Caring for Self.

             When a card’s guidebook gives us a meditation or affirmation, I know that this is something we can use (and usually really need).  We can apply it to whatever personal situation we are in at the moment.

             What I woke up with today is a reinforcement of that same type of knowledge.  There isn’t a person on this planet who can’t take 3 Quick Minutes (somewhere) in their day to stop.  Breath.  Focus.  And be grateful.

During the most stressful times is when we need our Quiet Moments most.

             It also helps to remember that WE put ourselves in to these places.  And WE chose this life.  Because we KNEW that it would be the best way for us to learn.

             On our card altar, back within the regular rotation, this messenger brings us a great way to look at another side of it.

oracle cards, animal messages, moose, self-reliance

“Moose  ~

With self-reliance and measured patience adversity will be overcome.

Mythic Moose, primal in her power, ranges mysteriously alone through the world’s great boreal forests, making her own decisions and vigorously defending herself with sharp hooves and mighty charges.

Moose teaches the self-reliance that develops strength of character and the ability to overcome adversity.  Secure, Moose has no need to rush into love and thereby court failure.  She counsels that you, too, let love come in its own time and so create a relationship of trust, profundity, and true meaning.”

             Not only romantic relationships though, they are talking about all interactions here.  When we practice diligent self-care, that ripple effect is felt in every part of our lives.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is from last Thursday.  Photo credit to Carol, whom we all love and adore and couldn’t be happier to welcome into our family.


This wasn’t everyone, there were at least 6 more people.

             Going around the table  starting with J.D. (who is the closest blurry head).  Moving to his left, with the AWESOME look on her face is Holly, mother of Beautiful New Baby Haiden, daughter of my brother.  You can see Emma in the aqua shirt, looking uncomfortable because she never knows what to do with her face (or body parts) when someone picks up a camera.

              Then Keith, next to Hanna (who I just now noticed is wearing the same color as her sister, but darker and with a cardigan).  Then Dan, in mid-sentence.  You can barely see my eyes, over the brim of my father’s hat.

             Sadly, we just don’t photograph well.  Can’t be helped.