With Confidence

             While I definitely believe in the “if you don’t like it, change it” theory.  I also have to wear this body and live in the real world.

             There’s just been a wee bit too much REALITY in my life the past week.  Sometimes I find it difficult to manage.  I become overwhelmed with it all.

             This is where my being a person of great faith comes in quite handy.  I know, with all of my whole and entire self that where we are, on this planet, in this plane of education, is truly just a stopping-over point.  I know, with all that I am, that we will get to go Home (eventually).

             Here is where this one took me, here is the word that rang out the loudest:


             The Universe brings us reminders:  rainbows after a cleansing storm, babies after hard labor, presents we didn’t expect.

             The gifts are there, the messages being delivered, it’s our job to find them, to decipher them, to accept them, to receive them.  To be grateful for them.

             Often we struggle.  And that’s part of the process, too.  But in the end, we heal.  Sure, we sometimes go on to cycle around and have similar challenges.  That is another level of our lesson, spiraling ever upwards in our quest for Improvement.

             The WAY we learn, the WAY we manage, that’s key.  That’s where we are better able to see our path, to use our tools, and find the peace we seek.

             I was directed to this lovely validation.  When turmoil seems never-ending, we must remember that the solution will always arrive.

louise hay

“I am at Peace

Divine peace and harmony surround me and dwell in me.

I feel tolerance, compassion, and love for all, myself included.”

             At our own discretion, obviously.  Some folks maybe don’t warrant any kindness, currently.  But, WE sure do!  (And I, personally, am entirely at Peace with my decision to grant compassion where I see fit.)

Today’s Deck:

Power Thought Cards by (the late, great) Louise Hay

Today’s Inspiration:

is a view I found on Instagram, it’s both D.I.Y. and spiritually uplifting.

path to peace

The rocky road home.





Truth, and Farewell

             Here’s the thing about living our lives in these bodies on this planet, doing it with genuine care and honesty just cannot be stressed enough.  Because if we don’t, we are cheating everyone.  Beginning with ourselves.

             The messages that I am supposed to deliver here every day, usually arrive in my sleep.  Today, however, I’ve heard from a different source.

             I found out this morning that an internet friend, and LGBTQ advocate, crossed over last week.  He died peacefully in his sleep.   See, LIFE is what we need to appreciate, right damn now.

            Matt Kailey was an awesome individual, on so many levels.  He was outspoken and beautiful.  We’ll miss him here, but I know that he’s glad to be Home.

             He lived his life with integrity, and shared his lessons along the way.  If part of what we are to do here is to be a role-model, he succeeded.  In a big and powerful way.

             On our card altar today, back within our regular rotation, that same message of openness has arrived.  In the form of how we transition, from living shielded (or in fear), to embracing life openly, in exactly the way that suits us best.

7 Swords (reversed)

7 Swords

             Swords, as you already know by now, are words.  They are thoughts, and they are laws.  They are written down and they are spoken aloud.  They are of the Air, and all that this entails.

             When we are not honest, when we hesitate because we care what others may think or say, then we are giving our genuine truth away.  We are false.

             Lovingkindness begins with ourselves.  Once we establish our Self-Care, we are better able to pass it along to others.  The Universe is telling us now, not only to appreciate what we have (and stop worrying about what we don’t), but also to live in Joy.  As we are.  Truthfully.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Personal Note:

is two-fold.  I’d like to say Thank You one last time, to my friend Matt.  (See  you when I get there.)

              And I’d like to wish Cher a Happy Birthday.

Physically Caring.

             Let’s catch up, shall we?  To be perfectly honest, the fudge got eaten, not photographed.  Because it’s always SO damn good.  We stop at the same (excellent) place, year after year.  This time?  She recognized and remembered me.  It was way cool.

             While in Portland, we had time to see THIS EXHIBIT.  Mentioned by my son, as we were texting while his father and I drove out of town.  It was amazing.  Touching.  Strange.  Educational.  And fabulously human.

             Afterwards, we poked around in the gift shop briefly, coming home with only one item.

touch stones

Sometimes it will be there, on our card altar, and sometimes it will be in my pocket.

             It’s a rose quartz, shaped like a heart, that says LOVE, with a smooth indentation in the back.  It is, literally, a touchstone.

             Waking up today, I thought of that new sacred purchase, as I stood at the sliding glass door and KNEW my ghost from last night had gone Home.  Gay and Karen were there helping her find her way, and find her Team.  Then I heard this message:

when we mourn “actively,”

it helps release toxins from our bodies so that we heal faster.

             Then, our daily draw turns out to be one of the most healing and compassionate cards.  Just looking at her image creates a sense of calm.


Queen of Pentacles

             Even though she is of the Earth, she brings with her emotions and feelings.  Tenderness and caring.  Mothering and health.

             She does designate material wealth, but also blessings of a different kind.  Those we gain when we reach out and share ourselves with people we care about.  The type of physicality that is natural in our relationships with loved ones.

             This Queen lives in a lush and pleasant place.  She brings with her abundance and an ample bounty.  Prosperity that she shares freely.

             We have a tactile history in our treasured moments, those times when we gather with our tribes, our clans, our families.  As we’ve been reminded lately, keep those memories close, but also, allow them out, graciously spreading the riches of our hearts, our souls, and our selves.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

 was downtown and back, for an appointment and an errand, in the sprinkling muggy rain, for 8.964 miles in 50 minutes 24 seconds, at a not-too-bad pace of 10.6 MPH

Today’s Sharing:

is really a view from yesterday morning (yes, actual before-noon-morning).

water birds, great blue heron

Great Blue Heron

             RIGHT out my window.  Later, as we drove up the coast a few miles, I saw another one.  Then I saw the sign (with the bird’s symbolic image), marking a viewing area for them, and other wildlife.  Presents from the Universe, each and every one.

FLP Report:

includes some from today and some from the last part of our driving, New Mexico, a new style of Alaska, Iowa, super colorful one from Maine, two very strange Washingtons, an Ohio, and two more from B.C.

Cosmically, Commercially, and Relationship-ly

             One of the bright spots of my day is checking in with on-line friends and seeing what they’re up to.  I’ve cut out many of the places I used to go visit, having pared it down to just those folks I truly care about.  One such person is Kate George.  Some of us have taken to calling her Kewl Kate because she is outstandingly awesome.  Also, she writes books.  Good books.

            Right now she’s working on getting another one into our hands.  And everyone can say they were a part of the process.  Please go HERE and see what her new idea is all about.  (If anyone local would like to read her first two books, I have them, and would be willing to share.  Both of those links above also provide purchasing information.)

             With this planetary shitstorm we are under, I feel as if we need to do what we can to support those we care about.  Neither Kate, nor I, would ever ASK for help unless it was really necessary.  But what I’m learning is that it’s okay to share ourselves and then allow the support to appear.  Especially now.

             My day this afternoon had a delayed start.  And it went a different direction than I had planned.  Which is simply the way of things right now.  I’m working on accepting that, and embracing the movement.  As well as the beginning/ending quality that all of this turmoil has set off.

             Which brings me to our daily draw.  It is welcome, and even though a bit sad, it also has the over-all feel of power.  (I am simply ignoring the illustration.  Entirely.)

oracle cards

“Goddess Of Oneness  ~

Someone you love is thinking fondly of you at the moment.

Remember that love  is not restricted by time or space and you are forever connected spiritually to those you love and care for.  It is understandable that you may be saddened because you are physically apart from someone you dearly love.  Alternatively you may be saddened by a loved one’s recent passing from the Earth plane.

Through this card they are making their presence felt.  They have not left you and will never leave you; they are forever with you in spirit.   The bonds of love can never be broken.  Feel and acknowledge their presence, for they are with you in spirit right now.”

             The number of reminders and messages we’ve been getting from my friend who recently passed is nearly uncountable.  This one is no different.  With one exception, this one is for anyone and everyone who reads these words.  As a gift, from my pal.  She is saying that she’s fine, and so are those loved ones all of you have who’ve gone Home already.

             Signs like this are so very reassuring.  They comfort us, and remind us of all those beautiful moments, months, years we had together.  Those memories are another way of keeping a person alive in our hearts.  It honors them to be thought of with a smile.  And it helps us get through this day, and the next one after that.

             Here’s what made us smile earlier.  (Look at them, just look!  How can you NOT?!)

three small dogs

“Yep, we’re at Granny’s house.
Just hangin’ out.”

             My dad had to undergo an in-office procedure on Wednesday, he’ll return back next week for the follow-up.  It’s urinary related, and he’s otherwise fine.  But we needed to check in today since we’ll be gone this weekend.   It was MOST entertaining to drive all the way out there, with all three dogs in the car with me.

             My mom and I had a great conversation hour, we talked a lot about what I’ve been discussing with you guys here.  She’s very intuitive, and has felt many of the same things we are all noticing.  What we’ve come up with is basically the same message: see these challenges with our rose-quartz colored glasses on, bathe this time (and the world) in love and Tranquility.  We can’t fight it, so we may as well make the best of it.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Affirmation is really Ally’s sister’s food blessing:

Bless the animals, the vegetables and minerals that nourish me.
Bless the hands that tended, gathered and prepared the food.
Bless the cook, the server and the cleaner
Bless us who enjoy the fruits of their labor.

             (Partly because this is so great, and partly because I really need some food help right now, I am NOT doing well in this department.  For the first time in-I-can’t-remember-when, I did NOT walk or splash or ride on this calendar day/24 hour period.  Unfortunately, I keep eating as though I did.)