Even if we can’t see it.

             Today went an entirely different direction from the way I had originally thought it would.  Nothing terrible, no one died.  Just WAY off the rails.  We rolled with it.  We made it work.  We kept our Zen Balanced heads.

             I had places to be, errands and chores that needed accomplishing, it was damp and cold, so I dressed appropriately.

historic Tiffany Building

Making a stop in the beautiful
and historic Tiffany Building.

             When I got a chance to see what the card altar message had to say, it made a tiny bit more sense.  (Also explained why we were supposed to get this one today, and not yesterday.)

robin wood tarot

8 of Wands

             There’s a bumper sticker I’ve seen around town that reads, “everything IS in divine order!”  That’s our theme right now.  Shit happens precisely when, where, and how it’s supposed to.  Do we know the reasons for it?  Sometimes yes, but mostly no.  If we’re lucky, and really paying attention, we’ll get to find out before we cross over.  The fact of life is, we WILL know what purpose these events served once we’ve left these bodies behind.

             For our current concerns though, we must trust that there’s direction and design to our wanderings.  This card talks about everything falling in to place precisely when it needs to.  All of those Wands, those Staffs of energy and inspiration, they will arrive at their destinations exactly when they are meant to.

             If we’re feeling bogged down, remember this illustration.  If we’re feeling overwhelmed, remember this illustration.  If we have a sense of crap just flying past at the speed of fucking light, remember this illustration.  All of these statements are true.  Stopping for Three Quick Minutes to focus on WHY our life is going this direction can be amazingly beneficial.  Concentrate on this illustration and ask for help in seeing the purpose which will help you most.

             Once we realize that our path is entertaining, enlightening, and educational, it becomes easier to understand the speed at which our journey moves.  Going slower is perhaps keeping us safe, zooming at a rapid pace is possibly getting us to the next transitional phase, feeling a bit lost or even stuck is maybe an opportunity to sit a while, enjoy the scenery and ask for guidance.

             No matter what pace our Wands seem to be moving right this moment, we need to always keep in mind that it is the RIGHT pace for now.  Be present with those Staves, be conscious of what they represent, how they look, and feel.  Honouring our own progress, at our own rate, is just one of the joyful gifts we are able to observe from this vantage point upon our own individual road.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

has to wait until Dan gets home for lunch, I’ll return and fill it in.  If you’re an early reader, check back after midnight, my time.

Yesterday’s Baking:

home made biscuits

We’ll be taking these to my mom & dad’s house Sunday.
(If there’s any left.)

             This was a kick-ass batch.  I used my new (old) twenty-five cent biscuit cutter that we picked up recently.  Worked like a charm.