quite some time.

There is an emotional cause to all physical symptoms, so know that by acknowledging and expressing how you feel, you allow healing to occur.

Do not be afraid to cry, for your tears will wash away your sadness and restore your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.  There is a jewel to be found in every teardrop.

Trust!  This card signifies that healing is occurring right now.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

go HERE to listen.  It’s the new favorite music for me and grandbaby.  (We did not watch whatever was shown on their video, she’s not allowed screens for another few years.)




Being, not Doing

             We’ve spoken before about counting our blessings and living in the moment.  The entire concept of intention has been on my mind lately.

             Which means it connects to where the Universe wants us to focus right now.

Small Gifts

              My days off from the “day” job feel rare and rushed.  We are still living partly out of boxes, re-buying shit we can’t find here in the new place.  While at the same time discovering items we thought were lost forever.  It’s very roller coaster-y.

              But also, it is fulfilling in tiny and unexpected ways. Projects and tasks DO get accomplished.  It is gratifying to see how far we’ve come, enjoyable to sit and merely BE in this space.

             It is a simple kind of peace, in a wee abode we do not own.

             I am actively practicing my In The Moment appreciation; pointedly, mindfully.  Daily I gather around me the Gratitude Attitude and say my Thank Yous outloud.  It is intentional, and it is healing.

              In the place where our new altar will (eventually) be this is reflected perfectly by our visiting messenger.


“Mouse   ~

Be persistent and inclusive and all obstacles will be overcome.

Mouse is tiny and gentle but no shell is so hard that she cannot reach the delicious center within, and no obstacle so tough that it cannot be overcome.  

As your guide Mouse counsels persistence so you, too, may break through the barriers which block success.  

Vulnerable to many, she must scrutinize and look beyond the obvious to the pattern within and assess the hidden agenda of others.

Emulate Mouse, and your path through life will be safe indeed.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages Oracle Cards by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is to report on my office situation.

             The update is, I now have a desk.  On a freshly cleaned rug, over beautiful (probably 70 plus year old) hardwood floors.

             We couldn’t find (nor afford) an antique Victorian style for me to pull my chair up to, but this one will do.  For now.

             Progress.  It is technically happening.

             (Additionally, there’s a ceiling fan in this room, it is more delightful than I ever could have imagined.  I mean, moving air!)


Recovery Road

             (This post will look like it’s “out of order” but as you read through, you’ll see why.)

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that on Thursday I had (minor) surgery (in my mouth, bone grinding, upper gums slicing, and stitches to put it all back together).  Not surprising that our message is (brief and) somewhat related to that.

             We are all in the process of doing better, being better, and hopefully, making our world a better place.  As we move towards that goal, here is what the Universe wants us to focus on:


             For me, personally, and for us, globally.  There is simply too much fear-based ignorance being spread around as if it were Truth.  How do we fix that?

             We educate, we love, we share, and we aim for health.  Health on every level.  In whatever form it takes for each of us as individuals.

             If that means Self-Care, then go for it.  If it means standing on a street corner and waving signs, do that.  But truly, doing our part is a big piece of how we heal.  Heal ourselves, and heal our planet.

             In the card altar room I was directed here.  The reason is obvious.  For when we are whole and healed……

privacy and healing

“Sanctuary  ~  28  ~

‘Privacy, inviolate personal space, respected boundaries, and taboos.’

The Mermaids Sing:

The mer-world has many beings, one of our most secretive and elusive is (and are) the powerful Melusinas.  The Mother of all Melusinas is a twin-tailed merbeing, part woman, part dragon, part mer, part fey . . . . and she is here to remind you all that there are times when you need to declare to the world, this is my time.  And this is my space.

For you, much time has been given to others, to caring for them, to looking over them, to watching for them, to loving them, bandaging them, soothing them, satisfying them, feeding them – and now it is your time.  

In the legend of Melusina (or Melunsine), it was said that this great queen would have each seventh day and night for her own self, within her sanctuary, in the solitude of a deep and glittering bath, she would turn into her true self, utterly unobserved, and utterly free.  

In the legend, Melusina’s husband becomes so curious he violates his promise to her and invades her sanctuary.  Not only this, he is horrified at who she is, when alone.  Melunsina’s message to you is that you have the right to unviolated time out, time alone, during which you can be free to look, be, sound, dream, and swim as you wish.

True freedom within a relationship happens when each person’s boundaries are respected, when each person supports times for solitude, and recognises the freedom that comes with trust.

It has come time now for your partner to support your space, your privacy, your time alone, and your need for this time to be however you choose to be.  It is time for no-one to invade, or pry out of fear that their exclusive rights to you are being diminished or betrayed.

It is time for your relationship to step up a level, into greatness, where the independence of each, the part of you that belongs to you alone, is nurtured, respected, applauded, loved – but ultimately, left to you to determine.  

Will you ask for this?  Will you take this when it is given to you?  And will you declare these boundaries to be sacred?  

In many cultures men and women, individuals and genders have sacred spaces that is theirs alone.  It is a great taboo for others to enter into that space.  

This is your time.  And may this taboo – this sacred space you set – be held in awe and reverence by all who claim to love you, that by doing so, they will show that they do indeed love the entirety, the multitudes of you, support and uphold your freedom to be your own self.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish





Raw and Real Recognition

             We took the day off, left town.  (I know!)  Heading towards some forests and falls that I’d never seen before.  We’re in a drought, so water levels were low.

             Still, every stop we made was more lovely than the last.  I truly do live in a beautiful and wild place.

lane county oregon

             Here’s what I heard as we explored and rested and snacked and enjoyed:

This is what we get.

             Our adventures are about acceptance and appreciation.  Did we see the ocean on this daytrip?  No. Was what we did experience just as terrific and wonderful and necessary?  Without a doubt.

             And that’s what the Universe wants us to remember.  Here we are.  Because here is where we are currently supposed to be.

             Also, who we are.  We’re doing what we’re doing and being who we’re being because it’s right and appropriate at this moment.

lane county oregon

             It’s a gift.  This journey.  One in which we learn and grow and evolve and experience and share.

             Hold it.  Keep it in your heart.  Store it in your soul.  This is what we get.

Today’s Resources:


and Wildwood Falls.

Today’s Sharing:

is to send you HERE, so that you can see me in action, literally receiving this very message.  And HERE for some pure nature.  Plus, HERE for one more view.



             There are people who strive to live simply, and those who strive to simply live.  This morning I was reminded of this fact.  And the views were not pretty.

            While some folks complain about the difficulties they’re having with their ice maker, others struggle to even get access to any sort of clean water at all.


             While it’s not really fair to pit one extreme against another, the true injustice is that the massive gap even exists.

            Today our message is not about luxury or poverty, guilt or shame, nor is it even about want or dissatisfaction.  It is all about knowledge.  About how being of a mindset which promotes generosity is our best solution.

            We needn’t engage in the emotions of fear or anger, merely, we can know that our choices ripple out.  We can make a difference to the good, or we can be part of the problem.  It’s always up to us which way we go.

             And speaking of a designated direction, our daily draw reminds us of one way to stay on track.  In this case, I’m of a slightly different opinion than the authour.  Neither is all right or all wrong, just as during any point in our lives, it has to do with the individual decisions we make and the paths we walk.


“Discipline  ~  33  ~  Master Teacher

Dedication, Training, Work, Skills

Whatever you desire in life can be created, but only if you are willing to do the necessary work.  That means no shortcuts, no bypasses, and no free lunches.

The only path to success is discipline and consistency.  Fortunately, your Master Teacher is present, helping you develop a heartfelt and mature work ethic by getting organized and becoming practical in your approach to achieving your goals.

             Examine your heart and be willing to do what it tells you – whatever it takes to reach your aims.  If you don’t know what you must do, then learn.  Seek out the help of mentors and guides who specialize in your field of interest.

Study and learn with an open heart and mind, and set your standards high.  You Master Teacher reminds you:

Mastery in any area only comes from demanding nothing less than the best of yourself.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

tells it from yet another point of view.  Go HERE to watch.

             (I tried to embed the clip but it kept giving me the entire playlist, so this has to do.  It’s not long, we’ll wait.)

             That’s my girl.  Up on a stage.  Talking her truth.  And, apparently, the truth of a vast majority.

             (To say that we are proud of our kids would be an understatement of the largest magnitude.)