One of the features of my new fancy-pants phone is daily weather alerts and updates.  Tonight, it says, will be almost dangerously cold.  We brought the basil inside.  And we even purchased a new (SALE!) pot for it.  I hope it doesn’t die before we can eat all the leaves.

indoor basil

Hang on, buddy. You can make it!

             Also, with this arctic blast moving in, I may have to start wearing shoes on the bike again.  Possibly.  Something to think about anyway.

             Here’s what I heard when I woke up today, more think-y things and channeled ideas to consider:

support one another.

              Several blogs that I follow have had conversations with this being a central theme.  We all know that helping others helps ourselves, and even grander, it helps the Universal community.  So I was glad to see this reminder.

             As I stood in front of the card altar this afternoon, I was directed to leave our regular rotation, because we needed to continue the conversation with this message.

angel messages, archangels, oracle cards

“Creative Writing  ~

Archangel Gabriel:

‘Make time to write down your thoughts in a journal, or pen an article or book.’

Additional Message:

‘Your soul longs for creative expression through writing.  I can help you schedule this activity.  Honor any inner nudges that guide you to write.  The writing may be for your own enjoyment, or may be a cathartic experience of self-expression in a private journal.   As you work with your connection to the written word, you may receive Divine guidance to write articles or books for publication.  Call upon me at any time to guide you through this process.’

Working with Archangel Gabriel:

As the messenger angel, Gabriel loves to help writers and journalists deliver healing messages.  Like a loving coach, she’ll urge you to delegate your time and energy toward writing.  Gabriel can also open doors that allow for publication of your articles or books, if you will ask her for assistance.   Most of all, she’ll help you enjoy writing.”

             Do you see how this angel assistance ties in with the suggestion of support? We can be angel-helpers for others, as well as others stepping in and helping us.  Many of us are writers, and many of us struggle with time for writing, or motivation for wiring, or simply not having fun with our writing at this moment.

             Here’s a solution, we can simply call on Gabriel.  And call on friends, and call on family.   Ask for help.  And never set that pen* aside, we all have something important to say.

*Or electronic writing devices, whatever.

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

This Week’s Kitchen Adventure:

will not be a picture of the Froot Loops Krispie Treats I made last night, you’ve seen those.  But instead, you get to witness the result of Dan’s latest infusion project.

lavender and rosemary infusion

We have plenty, if you need some.

             Basically it took three days to make some air freshener.   Which is not a bad thing, it’s just not quite the exact product he was after.  It’s condensed and distilled.  Pretty much.  Also?  It smells delightful.  Just not as intense as we were hoping for.   Totally still useful and we’re considering it a success.

             (But now, we’re out of vodka.)

The Depth of Us.

             Were you all waiting to hear?  Well, your patience is being rewarded. The news of my guests is that Hanna, and Keith, and Indiana all arrived safely.  The Deputy showed up just minutes later, to take a quick lunch break.  This wedding weekend is going smoothly.  With one very sad exception.

             There was a loss in Ryon’s family recently, followed by another passing yesterday.  We are wishing him well in dealing with all of this grief.  It’s a horrible lesson, but it’s one we all understand.  And it’s one that we simply must learn.

             These challenges show up in so many different ways, just as our signs and messages do.  Today I awoke with this in my head:

Divine Devotion:

be mindful of Nature’s gifts and blessings.

             Then I heard that my intention would be: flexibility.  Combined with what we are being shown on our card altar, it makes for one damn big omen.

druid animal messages

   “Bear  ~  Art  (pronounced as Arsht)  ~  

Primal Power, Sovereignty, Intuition married with Instinct  

The card shows a bear near a cave entrance with a mace at its feet.  Such a mace was found by archaeologists near Stonehenge.  It is midwinter – the same time of Alban Arthuan, ‘the Light of Arthur,’ at the winter solstice.  A crown lies in the foreground, and we see the Pole Star shining brightly amongst the constellation of the Plow, also known as the Great Bear or Arthur’s Plow.

Art connects you with the very deepest of your ancestral roots.  Here, at this level, you are in touch with the Primal Mother – the Bear goddess Artio who will defend you fiercely from all danger.  You are connected also with the Bear god Artaois, the mighty warrior Arthur, the guiding Pole Star of the Great Bear.  Your intuition will never fail you, if you will listen to it in the still darkness of the night.

Working with the Bear gives you the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior – like Arthur.  You can find the way to come into your power by marrying your strength with your intuition.  Integrating your primal power with your intuition means uniting your star-power with your animal-power – and both are symbolized by Art, the Bear.”  

             One of the things I love about this stack (and there are many) is the attention to detail in these illustrations.  Look closely and you’ll see intricate carvings, marks, and symbols.  All of them meaningful.

             Exactly like our gathering of messages.  Joined together we are made aware of our human-ness, while at the same time the holiness of our unique essential nature is pointed out.  This journey is not easy, at times it’s downright painful.  But always, it is sacred.  As are we.

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Mileage:

almost went poorly.  We had a huge thunder (with potential hail) storm move in just as I was leaving the acupuncture office.  Thankfully I (barely!) made it home before the downpour.  My day’s total was 5.248, in 30 minutes 44 seconds, with a slower average pace than yesterday (due to high winds, see above mention of incoming weather) of 10.2 MPH.

            The big news though, is not that I nearly got soaked, but that I finally added up last month’s distance.  In July I pedaled a grand total of 138.63 miles, which turned out to be less than June.  However, the Year To Date digits are getting scary high: 985.824.  Say what?!

Last Night’s Kitchen Adventure:

was a very nice batch of biscuits.

home-made biscuits

Cheesey goodness.

            Plus a second run at the Froot Loop Krispie Treats.  That I tried to make on my own.  With moderate success.  Although, I have now informed The Fam, I will NOT be writing a cook book.  This entire MakeTheSameFuckingRecipeFiveTimesJustToFail is an activity I can live without.  ThankYouVeryMuch.

To Ascend.

             Earlier today, here in The Burrow, some tidying occurred.  There was cleaning in evidence.  Well, okay, not like CLEANING cleaning.  Just my version of it.

             I performed a wee bit of fling-the-dust-around activity.  Then I vacuumed haphazardly.  A chair got moved.  Plus I took a few things out to the recycle bin.  (Which, we all know by now, is a big damn deal for me.)  So, the preparing-for-guests portion of my day has been full.

             But, I’m not done yet.  The bedding is all still in the dryer* and needs rescuing (like, the second I’m done typing).  Plus, I ate the last of those Krispie Treats (yeah, they’re better a day later).  So now we need to make more.

*It rained today, because of fucking course I needed to use my outdoor clothes line.

             Fortunately, my intention is awesome in its foresight:  Serenity.   Such a good way to go.  Our message was nice, too.

What we SEE may not always be what truly IS.

             They went together well, and I remembered to take a step back every time I felt overly stressed.  Because ya know, appearances are so fleeting and inconsequential.  Also, no one died.

             On our card altar we have a new one from Denise’s stack.  It made for a Trifecta Of Terrific in my afternoon.

oracle cards

“Exceeding Expectations  ~

I soar into excellence!

Card Meaning:

This is the time to dream big and stretch yourself.  Exceed your own expectations . . . . and definitely exceed the expectations that others have for you.  Envisage that in the days ahead, you will be stepping beyond what others anticipate for you, and so it shall be.

The Universe wants you to know:

You may have been playing small, but now is your chance to dream big.  Expect miracles.  Believe that the best will occur for you, and it will.  Make plans – big plans – for the future.  

Do not act as if you are inadequate in order to make others feel secure.  In the months ahead, you will be exceeding inner and outer expectations.  Get ready to fly!

Questions to ask yourself:

Have I been playing small so that others would not feel insecure?  Am I ready to exceed my own expectations?   What are my true expectations in my life, and am I satisfied with them?


I soar into excellence!”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Kitchen Adventure:

is one of my all time favorites.  I made Daniel drive me to the fish market before he had to leave for work.

Dungeness Crab fried rice.

Dungeness Crab fried rice.

             We have some of the best specialized seafood on the planet,  right close by.  And I could eat it every single day, if that was an option.  This particular recipe is one that Dan has just figured out on his own.

             Stay tuned, we MIGHT be ready for our guests, by the time they arrive tomorrow night.

Truthful Self

             With all of my “improvements” and change-your-brain work, I know that I have come far.  But often, I realize that some shit just don’t get better.  Like my relationship with time, as one fer-instance.

             Not that this bothers me much, because it doesn’t.  I just need to understand what can and cannot be altered.  Me showing up tardy, that, apparently, is carved in stone.  It’s nearly a full week, and I haven’t shared my new calendar pages.  (One of them I just flipped yesterday.)


I rejoice in the love I have to share.”

             This one comes with an affirmation, which I’ve already proclaimed several times (like whenever I walk down that hallway).

“I am a radiant being of love.

Deep at the center of my being, there is an infinite supply of love.

It is inexhaustible.  I can never us it all in this lifetime.  So I do not have to be sparing with it.  I can always be generous with my love.

Love is contagious.  When I share love,  it comes back to me multiplied.  The more love I give, the more love I have.

I have come into this world to be a lover giver.  I came into this world full of love.  And even though I will share my love all my life, when I leave this earth, I will still have a full and happy heart.

If I want more love, then I have only to give.
Love is, and I am.”

             I have never been disappointed in anything that comes from Louise Hay, or her publishing company.  This is no exception.  It wasn’t the selection I set out to make, originally.  But it has turned out to be so perfect.

             When I woke up today, again our message and my intention (aim for Happy ) were right there and ready to applied.  Generously.

Life Force;

doesn’t matter what we call it,

it’s the spark that runs through us all.

             Interestingly enough, I was then guided away from our regular rotation on the card altar.  But, as I read through the definition, not surprisingly.

god and goddess messages

“God Of Reflections  ~

The qualities you see in others are simply your own reflections.

You are giving away  your power because you fail to recognise and acknowledge the many wondrous qualities that you possess.  The qualities that you admire in others are simply reflections of the same qualities within you.

Yet often, you falsely believe that others are better than you in some way.  It is now time to let go of this belief and allow your beauty, talent, and creativity to shine through.

From now on, every time you see beauty in another let it serve to remind you of your own beauty.  If you recognise success in another, check to see how success also exists within you, and so on.

As your perceptions are brought into balance, you become a more effective force in the world and have more impact on those around you.  By acknowledging all the beautiful qualities that you already posses, you open the door to an endless stream of abundance and blessings which stem from the heart of creation.”

             This one is a lesser-offensive illustration, especially if you do what I did, blur your eyes a little, looking only near the top, and just enjoy the nice colors.  Because, on the other hand, the message has terrific promise.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Kitchen Adventure:

was a joint effort.  By which I mean, the idea was mine, the work was all Dan’s.

froot loop krispie treats

We made our own.
Krispie Treats

             The ones at the bagel bakery are better.  But I needed some NOW, and they don’t always have them on hand (also, there’s the whole, it’s going on 10 p.m. thing).  I’ll be checking in with them more often though, just to make sure I don’t miss an opportunity to get the GOOD kind.

             The ratio* needs to be tweaked, as far as I’m concerned.  And it DOES matter if you buy name-brand products.  It does, it just does.

*3 Tablespoons of butter, 4 cups mini marshmallows, 6 cups cereal.  We made half a batch.  And should have used more marshmallows.

All in our minds.

             This whole “life changing” project that I’ve undertaken (again? some more?) is kinda hard.  Most days it’s just so much work.  But once I get a plan set, or an idea going, it’s not too bad.   Like the eating breakfast deal, I’m gettin’ there.

             It might not be in the MORNING, but it mostly happens (within an hour of being vertical, as suggested).  We went out today, and had bagels.  With a dessert.  Of course.

humble bagel

Yes, we took nearly all of it home.

             That roll on the right is a cheesy, spinach focaccia.  Which I plan on having for dinner as soon as I’m done here.  Also, since they were out of the Froot Loop Krispies, I suggested they make more.  For me.  (And then we promptly purchased that chocolate-almond one, instead.)

             Before we’d left The Burrow though, I jotted down today’s message.  Which, once more, arrived at the tail-end of my dreaming time.

It’s best to simply look past/move beyond many minor annoyances.

             In my case, that pertains directly to neighborhood cats.  I can’t WAIT for the backyard fence and planter to be done so that I can let all of the Grand Dogs out there!

             But that’s obviously a personal situation, please apply this wisdom directly to  your own circumstances.

             Still within our regular rotation, the daily draw is one of those that we love to see, and hear.  Supremely uplifting and hopeful.

gold with quartz

 “Gold with Quartz  ~

physically grounding, abstract ideas and inspirations

Several wonderful ideas and inspirations are filtering through into your physical reality.  These ideas and inspirations, which stem from your soul, will help you manifest many of the things your heart has, for so long, desired.

Over the coming days your intuition will be strong and you will have a greater sense of the universal spirit that flows through all things.  Through this, a new found sense of joy and wonder emerges – one which transforms your life.

Give thanks for this blessing and allow it to inspire and illuminate your heart and mind.  Your ideas and inspirations are divinely guided, so trust them!”

             As we were coming home this afternoon, I noticed several yards with one large white stone* prominently displayed in each.  All had a sparkle to them, like the above illustration shows.  It was lovely, and not something I’d spotted before.

*I’ll grab some pictures next time I pedal past.

             When I am shown mundane items in a special or Magickal way, I know that it has significant meaning.  This card today, along with the channeled message, and those decorative rocks, are making a statement.   At times like these, our gifts are obvious and abundant, when we pay attention and listen closely.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was the above pictured outing, going 4.960 miles, in 30 minutes 57 seconds, with a leisurely average pace of 9.6 MPH.  To see it (and please, use that fly-over feature if you never have, it’s highly amusing) click HERE for Dan’s map.

Today’s Sharing:

is a freshly created place to go visit (because we all needed that).  Remember when my out-of-town kid edited that on-line mag?  Well HERE is something new.  The tag-line says it’s:

A tumblog about Seattle. Politics, drinking, obscenities, cute animals. Brought to you by a trio of mouthy broads.

             Even though none of us actually live IN that town (I know, some of you are VERY close) let’s all support Hanna, Alex, and Sarah by checking in from time to time.