Synergy and Promise

             Since I’ve been delivering messages on a weekly basis rather than daily, I sometimes get information before I have a chance to sit down here and share it.  I walk around for hours with the same word repeating loudly in my head.

             For the past few days all that I keep hearing is this:


             And then, a few days ago, I was fortunate enough to sit down with two beautiful women here in town.  Definitely a sort of “sisterhood” feeling. We talked a lot about how we give back, how we stay connected, and how our lessons are often gifts we can pass along.

             There is “unity” inside of Community.  There is a supportive and harmonious energy when we gather together and share.

             This is what’s on the horizon for me, personally, but it is also what’s in the works for us, in our Universal village.  It’s what we NEED, and from what I can see, it’s exactly where we are headed.

             Here is an uplifting view, source unknown, that I thought was very fitting.   (Because, wise wild dolphins.)



             And an affirmation I recently came across.  Credit to Melanie Beckler, at Ask Angels.

May I see what I am meant to see,

Hear what I am meant to hear,

Say what I am meant to say,

And know what I am meant to know.


For the highest and best good of all.




To Be Of Service

             Unless our paid jobs are directly related to the medical field or police services, we’re unlikely to find ourselves actually and literally saving someone’s life.  Unlikely, but not unheard of.

             But we know that small bits add together and make a larger whole.

Rendering Aid

             Today we are talking about making a difference in our lives and that of those around us.  We begin with self-care.  Obviously.

             When we are well, we can help others.  When we take the time to nurture ourselves and start from a solid healthy place, we are better able to lend that aid, tend to the comfort and care of those who are important to us.

             It, like so many of our messages, sounds so simple.  But, also like so many of them, it’s not easy.  (Is it EVER?!)

             Our culture does not value the immeasurably fantastic (and necessary) act of “resting” as it should.  Meditation and prayer needs to be on the VERY top of our list.  Good nutrition and plenty of sleep, those are the basics.

             And, when I was directed to return to our regular rotation around the card altar, we were given another item-of-importance from this same category.  It’s as valuable as the Elements.

angelic help

“Friendship  ~

Contact a friend.

When you are mirrored with love,

you see yourself clearly.”

             This isn’t one of my favorite illustrations, but I just now noticed that the sitting-up person on the right has wings.  Which also makes this a reminder, yet another part of being able to help, is asking for assistance from our Team.  And then, accepting it.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

(No such thing as a coincidence!)

Today’s Sharing:

is something that I’ve come across three times in the past week.  Until then, I’d never heard it at all.

F (false)

E (evidence)

A (appearing)

R (real)