In my head lately has been very much a “perspective, appreciation, gratitude attitude” mantra.  It’s like chimes, ringing and singing.  Over and over.

             As I look around at what hasn’t been finished, at all of the numerous tasks still incomplete, the enormous amount of unpacked boxes, the precarious stacks of not-put-away household items, it all feels defeating.   But that truly only lasts a brief moment.

             Almost immediately, like right away practically, I hear the sounds of “change perspective, appreciate what IS done, embrace the endless small gifts and blessings” in soft gentle tones.  I am uplifted, and not quite so overwhelmed, as I tune in and set aside the unnecessary concerns.

             In fact, this post is an entire day late because in our moving the cord to charge my camera battery has disappeared.  I can’t upload anything, can’t take photos.  I’d use my phone, but this PC is so old that the process for downloading images no longer actually works.  So.  I stopped worrying about it all.

             Today, as we sorted and cleaned, donated and stored, we came across three playing cards.  I found an image on-line of the one which fell out first, and face-side up.

Ace of Clubs, or, in the Tarot: Wands

             This sign of new life validates all that I’ve been hearing, it goes perfectly with the messages I’ve been receiving.  An Ace is always a new start, and with Wands, their very definition is primal energy, inspiration and spirituality.  This suit personifies intuition and creativity.

             One of the most distinct things the Universe wants us to know is that nothing is black, nothing is white.  All of everything blends and melds in shades of gray, tones of color layers we can see reflected in nature.

             Especially as we move towards Beltane, the fiery and explosive holiday of Life’s celebrating all that is wild and good and beautiful.  We can see it out every window, in every yard and park, there is life, there is hope, there are the blessings around us.

              All we have to do is observe and appreciate, welcome and participate.


Reflectively and with Care.

             Today’s the day.  I am going to share this new project with you.  Ready?  It’s super simple, but it works.  Also, it will take maybe as many as two full minutes of your time.  I think pretty much everyone can spare that.  (I hope so, anyway.)

             It appeared in front of me as a video clip of Louse Hay being interviewed.  (If you don’t know who she is, go HERE.)  Yesterday’s were simply the latest in a run of synchronistic Louise connections.  I watched the video, and knew that I had to try this.

             This is what she said, in response to the question about what she recommends for others to live a better life:

             “I used to suggests lots of things, now I just say one.  That one is to love yourself and expect to be happy.  Every morning, as soon as I know I’m awake, I thank my bed, my covers, my pillow.  Then, before I even open my eyes or get up, I say ‘today is going to terrific!’ or ‘wonderful’ or super fabulous.’  Just whatever positive thing that pops into my head.  THEN my feet hit the floor.

             The next part is quick, I just glance in the mirror and say, ‘Louise, I love you!’   After that, I go pee.  And begin the rest of my day.”

             So.  There it is.  The way SHE gets going and makes sure her life is full of joy.  I’ve been doing this, exactly as she said, for about a week or so now.  I like it.  A lot.

             But in my case, I have to wait for the message to come in.  And I don’t say Louise, obviously.

             Now, you try it.  And report back, in a week.  Let us know how yours goes. Because honestly?  I absolutely saw a difference.  Did I still have challenges?  Oh hell yes!  However, my handling of them has VASTLY improved.

             Today, I had the words of this message, then I lost them.  So I thanked the bedding, and the warm bag of water I sleep on, then waited for it to come back.  Oops, I dozed off.  But that’s okay, nothing says you can’t start over.

Observe with Compassion Eyes.

             Which, to me, look sort of like rose-coloured glasses, only much more beneficial.  When we begin from a place of caring, draping all that we see with lovingkindness,  we are not only better prepared for when shit goes sideways, but we just simply feel more joyful.

             Back within our regular rotation at the card altar, the draw for today is pretty, but not one of my favorites.

self-care, relaxation, oracle cards

“Relaxation  ~

Allow yourself to be lazy.

It’s okay to ‘do’ nothing.”

             Let’s rephrase that, shall we?  Since “lazy” has such societally negative* connotations  I’d like to attach a more appealing and positive definition here.

*This is a word that never felt “bad” to me, and I never understood why people didn’t like it.   But then, I have the energy of a comatose sloth, so perhaps it’s a personal issue.

Relaxation  ~

We are allowing ourselves to take some much deserved ‘me’ time right now.

It’s okay to sit quietly, to go within, to examine where our mind needs to wander.

Today is the ideal time to rest, and contemplate, and be in a calm, safe state.

             There.  Much better.  More peaceful and spiritually fulfilling.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Mileage:

was a record of running three errands on the bike, in the glorious (but exceedingly cold) sunshine, 8.880 miles, for 51 minutes and 38 seconds of pedal time, with a brisk average pace of 10.3 MPH