Two halves.

             Tomorrow night will be the second to last day of work.  Some of us will go in on Sunday to break down the booth.  When we all started this we were told that we’d be working up to the 1st.  Right.

             Much like nearly everything else this year, that statement was not an honest representation of the facts.  No worries, it won’t bother me after this weekend.  Because I won’t be coming back.  Whether the kiosk does or not, no longer my concern.

              I needed to learn some lessons from this experience.  And I have.  I’ve also hired some outstandingly wonderful people.  They are my bonus.  I don’t doubt that they’ll be a part of my life (somewhere, somehow) for a long time.

             This company, however, will not.  I did a damn good job, I’m a great boss.  The management, sadly, has a new toy (an iPad operating system).  It pretty much overshadowed all else.  Including employees, customers, and stock.

             I’m not sorry to see the season end.  Where we need to focus now, is on letting folks know that I’m also a terrific Tarot Card reader, and that everyone can benefit from hiring me.  If my readings can become consistent throughout the year, then I won’t even NEED to look for outside work.

             If this is not the case, I know that I still CAN do the job.  Just not with these people again.

             What I woke up with today talks about that, and about how our path is

similar and different.

             We are made of matter, but our thoughts are nothing anyone can hold in their hands.  We are physical beings, but we are also spiritual.  We learn lessons, and we master our crafts.

             We are all the same, in that we eat and we breathe and we live in a similar way.  But we are all individuals who are vastly different.  When we cross paths with others we sometimes compare stories, backgrounds, experiences.

             These interactions are part of our journey, part of what makes up the fabric of our lives.  Seeing the commonality in each of our Earth brothers and sisters, as well as seeing the distinctive diversity of us all, shows our partnership here in this adventure.

             I was directed to leave our regular rotation earlier, in order to continue this message.  But without the guidebook’s definition.

"Parenting and Children"

Parenting and Children

             We’ve discussed here before the fact of how families are not just those who are related to us by blood.  When I see this card it points to that truth.

             In some form or another, we’re all the children and we’re all the parents.  We are all the students and we are all the teachers.  We’re similar, and yet different.

             The fairies arrived to remind us of how valuable our relationships are.  No matter what label someone wears in our life, they are in our life, and THAT’S the point.

(Adjusted) Affirmation:

I allow my heart to open up so that I can feel compassion and love for all.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue (with channeled additions through me)

Today’s Amazing Event:

was shown on Instagram, but I’m also sharing it here.

flowers for your boss

To her boss (me!) on our last day of working together.
I nearly cried.

             Thank you, Kori, for more than I can say.  You’ll be hearing from me soon, I promise!

             Tomorrow I’ll grab a photo of another amazing gift.  I need one small part to make it complete.

The Right Kind Of Investments.

             Now the Universe is just messing with me, I’m sure of it.  Earlier I tried to boil eggs.  Simple, right?  Not if you are ME!  I had turned the knob and walked off.  Behind me was a dangerous sounding POP-type of noise, and then no more burner warming.

             I moved the full pot to the OTHER working element (but truthfully I held out no hope, that burner only functions when Dan’s standing at the stove, never for me).  Wait wait wait.  Still cold.  And lifeless.  So, I gave up.  The deputy was in the shower, last day of our Weird Week and he’s on his way to work.

             As I put healthy snacks into his insulated purse lunchbox, he came upstairs.  The news was shared.  He began shuffling items around on the range-top.  Still nothing.  We must survive until tomorrow by eating only items warmed-by-microwaves, or settling for cold food.  Fine.  I am resigned.  But sadly, we still can’t actually afford (even a used and less-than-desirable) old/new stove.

             He leaves, I go about my evening.  Arriving down here where the computers live.  But wait, it’s cold.  Too cold.  I am now suspicious.  Did he turn off the family room heat?  I text.  Receive a reply.  He did not.  Ah ha!  There is hope for the shitty cooker!  Maybe it’s simply a breaker.

             In the garage I can find nothing switched, snapped, nor out of place, on our electrical panel.  I text again.  It will be “looked at” if he gets a lunch break tonight.  In the meantime, I go drag out the space heater.  This won’t last long, it’s big freaking room, and this is a small freaking warming device.

             Bottom line?  All is not as horrible as it at first appeared.  I am now in a better (albeit chilly) mood.  Also, we received some welcome news from the desert.  Ready?  She won!!!  My baby girl came out victorious in her first-ever NAGA competitive event!

NAGA winners


            They point the car in our direction tomorrow.  We’ll see everyone at the gym on Tuesday probably.  Really, we couldn’t be more damn proud.  (And relieved, I’ll admit it, I am very very relieved.)

             On our card altar this afternoon, we have a lovely message of Self-Care.  Which might be our latest theme, now that I think about it.

fairie and angel cards

“Inner Child  ~

Just as you take care of small children by listening to them, playing with them, and hugging them, so does your inner child yearn for nurturing.  This card also asks you to have patience with yourself, as you are growing and maturing at your own pace.

If you’re feeling neglected and unappreciated, the most likely reason is that you’ve been ignoring your inner child’s needs.  Just as with any child, your inner child needs daily care and attention.  This includes giving her consistently positive feedback.  Take a minute to hug yourself right now, and tell yourself (mentally or aloud), ‘I love you!  You are wonderful and perfect!’

Take some time today to play. . . . Your new daily habit of ‘taking care of the kid within’ helps you feel more youthful and vigorous, and will ultimately make you more productive.  You’ll be filled with fresh, new ideas, and your friends will soon be telling you how young and refreshed you look.


I invest in myself by taking regular time to let go, play, and have fun.”

             This time I did the substitution in the body of that definition   It felt right.  Not sure if maybe I should have also done a cover-up on the illustration, too.

              Oh well.  Moving on.  The point of the message is lovely.  We truly do need to pay attention to our inner needs.  For me, that means reading great books.  (And sometimes baking.)  Right now I’m on a Sarah-Kate Lynch spree.  Thanks to Judy.   Oh yeah, these stories bring JOY right in the damn door.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue