Learning Lots

             As I sit tonight, typing out what comes through me to you, we’re on the eve of this year’s Full Flower Moon.  And as you know, all of my accounts have the name Earth and Moon in them.  It’s who I am, it’s part of what keeps me grounded, keeps me from floating away, or drowning under.  I am of the Moon, but I am made of Earth.

             I’m also an entirely night-time person, have been since I arrived here in this body (so says my mother).  My granddaughter’s parents are incredibly day-centric, so she doesn’t stay up late enough to see many moonrises.

             One of the clear messages I’ve been hearing this week has to do with how our education is as individual as we are.  We all learn differently.  This is a topic we’ve discussed here quite a few times.

             It will be fascinating to me how this new baby of ours learns her lunar lessons, and what it will all mean to her.  For us, at this moment, it’s about


             We receive some education through the standard channels, but we also are gifted with more esoteric and ephemeral types of scholarship.  Signs, symbols, visitors, the beauty of nature, all of these are ways we learn and grow and become more understanding.

             When we are open and available, these non-traditional methods of communication become louder, more obvious, and much easier to interpret.  We also learn at the pace which is most appropriate for us.  Never too fast, and never too slow.  (Even though, it very often feels EXACTLY that way.)

             As validation, I was drawn to my working deck.  This one is about plenitude and abundance.  We’ll be seeing and hearing more than ever as the moon shines her fullness on us now.  Be grateful, and appreciate this amazing sense of contentment.


9 of Cups

Success and concord, are key words for this one. Feasting times and wishes fulfilled.

This illustration expresses grand indulgence.  It also speaks of pursuing joy and caring for that which we are most fond.  It reminds us to check in on those loved ones who can use a little bit of pampering or extra attention right about now.

We are being reminded that having fun and enjoying ourselves is not a bad thing.  Share that wealth and prosperity, because that’s how we all spiral up, learn more, and help each other.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from Instagram.




We are Challenged, but also Guided.

   For tomorrow, pre-emptive lunar notification: (ha ha, I am not tardy at all this time) The Dark Moon will be at 8:08 P.M. (pacific time)

    Remember me mentioning that I was being visited by a woman dressed in gray?  Way back when I was telling you about The Sun The Moon and The Stars?  And boat loads of shit was just falling down around my head?  Well, it turns out that she was my primary guide.  (We all have them, by the way.   So don’t argue, we live in JulieLand here, and you suspended a few things yesterday.)  The reason she wears a slate-colored robe is because she also sits on The Council (which is an over-seeing body of souls on The Other Side, see yesterdays comments section if “The Other Side” doesn’t make any sense to you).  Her name is Urtha Lun.  Urtha is an ancient goddess, one of the original names of Gaia, where we get the word Earth from.  And Luna is obviously one of the many names of the moon goddess, it’s also the Latin word for moon.  I have cards printed that say UrthaLun (pronounced Earth-uh Loon, which my children find unendingly hilarious) A Witch of the Earth and Moon, and have used this name for all manner of business. 

Why yes, it IS upside down.



I turned the picture around so no one would injure themselves. (Sure I could have turned the card around, but I didn’t think of that until later.)

         Our card for today takes us back to the Hidden Realms Oracle Deck.  But it is presented as a Challenger.  Asking us to address our perception of the power of materialism.  He reminds us to seek value and wealth in the intangible spiritual experience.  This is a time to be aware of disappointment and disillusionment, as that is sometimes the way home to the truth of what’s best for us.  Remember to be compassionate and loving with ourselves as well as with others right now.  Allow The Diamond Dreamer to lead us to the highest dreams for our perfect purpose and true prosperity.