Persistently Cyclical and Occasionally Damp

             You’ve probably heard of the idea that life is a boat ride, the world our river (or ocean).  We are rowing along, doing the work, navigating as best we can.

             Water, sometimes roaring rapid-like, takes us for a ride.  Not necessarily “off course” but certainly in directions we hadn’t thought we were headed.  Perhaps we never aimed our craft over there, at all.

             And yet.  Here we are.  Bobbing in the waves, floating about, where we had no clue we would end up.

             This is what the Universe wants to remind us:

tides and currents.

             Much like the saying, Time and Tide waits for no person, we are not always in charge of where we sail.  Nor are we the ones who get to decide on when to tie up safely and wait out the flash flood or tsunami.

             I mean, we ARE.  Or rather, we were.  When we set this whole shit-show in motion.  But, we weren’t actually HERE, wearing our meatsuits and living this physical life, sitting in a dinghy being tossed and splashed.

             And now that we’re rowing merrily down the stream, not every single part of it is truly a dream.  Some of it is downright nightmarish.

           Which is where the whole Acceptance Lesson has to be revisited.  We just need to sit back sometimes.  And let the water lead.  Go gently along, where our little rivers and tiny seas need us to go.

             It’s not always an easy choice.  In fact, it can be extremely challenging.  We have the strength though, I know we do.

             And, look at what our validation is saying.  We can always pick up our boat and portage until a new option appears.  It’s all about the opportunities.

rowing our boat


Reconsider a commitment.

You have the right to change your mind.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Personal message:

is to say that I’m down to only one job now.  I had a day off.  I rested some and I socialized some.  Beginning my new work week on Friday, I’ll keep you posted, and take some more pictures.




Comin’ Out The Other Side.

           We are going to start off with our card this afternoon, because we need to.  It’s the main message of the day, and one we all have to hear.  (Also, it won’t leave me alone, it’s been in my head since I first flipped it over.)

The Tower  ~  reversed (yay!)

Our Towering is over now, but we will continue to experience some Roller Coastering because in 2 days Mercury turns around on us.

We all know that The Tower is a bitch.  It means that the way we THOUGHT things were are so not any more.  It means that what we were counting on is now gone.  It means our very foundations have collapsed.  But…. when we get this card as a Challenger, it’s really positive, because it is showing up with a tweak, a movement.

 It is moving past us now, moving on after having caused whatever problems and chaos the Universe thinks will teach us the lesson we need.  Reversed cards are signs of cyclical motion.  Which is exactly how we are going to ride out the next few weeks in Retrograde.  We will be able to skate along with only a few minor bumps in the road, a few minor construction cones in our path.

Sure, crap is bound to come up, it’s Mercury going backwards for gawd’s sake!  And it’s the freaking Tower!  However, since we know that we are going to make it out the other side, only moderately singed and only slightly bruised, we can endure.  We can count on the fact that our Towering is behind us. 

Yesterday’s illumination brought us much hope and enlightenment.  We will keep that in mind as we coast.  Gently stepping around the landmines, delicately picking our way through the ruble and knowing that we will be FINE!

For now, the worst is behind us.  Just ya know, watch  your step.

              Okay, NOW I can go on.  Although, I don’t have much today, only went two places.  It’s really summer here now though.  Plenty of construction still and some heat on a regular basis.

            I saw one Foreign License plate while I was out:  Minnesota.  And went to my last pool class of the season.  It looks quite hopeful that we’ll be back in the fall, which cheered me greatly.  I offered my own wee self elf as instructor, if it would help with the budget issues.  We’ll know more in October.

           Tomorrow Daniel and Axel and I (along with Max and Emmy this time) head back over the hill to finish the tree work at my mom and dad’s place.  (I feel better about this now, it really was dangerous and really was suffering.)  Dan’s vacation is nearly over so we have to get as much done as we can before he goes back to work.  I picked  up some more movies for us to watch tonight and tomorrow, will let you know how they were.  My selection was just as varied as last time.

            Empress has a job interview on Tuesday, so keep her in your thoughts.  If this is the place she needs to be then it will go smoothly, if not, we keep looking.

            One last thing, then I’m back to the stitching chair.  I’ve had some questions lately (again) about totems and guides.  The quick answer (until I can go back through The History Quilt and find where I’ve written about this before, or one of you guys can locate it) is that we all have a Team.

           Our personal Team consists of a Primary Guide and a Primary Totem, with some personal angels along for the ride.  These are beings we sat down with before we got here, before we put on this body we are now wearing, and all agreed to work together.  The animals have more of a Universal soul consciousness, and I’m not always as good with picking those out individually (without using the cards) as I am at seeing guides and past lives.  But I do know that we all have them.

           I also know that we all have loved ones on the Other Side who we can call upon to help us out.  When people talk about being alone, it’s not the truth.  We are NEVER alone!  We all have a Team and we all have folks who watch over us.  All of them are available.  The only thing we need to do is ask for their assistance.  Outloud, quietly in our heads, as we pray or meditate, doesn’t matter.  Ask.  They’ll answer.  Every time.