The Knowing of It.

             People who do the kind of work I do, those of us who live primarily within a certain believing in our lives, approach “negativity” (for lack of a better way to phrase it) in different ways.

             There are some who just barge right in and SAY it all.  (The late Sylvia Browne was like that.)  And then there are folks who will only provide “positive” information.  (I can think of several examples.)

             I’m pretty sure that I’m somewhere in the middle.  Yes, being more uplifting than downtrodden is just such a happier way to live.  But the honest truth is that every day isn’t filled with dolphins and cake.  (Although, holy shit, would I ever love to live THERE all the damn time!)

             What I saw and heard this morning was less than positive.  However, it reminds us of the fact that when we DO have to handle the crappy parts of life, the inconveniences, the “bad news” -we need to (and can) learn from them.


not malicious.

             Something or someone is not being entirely genuine.  Something or someone needs to be watched.  We must be on our most aware status right now.

             Difficult situations along our path are very much like getting a tattoo.  It’s REALLY fucking painful!  And then, it’s not.  Then, the healing begins.

             As each layer of skin and cells heal, we recover.  We feel better and better.  We don’t forget how bad it felt, but we aren’t sensing that cutting burn so deeply any longer.  We even come out of it with something kinda cool.

             Our history is like permanent ink.  We’ve gained knowledge and we’ve gained respect.  Respect for our having survived.  And that knowledge is a share-able commodity.  It might just help somebody later on down the line.

             This lesson can be offered to any person who hasn’t been through a traumatic ordeal, as we have.  We can say, “look, I made it out okay, you can, too.”  And then we can offer to hold their hand, whether they sit in a chair while an artist paints with color and blood, or they just want to sit, not doing anything at all.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar, we have the perfect messenger for this one (because, of course we do).  Also, allow me to remind everyone how fond I am of huge water birds….. flamingos, herons, egrets, ibises, and yes, cranes.

             Also, like yesterday, we’re going to be looking at both directions.  It’s the correct way to go right now.

druid animal messages

“Crane  ~  Corr  

Secret Knowledge, Patience, Longevity

The card shows a crane fishing in a pool.  Its legs are crossed to show the Ogham letter Muinn, and it gazes into the water, patiently waiting for sight of a fish.  Behind the pool is a cave entrance to the Underworld, and in the evening sky the full moon is rising.  In the foreground grow bitter vetch (Cairmeal from Corr) and bloody crane’s bill.

Corr brings the qualities of patience and perseverance.  The crane will stand for hours peering into the water until the time is right for it to dart at its prey.  Combined with the ability to be patient, the crane conveys the capacity to be focused and to be able to concentrate without distraction.

It brings an ability to guide others into the Underworld, to help them with their transition at the time of dying, or with their journeying in the inner realms.  

As well as conveying an ability to work in the ‘Underworld,’ the crane symbolizes arcane science, or Secret Knowledge, which in the Druid tradition is represented by the Ogham script – the tree language of Druidry.  In its widest sense, learning this language involves learning to read the ‘Book of Nature.’


the crane stands alone for hours on end, simply observing and patiently waiting.  But it is also able to join its colleagues to fly in formation or to dance together.

You may need to learn the right balance between being alone and working with others.  Spending too much time alone can create feelings of isolation and separation.  Conversely, having no time to oneself can be an avoidance of self-knowledge and the uncomfortable feelings of loneliness.

Spend a while looking at your life to see whether you give yourself enough time having both these experiences.  The ‘shadow’ side of the crane is manifested as harshness, meanness, and a nagging, complaining disposition.  

If you find these qualities showing sometimes in your behavior, see if you can experience the deeper aspects of this crane, in which it becomes an animal of the Goddess-as-crone or wise-woman.

Ask yourself to what extent you are denying the wise-woman who has a knowledge of death and the Underworld in yourself, and to what extent your negative behavior may be a reflection of this denial.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS SITE that I am now enthralled with.  Her book was recommended by Alana, so obviously I went immediately to the library and got a copy.  (Now I just need to figure out how I can purchase it.)


Optimistically Intentioned

             As I remarked in our comments yesterday, a majority of the images that I’ve been shown lately have so much to do with hands.  Then last night, Dan and I watched a program featuring a gorgeously rendered cover-up tattoo represnting a healing hand.

             I saw all of this again when I woke up earlier today.  All of this coming together as:

hope and help.

             Living in a perpetual state of “all is well” will perfectly serve to keep everything well.  As our Gardener told us in the last daily draw, when we plant the seeds of lovingkindness, then, that’s what we grow.

             We ALWAYS have help available, and we know this.  Assistance is no further away than reaching out, and asking for it.

             And, as we return to our regular rotation around the card altar, an additional sort of helper appears.  One that is a personal favorite of mine.

animal oracle cards, druid messages, adder

“Adder  ~  Nathair (pronounced as Nah-hir)  ~  

Transformation, Healing, Life Energy

The card depicts a pair of adders.  Druids were sometimes called Adders, and it is possible that the story of St Patrick ridding Ireland of snakes refers to the Druids.  

In the background we see the Druid snake-stone altar in Cumbria, covered in ivy – a plant which, like the snake, is poisonous and yet which also speaks of the mystery of death and rebirth, and of the soul’s journey through the labyrinth from this world to the next and back again.

We see such a labyrinth symbolically depicted in the maze carved on the rock face.  Such patterns have been found in many places, including Tintagel in Cornwall.  In the foreground are ammonite and sea urchin fossils – both of which may have been used by Druids as magical ‘adder stones.’

Nathair offers healing and transformation.  Its ability to glide into the darkness through crevices in the rocks connects it to the Under and Otherworld, and the realm of Death.

It is the totem animal of the Earth Goddess, and also the Sky Father Sun God, and represents our ability to die and be reborn.  The energy that enables us to be born of earth is sexual energy, but this also necessitates our death.

Befriending adder or snake power will enable you to journey through life gracefully and magically, shedding your old life easily when the time comes – whether that old life be of the physical body or of a stage in this present incarnation.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s  Sharing:

is this view of me.  On Main Street.  In the neighboring town of Springfield.

What?! My new-old kitchen stool isn’t the perfect prop for a sidewalk phone photo?

             I broke my own rule of never spending more than 5 dollars for a used chair.  I had to have this one, even though the price was more than doubled.  How could I pass it up? We haven’t seen this style in over 40 years.  It needed to come home with us.

             (Now I’m on the search for another one.  My mom saw mine, and wants it.)

Right now, and right then.

             We went to hang out with Mom and Dad this afternoon, getting home slightly late (duh).  We began clearing out the camper.  In preparation for sale.  Which is sad, but necessary.   Empress and Maxx were along for the ride.

             If you are an Instagram* person, you can see a picture there.  If not, here’s another view.  My mother is not ill, in fact she was so lively that she flung her tiny self into this pose.  The better to show off her sweaters and afghans.

*From their Search bar you can find me under: UrthaLun or my full name (Julie Hanavan Olsen).


Happy, healthy, and cozy.

             She was laughing about having so much in brown right now, then she said, “well, it is fall.  And I’m brown too!”

             Both statements are true.  As is our channeled message.  Earlier, straight out of bed, here is what I woke up with:

directly facing current challenges

ensures that they become the past.

             I kept this in mind while we sorted and tossed.  Allowing my feelings to be there, then releasing them.  If I’d had to spend any MORE time in that camper, I don’t think I could have gotten through it.  But it worked out.  And I’m hugely grateful.

             The messenger who showed up on our card altar was immensely helpful, as well gently encouraging.  And, as you’ll see in the definition, it’s über timely!

Hare, animal messages, oracle cards, rebirth and intuition and balance

“Hare  ~  Gearr  (pronounced as Gy-arr, with an accent over the a)  ~

Rebirth, Intuition, Balance

The card shows the original hare of Britain – the Arctic hare which was later replaced by the common brown hare, probably imported by the Romans from the plains of central Europe.  It is nearly dawn but we can still see the moon in the sky.  In the background stands a dolmen – symbol of rebirth – and in the foreground we can see a lapwing’s nest, with the eggs which were said to have been brought by the hare.  Harebell, hare parsley, and hare’s foot clover grow close by.

Gearr brings us the benefits of balance and intuition, of promise and fulfillment.  The hare is a creature of the Goddess, the moon and the night, and yet also represents the dawn, brightness, and the east.  It is the most adept of animals at shape-shifting: we can never be sure exactly where the hare is – in this or the Otherworld.  It represents intuition, which makes things appear suddenly in our consciousness, like the lapwing eggs of Eostre, that magically appear in the hare’s form (nest).

As representative of the Corn Spirit and the two equinoxes, the hare brings the excitement of rebirth, fertile abundance, and willing release as each creative cycle comes to an end.  With the hare as your ally you will be well able to negotiate times of change, and you will be able to draw on your intuition to guide you through life.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

LateNight Update:

As my father used to say, if I had a brain I’d take it out and play with it.  I just remembered, that you can see the Instagram pics from Twitter.    Which is live on the very left-hand side of this site.  Jeez.  Please excuse my sieve brain.

Satisfactory Saturday.

            There is a nearly measurable amount of comfort in the known quantity, when we return to a calming reality which soothes our unsettled soul.  It can be like coming home, if we ever really COULD go home again (or ya know, time travel), like changing into our jammies after a stressful day out.  Today, and today’s card, made me think of this as I sat down just now.

             Our interwebz issues are not us.  (No shit.)  It’s been confirmed, by an official “guy” (with a business card and truck-with-decal).  It’s a nodal problem.  Or, as I have been saying all along, it’s Mercury, messin’ me up.  On purpose.  Simply because it CAN.  Either way, we wait.  It will be diagnosed and then (hopefully) repaired by the “crew” OR we’ll eventually move past it as the Retrograding fades.  Neither option sounds particularly appealing to me, but that makes not one WHIT of difference.  I MUST wait.   And be patient.

           (Currently we have SOME connectivity, it’s stable at the moment.  I’m being grateful, and moderately satisfied with that.  Best we can do.)

            Let’s just get to our message, shall we?  Then I can show you what I saw this afternoon as I trudged around my neighborhood.

“Raven  ~  Bran  ~  Healing, Initiation, Protection.

The card shows a raven perched on the bare winter branches of a beech tree that grows beside an ancient mound.  This is the White Mount, in which is buried the head of Bran the Blessed, and on which in later times will be raised the Tower of London.

Bran offers initiation, protection, and the gift of prophecy.  What is meant by initiation in practice may be as formal as actually undergoing an initiation ceremony, or as informal as, for example, being initiated into the mysteries of a new post or profession. 

It marks the death of one thing, which gives way to the birth of another.  The power of the raven can also bring you the very deepest form of healing, which is achieved through a process known as ‘the resolution of the opposites’ – giving you the possibility of resolving conflicts that have lain buried in your unconscious or perhaps in your past.”

             This one was VERY right-side up when I flipped it over, but I’m hearing now that we also need to look at the Contrary aspect.

“Drawn reversed, this card suggests that you should become aware of the forces of destruction that exist in your life and in the world.  However much we might wish that destruction did not occur, we know that without destruction there cannot be construction and recreation. 

The raven speaks of the knowledge of the dark and difficult aspects of our life, which is hard for us to understand.  Sometimes we, or our lives, must go through a process of disintegration and darkness, in order to emerge into the greater light of a new morning.   To a great extent our fear of the dark is worse than whatever it is that we find there. 

Drawing this card reversed may mean that we can now come to terms with our own destructiveness – a rage that has perhaps been buried for years – knowing that we have the protection of the Goddess.   Deeper still, it may mean that we can come to a resolution of the conflict of opposites – experiencing the reality that in darkness there is light, and in light darkness.”

              Another mystically connected creature who speaks of the darkness.  THIS is where I’m comfortable.  THIS is the type of message that makes me feel at home and at ease.  As with Owl, I sink into the words of “healing” and “subconscious” likening them to cozy home-made flannel quilts. 

              On my wander this afternoon I saw crows (or possibly ravens, in this case, it doesn’t matter which they were) several times.  On each occasion they just looked at me, then went on about their bird-y business.  It was nice.  To share space with them (or the same one, I repeat, doesn’t even matter) in a familiar area.  What I felt every time was that comfort of home, knowing my surroundings, and sensing I was safe.


           It helped that I began my trek by seeing this wee item.  And engaged in a lovely text exchange with a genuine, and understandingly kind friend.  The combination gave me, again, a feeling of comfort and peace.

             The umbrella got left behind this time.  A mile down the road, my head got rained on.  But not for long.   A new “wind event” is coming, the beginnings of that blew the denser clouds away from me.  I also took that as a sign.

            Much of the clean-up from the last weather happening has been completed, but there are still bigger jobs around that no one has even touched yet.  (Like that huge halfa tree and fence disaster above.)

             In this view you can (kinda) see some remains of a mess that took days to clear aside.  Involving three or more pieces of property, an entire cul-de-sac, and this intersection. 

             My Foreign License Plate spottings have been picking up lately: Maryland, a Dakota (probably South), Nevada, Alaska, BC (wave wave), Vermont (with a big ol’ cougar head on it, Kewl Kate, tell us more about this new development), Nebraska, and Arizona.  Spring Break maybe? 

             Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I have a situation, on the physical front, which bothers me.  I won’t get too graphic here (my children still occasionally stop by and read this), but I do need to describe something in order to explain the next picture.  The deal is: my thighs touch.  Each other!  In two places!  I know, devastating isn’t it?  And just all kinds of wrong. 

           (Although, according to my son, this is a NATURAL state of being for humans.  I was thinking my condition was an anomaly.  And it made me feel bad.  Really, it’s made me feel terrible for about my entire life.  He says that it’s NORMAL.   Hmmmm.  What about my pudgy knees?   Also in the supposedly normal category too?!)

Not so dry mommy.

              Dan said this blow-out is from my legs meeting the bike seat.  Still.  It’s a flaw.  A defect.  In me?  Or just in the pants?  Who cares?  Rain got in yesterday!  (Or possibly it was gutter water that got in.)  I’ll be patching it.  With the same product I used to repair our guest room carpet Max tore up.  We’re fancy like that.  There WILL be pictures!

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Equine Senses.

            (This accidentally posted an hour early, if you are here between 9:45 and 10:55 [p.m. on the 9th], come back later, I’m still editing.  Thanks for your patience.)

             We received an advertising flyer in the mail this afternoon.  It was for hearing loss something something something, none of which I read too closely.  I looked at it, made a joke to Dan that it was addressed to him, because he is REALLY old, and then tossed it into the recycle.  Then I went out on the bike. 

             Our weather is gorgeous right now, so when I got back, Max and I moved the flamingos around, creating a marching walkway for J.D. to parade up and down, when he finally arrives.  We have so many things to discuss that I’ve got a list AND a pile).

              At some point I cut my finger, but didn’t realize it until we were going inside.  (Of course I put Magical Blue Stuff on it.)  You may need to enlarge this photo below, to see the hideousness better.

               We headed downstairs to advise Daniel of all that we had accomplished.  Here is the conversation, as it actually happened.

Me:  I’m bleeding.

Him:  (not paying attention to me)

Me:  You are supposed to say “of course you are” -go ahead, say it.

Him:  Of course you are.

Me:  Now, ask me why.

Him:  Okay.  Why?

Me:  I was rearranging the flamingos.

Him:  (has gone back to ignoring me)

Me:  Don’t worry though, I took a picture of it right away.

Him:  Oh, good.  Wouldn’t want you to miss an opportunity to turn your injuries into blog fodder.

Me:  Exactly!

              Fastforward one hour, he is leaving for work.  I am standing in my spot, at the front door, so as to give him the pre-shift smooches.  (It’s our routine, he gets blessings/kisses on the threshold to keep him safe.)  The dog is at our feet.  I tell him to go outside (the dog, not the husband, he’s already out there), while he has the chance.  Maximum Grand Dog can’t seem to recall how to pee, he is ENTIRELY distracted by the fact that this deputy on the porch had, moments before, been eating some chicken.

            Finally, I say (with big arm motions and everything), “Max!  Go potty!”  He scampers across the deck, where we watch him NOT go any further.  He just stands there, and stares at us.  We both stare back.  But Dan’s eyes wander, off into the yard.  Then THIS conversation happens.

Him:  The flamingos are different.

Me:  (staring at him, with the look of REALLY?! in my eyes)  Yes, I JUST told you that!  It’s how I cut my finger, WHY I was bleeding! 

Him:  Oh.  I heard “I closed the window.”

Me:  I’m gonna go get you that flyer.  You can NOT hear.

Him:  Sometimes what you think you are saying is not really what comes out. 

Me:  Uh no.  (Going inside and closing the screen door on him.)  Go to work, I need to call the hearing loss place.

             Our daily draw is among my favorite spiritual images, and favorite animals.  In real life they are like big ol’ dogs, which is lovely, as well as entertaining, when you get to know an individual one, or seven.  The message here is very similar to our Vision Quest sign from the other day.

“Horse  ~  Each  (pronounced as Ech)  ~  The Goddess, The Land, Travel.

The card shows a gray mare with the chalk hill figure of the White Horse of Uffington, Oxfordshire, in the background.  In the foreground we see mare’s peas (bog-bean) and horsetail growing, and, to the left, horse-shoe vetch.  Carved on one rock is the symbol of a key, and on the other a mounted warrior.  The sun is prominent in the sky above.

The spirit of Each calls us to journey, to travel.  This may manifest itself as a desire to travel in the physical world, or we may be drawn to voyaging to the inner realms.  She brings us energy and speed and connects us to the power of both the land and the sun.  The horse-goddess is patroness of the complete life-cycle of birth, death, the afterlife and rebirth.  By working with the spirit of Each, we will grow to feel comfortable with every aspect of the life-cycle, knowing that the goddess protects and guides us through each of its stages.

Drawn reversed, this card may be asking us to look at the roots of our restlessness.  If we have difficulty settling down, staying in one place, or completing tasks, it may be that we have not fully accepted the flow of the life-cycle and our part within it.  Attuning to the spirit of the horse may help us to connect with our sense of place in the world – with the spirit of the land beneath us and the sky above us.”

             Well that was profound, wasn’t it?  And how very thematic as well.  I had completely forgotten that this one was associated with life-cycles.  Seriously, I adore it when the Universe does this.  It’s so validating, and so over-all meaningful too.

            (It also reminds me of the Horse Goddess card we used to get with that Celtic Shaman’s Pack, very Epona-esque.)

               Tonight I’m going to be discussing another cross stitch project with my son, and I have recently been asked to stitch up three more commission pieces.  There it is, the beginning of that influx we were told to watch for.  Also, I found a quarter on my bike ride today.  More validating signs that what I’m doing is correct.  Whew!

             Here is not one, but THREE, Daily Dog shots for you guys (and for his girl, who is missin’ him super bad by now). 

            (This had to be updated, when it was pointed out to me that, there was one view of Max up there, and two down here.  Apparently, I can’t actually count any longer.)

Posing nicely for his Nana.

             Catching him not moving is tricky, but I’m getting better at it.  Or maybe he’s just tolerating me more.  Hard to say with us.

Hey, that coulda been a cat!

 Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington.

Trifecta Check In:  third day was a good one, until Dan and I had to have a stupid fight over a fork situation in the tub of Toby’s dip slash spread slash snack food.  We need to get a fucking life.  Either that, or spend less time together.