No limits, reasonably.

             Our message arrived as a jumbled mess.  I’ve been thinking about it all day, trying to sort the words and feelings into some kind of cohesive expression.

             What I saw and felt was a mixture of how we’re all very different and we’re all essentially the same.  Not a new idea, but one that we can always stand to revisit.

             But then, there was more.  More to this, more that continued to feel disheveled.  Like a bad hair day.  Only, on the inside.

             Partly I am bothered by this because there were some conversations around the interwebz lately that not everyone is “allowed” to be themselves.  Like, it’s not always safe to just be who we are.

             I don’t believe our world can continue with that type of unfortunate statement being part of our truth.  If we cannot strive to reach higher, learn more, and be our complete and true honest self, well then, we need to change some shit.

All varieties and options, 

in a hate-free state.

             We can be the catalyst, me and you.  We can be the light for those who feel stuck in the dark.  We can lead by example.  For every negative, complain-y thought, we can show how to switch over.  How to pour lovingkindness on it.  All of it.

             Here’s a good way to get started.  Back within our regular rotation around the card altar, let’s begin by focusing on this.

clarity crystals

“Stichtite in Serpentine  ~

meditation, clearing your energy centres, detoxifying your thoughts

Fear and negative thoughts are preventing you from experiencing peace and joy in your life.  They are blocking your creativity, and as a consequence, your life seems dull and dreary.

You can change this situation by consciously choosing to love and trust the universe instead of fearing it.  Sit quietly in meditation and invoke the healing power of love, imagining yourself bathed in beautiful healing light and energies.

Visualize all the colours of the rainbow swirling within and around you.  Feel these beautiful healing colours flowing through your mind and heart and imagine your thoughts being infused with eternal light.

Practice this each day as it will help transform your negative and fearful thoughts to positive inspirations.

There is nothing to fear, you are eternally surrounded by love.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Healing Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Universal Truth, via Cheryl Richardson:

diets don’t work because feelings won’t disappear with a food plan.


Energetically Low Stress.

            Some of my favorite days are when I never even get dressed.  I love just being home in my jammies on do-nothing days.  Of course, my hanging around The Burrow, playing with our Flock, and reading awesome library books, does not actually alleviate* the current ongoing financial concerns.  But hey, otherwise it was mostly stress free!  And bonus, I took pictures to share with you guys. 

           When J.D. flamingobombed our yard for my birthday, he set up the flock in a (as far as I could tell) random configuration.  They just needed to be out there, and obvious, for the “look” to be right, and dramatic.  But I knew at some point I’d want to move ’em around. 

               The original pair did that on their own, mysteriously and whenever they felt the urge.  (Right.  Or course I know that my Beloved moved them.  Leave me and my yard art fantasies alone okay?!  Because it’s totally possible that he was NOT moving them, and that they DID just roam freely of their own volition.)

              The new ones are slightly smaller than our veteran duo.  What Jade and I noticed right away was that each couple are sort of mismatched, or in boy-girl configuration perhaps.  One has a more up neck pose than the other one.  This afternoon I mated them all.  Some are same-same pairings and some are as they originally arrived in the box, one of each.  Also, I put one old bird with a new bird.  Just because I could.  (And because we are a Hate Free and Judge Not Zone here.  Be it people, snowfolk, or flamingos, all are welcome to love and be loved.)

            I spent some time rearranging honeysuckle vines too.  On the front fence (where they are doing really well on one side of the gate, and sort of just-barely-coming-along on the other) and on the back deck where they are growing their freaking brains out and look fabulous.  Sadly, we had another die-off on one of our daphne branches.  That’s very concerning to us, we love that damn shrub.  I just hope it’s not diseased or something horribly bad like that.

            We have come back around to our Crystal Oracle deck on the card altar today, and even if, as is the pattern, this photograph doesn’t do the stone justice, this one is still striking.  It feels so strong and beautiful to me.

“Calcite  ~  vitlaity, energy, enhanced memory, study, communication, expansion.

Your energy levels are on the increase and you will soon feel a new found sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life.  An exciting new venture is in store.  You will find yourself communicating your ideas and feelings to others with clarity and certainty.  People will pay attention and will want to be part of your venture.

Calcite is also about the expanded awareness which stems from knowledge, study, and learning.  This magical crystal will assist you in your studies and enhance your memory.  It will also help you put your knowledge to good use in ways that expand the possibilities for your life.”

            Oooh, I love it when we get a theme going!  Great confirmations for what we’ve been getting the past few days.  Nice.  Has everyone written down their affirmations and carried them around all day? 

            I mentioned this in the comments earlier, but it keeps popping back into my head, so it seems to need addressing further.  When we get these reminder messages, be they about gratitude or forgiveness or whatever, they are meaningful in that moment.  But, we can keep the forward momentum going when we bring them back to our minds by reaffirming the words throughout our day.

            Just by jotting them down, and making them the most important item in that one minute time frame is beneficial.  And the more we do it, the more times we vocalize or think the affirmation, the more power we give to it.  Until its time is over and we move on.  Sometimes we keep them with us for days, and other times we only need them for as long as the Post It adhesive lasts.

LateNight Links:  in the Important Women blog roll you may have noticed a few additions.  One in particular is for our new friend Melissa.  I am current over there now, and found this post on Loving A Writer in her archives.  She discovered it someplace else, and shared it with her readers.  I am generously passing it along as well.  Be sure to check in with Nan and Robena too.  Nothing stays the same, I do update occationsaly, so all the extras around here are worth keeping an eye on.

        (*No seriously, doesn’t anybody want to buy a gift certificate or have their cards read this week?!  Bad words stitched up, personally from me to you, in a lovely and aesthetically pleasing manner?  Anyone?!)