a spark

             My week has mostly been a lot of work.  Also, a lot of work on healing.

             To “do better” or “get better” often we must put effort and energy into it.  I’ve been trying to be successful.  I’ll keep going, keep at it ……

             encouraging you to do the same.

             Our message is simply this:


             On my new front porch, in the small house where we now live, appeared a box.  It was accompanied by a handwritten card.  and this gift.

spark in the dark

             She sent me Light.  I needed it.  Now, I am sharing it.




thank you, my friend, for being there when I needed you most




It’s What We Can’t Do Without

             The most basic (and yet heart-wrenching) Truth of Life is loss.  The endings. They are brutal.

             Of  course they all lead us into new chapters and hopeful beginnings.  But, the fact is, GOING completes the cycle.  Saying goodbye can be painful, on many levels.  It can also, if we focus our perspective, be enriching.

             Here is what the Universe would like us to remember about living and leaving right now:

Before All Else

             What this DOESN’T mean is to put anyone or anything before our own health and well-being.  What it DOES mean is, let’s make sure that we bring lovingkindness to the forefront, always.

             Let’s not forget to replace fear with faith.  Let’s have Self-Care at the top of our daily To Do lists.  What it also means is to Choose Joy, practice gratitude, and generally wear that power of positivity into as many situations as we possibly can.

             I can link to several songs right now, all of which have LOVE as the theme, but I’m fairly certain you have some personal favorites and can locate them quite easily.  Play them now, sing along, feel the strength in that energy.

             On our card altar, this validation appears, as reinforcement.  (Please be extra aware of the last three words.  Repeat it as a mantra this week and you won’t go wrong.)


“Aquamarine  ~  

moderation, energy, tolerance, gentleness, compassion, feminine, goddess

Whether male or female, you can overcome a current conflict by reflecting upon and applying moderation, tolerance, gentleness, and compassion.

These qualities are not a weakness, rather, they are strengths.  What is called for at present is greater compassion and tolerance coupled with a little patience and gentleness.

It is possible to resolve things in an amicable way to create a positive outcome for all concerned.

As you look back on this current episode, you will realise a valuable lesson.  Compassion and tolerance are a sign of maturity and strength of character.

They are qualities which infuse all with love and light.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this view, and recommendation, for August.

Be Here Now

             If we stop only once a day and bring this image to mind, say the words and feel the power, we have given ourselves and our loved ones a gift in that moment; appreciate it, sit with it, honour it.  We’re worth that piece of time, we’re worth that space and that blessing.


Just say Yes.

             Another day of “list” messaging.  So, there’s that.

             I can also report that all of the things I’m hearing regarding the current situation, challenging planetary conditions are beginning to subside.  The energy is (finally) dissipating.

             Which works nicely with what I woke up with today (and what we see later on in this post).

  • affirming authoritatively
  • manifesting
  • stating with positive emotion
  • believing
  • having faith
  • living in a generally positive manner

             When we say an Affirmation outloud, we are speaking to the Universe in a clear and focused voice.  But, are we meaning what we say?

             When we step out into our day with positive intentions expressed, are we feeling it all the way deep down inside?

             It’s important to carry our faith around in a secure basket.  If we lose some bits and pieces along the way, it makes our journey much more difficult.

             We don’t need to belt out every single thing we believe in all the time, but we DO need to practice our lovingkindness as often as possible.  Choosing to affirm in a confident manner, and select Joy diligently, is the key right now.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, here is an inspiring and uplifting validation.

healing protection

“Carnelian  ~

healing, creativity, energy, calmness, grounding, stability

This wonderful crystal offers you protection and healing.  It will help dissolve the sadness you have recently experienced as well as calm your thoughts and ease your anxiety.

Carnelian will also help you to express your emotions and stimulate your creativity.

You are encouraged to take up a creative pursuit or hobby at this time.  Start to express yourself in what ever way you choose – without judgment.  Working with colour will be especially helpful at the moment, for colour can also help to stabilise and heal your emotions.

Over the coming days, you will begin to feel a renewed sense of peace, joy, and wonderment for life.  Give thanks for the wondrous blessings you are receiving.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from our downstairs hallway.

graveyard angel

Photo taken in a graveyard, probably.

             I like the serene calmness of this one.  And, when I flipped over May’s calendar page, I realized just how much I was enjoying the black-and-white starkness of the entire series.


Shining with Power

             We’ve been having some deceptively bright and sunny days* here this week.  False hope?  Or simply HOPE! that Spring will finally arrive?  Either one brings a good feeling while we’re in it.  (But I never forget that it could still snow, several more times.)

*I know, a new header picture is now FAR past due.  Soon, I promise, soon.

             It’s weather, and we appreciate that in all of its guises.  Just as we look forward to each new day as a positive opportunity and a lovely chance to learn.

             The images that were shown to me this morning appeared to be world’s apart from what I saw yesterday.  Definitely joyful for us all today.

That Spark.

             The inspiration which explodes as if made out of fireworks?  Yeah, this is our message.  Look for it, be open to it, stay alert for it.

             Recently I read about how our guides and members of our Team long for us to see our soul selves the way that they do.  We’re made entirely of that same beautifully bright and sparking brilliance.  When we wear these bodies, that energy can be hidden.

             It’s difficult to stay always lit up like a lantern, though.  The dark moments are necessary to be our contrast.  This message is our reminder though, that we ARE that spark, and we DO have those fabulous ideas because they come from the source of ALL the light, of which we are an equal part.  Never lose hope, just like the seasons, never stopping, always going forward.

             On our card altar right now we have an über attractive and fitting accompaniment.  One of my favorite stones, in fact.

lapis lazuli, oracle cards, crystal messages

“Lapis Lazuli  ~

protection, power, expansive thinking  ~

Lapis Lazuli is a highly spiritual crystal that helps cut through illusions and expands your thinking in ways that serve to empower you.  Is it not time to let go of an outmoded way of thinking or a belief system which no longer serves you?

Remember, you are eternally protected; there is nothing to fear, so just be yourself.

You will soon find yourself thinking outside the square and in doing so, you will begin to unlock your true and unique potential.  Be a leader, not a follower – dare to be different, and success is yours!

You have the ability to mentally and emotionally rise above all  you encounter in life, and in doing so, a clearer picture emerges.”

             I love this line, and think that it should be our new mantra:

“Remember, you are eternally protected;

there is nothing to fear, so just be yourself.”

              It just about covers everything we need to say.  Especially now, with the added bonus of carrying the “expansive thinking” spark, too.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Family Update:

is that my Hurricane will be arriving here in The Burrow tomorrow.  She’s coming down to support her sister.  Empress is going to compete in an event this weekend (along with the rest of her group from the gym).  I might be slightly distracted, or rather, MORE distracted than usual  for the next few days.

But this time I have a really good reason……

             By the time this post goes up it’ll be nearly two hours late.  Yeah, I’ve NEVER been this tardy before.  Wanna know why?  Well, let’s blame my parents.

             But in the best possible way.  See, my dad had this brainstorm last week.  He invited everyone who could come (sadly, J.D.’s days off changed, and as we know, Han is a wee bit north of here, currently) over for pizza and Monday Night Football.  The party included me and Dan and Emma and Maxx.  Plus the two of them.  And, as it turns out, several boxes of photo albums and amazing treasures of the family heritage variety.

             When I was 18, my mother’s mother died.  Her father remarried.  He wed his sister-in-law.  This woman’s late husband had been the brother of my grandfather’s wife.  Got all that?  So, my mom’s cousin became her step-sister.  Yeah, it’s complicated (but not as incestuous as it sounds).

             These folks (cousin/sister-in-law and spouse) had a bunch of boxes and suitcases that had once belonged to my grandparents.  Last week, they made the delivery.  Now, we have them.  And they are priceless.  I’ll never receive an inheritance worth money, but I will have these documents, a one hundred plus year old notebook, and pictures.

family photos, found treasures

Some of these I’ve never even seen before.

             The age range is phenomenal (from the late 1800s some of them, to as current as that one on the far right of me and Emma).  I’ll be sharing more as The Deputy scans them and we make sure none are deteriorating.

             THAT’S the reason we just got home.  You are now all current.  Let’s get down to business.  Beginning with our channeled message.

Listen to the voice of your dreams.

             Which could have several definitions and meanings.  I’ll leave it up to you to apply as necessary.  While on our card altar we’ve come around to one that is most interesting.  And has a super cool illustration.

labradorite, oracle cards

“Labradorite  ~

telepathic communication, prophecy, auras, energy

You will soon see that a particular situation, that is causing concern and preventing you from moving forward, is due to fear.  This realisation is, in itself, a breakthrough; by acknowledging your fear you transcend it and a whole new vista becomes visible.  Soon fear will no longer obstruct  you and you will move forward in leaps and bounds.  

As you begin to achieve your goals you will realise that you can communicate with others telepathically and that this form of communication can influence events in a positive way.

By bringing your focus within, it is possible to energetically connect and communicate with everyone and everything upon this planet.  You will gain invaluable insights which will help you focus your attention on that which will be of greater good for all concerned, including yourself.

This is an exciting and wondrous time for you, however you are being cautioned not to abuse this new found gift and to remember to always act through love and for the greater good of all.


At the heart of all creation only love exists.

It stirs within my heart as it moves the earth and stars through endless cycles.

All is interwoven with light.

All is interconnected through love.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno