To Adapt

             Many of us have difficulty with Change.  “New” is not always better, in our eyes.  (I, personally, prefer nearly everything from before 1900……)

             This past year or so has been nothing BUT upheaval and challenges and different for me, for my family.  But, I’ve also embraced much of it.

             I’m not “better” at dealing with Change, but I am learning the lessons of


             And since our journey here, this life we’ve mapped out, is all about the lessons, it’s beneficial to address our success as well as our less-than-successful experiences.

             There’s no such thing as mistakes, nor failure.  So, all of the aspects involved are worthwhile.  (Some simply feel more positive than others, that’s okay, perception is as unique as we are.)

             The Universe, in Its divine and infinite wisdom, has even given us this gift of validation.  As if to say, “hey, you’re doing well, keep up the good work!”


“Opportunity  ~

Release your ties to the past.

When you let go of the old,

you make room for the new.”

             While I’m not such a huge fan of “new” I do feel willing to accept these Opportunities for the promises that they are.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from  Instagram.

See this #tinyhouse? It's called The Vicarage, and it's some sort of #collectable (from #england, of course). Next to it, for size reference, is a #VotiveCandle. It's no bigger than a medium #pear. I found it in a #SecondHand shop recently. It called out to me (and was incredibly #inexpensive), so I brought it #home. Some days I just walk around the #SmallHouse we live in, enjoying our space, carrying my #vicarage, feeling it with my fingers, and cradling it in my hands. I like the #miniature detailed nature of it, and I really like living here. The two places are similar, linked. New post up, on the website. I'm expressing #gratitude and working to #destress. Join me? #MentalHealthAwareness #ChooseJoy #TarotCards #SelfCare #FromOurHomeToYours

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             I don’t always post when there are updates here; Social Media and I have a complicated relationship.  Sometimes there is crossover, sometimes not.  Sometimes it’s timely, sometimes it’s not.



Adaptability Mode

             We’re going along, la la la, traveling on our path; we think it’s not too terrible.  When, BOOM!

             Something is blocking our way.  There’s an impediment, smack dab in front of us.  We have been stalled, we think.  Thwarted, even!

             This is today’s message.  It’s about the swerve, the detour, and the Road Less Chosen.

             It’s about:


             Is this where we thought we’d be at this point in our lives?  Unlikely.  On the other hand, it’s not the worst spot we could have ended up.

             The Universe would like us to remember that our Journey is just that: an adventure in motion.

             So, wherever the road takes us, that is the correct direction!  Being able to dodge and weave and flexibly maneuver around on our path is precisely the point.

             Go that way, sure! Why not?  It’s okay, if we wander a bit.  That’s our actual purpose.  To explore, to veer off, to learn, and to grow.

             Because this IS where we’re supposed to be, this IS the road we need to travel.  And?  It’s fine.  It’ll all work itself out.  As long as we don’t forget our flexibility, our growth, and our appreciation of the scenery along the way.

             As we return to that beautiful new deck which arrived onto our card altar recently, we’ve been given a lovely and inspiring validation.


“Higher Thought  ~  10

Sometimes in moments of darkness and despair, all it takes to feel better is a decision to lift our thoughts to a higher, more positive place.

Simple actions like seeking the company of an old friend or taking a walk in nature can often help to move us out of a negative perspective, giving us a new vantage point from which to view the current situation.


With my will to work in the light, I lift up my thoughts, to the beauty and simplicity everywhere around me.  I accept, I let go, and I welcome the opportunity to discover the positive side of every situation.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay

Today’s Sharing:

is simply to say that as much as I was opposed to voting by mail when our state first adopted it, tonight I was a fan.  Filling in that ballot (early!), sitting with Dan at our kitchen table, was enormously pleasant and satisfying.

#iVoted #ItsOurRightAndPrivilege


Ready, and Waiting.

             Keeping in mind the fluid and flexible nature of the Universe, and how it opposes rigidity, today’s message needs to be understood with caution.  Because we are NOT being told to be overly structured.  (Even if, at first, it kinda sounds that way.)

             We are, however, being given a suggestion which will ease our human/scientific brains.

Plot, plan, prepare.

             This alliterated recommendation arrived with some seriously unpleasant images.  I was shown views of what could happen, should we disregard the care of others, disregard the emotions and suggestions of those we love.

             For full comprehension of this message today, it will help to accept that our life in this body is exactly where it needs to be.  THEN we are better able to step forward, with a considerate, heartfelt, and über carefully constructed map of where we’d most like to be headed.

             Adding to all of that, this daily draw has arrived, taking us outside the regular rotation around our card altar.  I was very specifically directed here, as if it were an additional piece for our puzzle.

angel messages, oracle cards, patience,

“Patience  ~

Archangel Jophiel:

‘Your dreams are blooming more rapidly than you realize.  Still, they need nurturing and patience.’

Additional Message:

‘It takes time for a seedling to push through the ground and mature into a flower-bearing plant.  Yet, each moment of a plant’s life cycle can bring joy to those who notice its beauty.

In the same way, enjoy the process of realizing your dreams.  Slow down and feel gratitude, as each step brings your manifestation into tangible form.  Notice the lessons and love that spring from every moment that you engage in acting upon your dreams.’

Working with Jophiel:

Jophiel helps us experience more grace and peace in our lives through slowing down and noticing the beauty that already surrounds us.  She asks us to savor and enjoy each moment, rather than hinging our happiness on some future goals.

Call upon Jophiel anytime you feel rushed, stressed, or unhappy.  She will increase your awareness and appreciation of life’s everyday miracles.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is this view, which I posted on Instagram earlier.

Hashtag: StolenFromTheNeighbor'sYard


            Yes, it is lilac season, and I still don’t have any of my own bloomings.  The new (baby) shrub in front seems to be a slow-starter.  We may need to get her a companion.  For now, I’ll just clip from what is hanging over my side fence.



The Depth of Us.

             Were you all waiting to hear?  Well, your patience is being rewarded. The news of my guests is that Hanna, and Keith, and Indiana all arrived safely.  The Deputy showed up just minutes later, to take a quick lunch break.  This wedding weekend is going smoothly.  With one very sad exception.

             There was a loss in Ryon’s family recently, followed by another passing yesterday.  We are wishing him well in dealing with all of this grief.  It’s a horrible lesson, but it’s one we all understand.  And it’s one that we simply must learn.

             These challenges show up in so many different ways, just as our signs and messages do.  Today I awoke with this in my head:

Divine Devotion:

be mindful of Nature’s gifts and blessings.

             Then I heard that my intention would be: flexibility.  Combined with what we are being shown on our card altar, it makes for one damn big omen.

druid animal messages

   “Bear  ~  Art  (pronounced as Arsht)  ~  

Primal Power, Sovereignty, Intuition married with Instinct  

The card shows a bear near a cave entrance with a mace at its feet.  Such a mace was found by archaeologists near Stonehenge.  It is midwinter – the same time of Alban Arthuan, ‘the Light of Arthur,’ at the winter solstice.  A crown lies in the foreground, and we see the Pole Star shining brightly amongst the constellation of the Plow, also known as the Great Bear or Arthur’s Plow.

Art connects you with the very deepest of your ancestral roots.  Here, at this level, you are in touch with the Primal Mother – the Bear goddess Artio who will defend you fiercely from all danger.  You are connected also with the Bear god Artaois, the mighty warrior Arthur, the guiding Pole Star of the Great Bear.  Your intuition will never fail you, if you will listen to it in the still darkness of the night.

Working with the Bear gives you the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior – like Arthur.  You can find the way to come into your power by marrying your strength with your intuition.  Integrating your primal power with your intuition means uniting your star-power with your animal-power – and both are symbolized by Art, the Bear.”  

             One of the things I love about this stack (and there are many) is the attention to detail in these illustrations.  Look closely and you’ll see intricate carvings, marks, and symbols.  All of them meaningful.

             Exactly like our gathering of messages.  Joined together we are made aware of our human-ness, while at the same time the holiness of our unique essential nature is pointed out.  This journey is not easy, at times it’s downright painful.  But always, it is sacred.  As are we.

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Mileage:

almost went poorly.  We had a huge thunder (with potential hail) storm move in just as I was leaving the acupuncture office.  Thankfully I (barely!) made it home before the downpour.  My day’s total was 5.248, in 30 minutes 44 seconds, with a slower average pace than yesterday (due to high winds, see above mention of incoming weather) of 10.2 MPH.

            The big news though, is not that I nearly got soaked, but that I finally added up last month’s distance.  In July I pedaled a grand total of 138.63 miles, which turned out to be less than June.  However, the Year To Date digits are getting scary high: 985.824.  Say what?!

Last Night’s Kitchen Adventure:

was a very nice batch of biscuits.

home-made biscuits

Cheesey goodness.

            Plus a second run at the Froot Loop Krispie Treats.  That I tried to make on my own.  With moderate success.  Although, I have now informed The Fam, I will NOT be writing a cook book.  This entire MakeTheSameFuckingRecipeFiveTimesJustToFail is an activity I can live without.  ThankYouVeryMuch.