Stability, more.

             Right.  Yeah.  Well, so.  Here’s a thing that’s never happened before.  (And every time I say that, I think, “what else might come up that never has?”)

             We are so VERY entrenched in this double Mercury retrograde phase that the cards aren’t even moving now.  Literally.

             I won’t say we’re stuck, because we aren’t.  We simply aren’t going anywhere at this time.  Because last night I was visited by our Emperor from yesterday.  He’ll be joining us for one more post.

             (Possibly he could leave tomorrow.  But, who am I to know that?  I’m merely the radio, sharing with you what is shared with me .)

             This planetary situation is well and truly a representation of how to appreciate exactly where we are now.  Not what’s gone by, not what’s ahead, but right here and right now.

             Our message is slightly different though, even if our daily draw remains the same.


             We know there’s a sound and comforting foundation beneath us.  But we also need to be aware of the fact that when we are in this stationary stage, we are encouraged to use what is at hand.

             We can still create, we just have to be more thoughtful about our materials and their origins.  Think of it like MacGyver-ing.  There’s nothing else to use, so we may as well set to work making do with the stock we have in front of us.

major arcana

The Emperor ~ 4

             Do you see how his feet are resting lightly on the Earth?  It’s like today he’s saying, “here, you have all you need, reach down and appreciate it.”

             There is a certain security when we know that this is it.  We don’t need to keep peering around for what’s next.  Because right now, there IS nothing else.

             To build and to craft with limited resources takes skill and ingenuity.  Which, since he’s still here, he’s saying we obviously have.

            For me, it’s an ecological choice, too.  The more we don’t purchase, the more we are showing with our actions how we care for our home.  Ourselves.  And our loved ones.

Today’s Deck:

(same as yesterday’s)

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is another phone photo from our most recent adventure.   A view of the bridge, at Waldport.

oregon coast

A lovely spot to sit, with gratitude.

             If I can’t BE at the coast every single day, at least we can look at it.


Vantage Point

             Here’s another suggestion for coping with any delays we may be experiencing.  (And if you haven’t been, you will.)

             Today’s messages is a reminder of time and space.  Or rather, Divine time and space.

Seeing the Scenery

             Have you ever been stuck in traffic on a super busy piece of road that usually everyone speeds over at massive rates?  Next time it happens, look out the window, and down.

             See the surface of the pavement, the odd assortment of debris on the side.  The way the stripes or lines appear.  This perspective (stopped or immensely slowed down) will show views which are rarely witnessed by anyone but work crews.

             What we are being asked to do is not only “stop and smell the roses” but observe the entire garden.  And the sky above it.  As well as the neighborhood it resides in.

             Because, we might be paused here for a while, we may as well enjoy the scenery.  And get something useful out of it.  We’re here, let’s appreciate that for what it truly is.

             It’s a lesson.  It’s a moment of sacred space.  It’s a view that we are being gifted, not forced into.  It is our privilege, not our punishment.

             Returning now to our regular rotation around the card altar, this daily draw is an additional reminder of perspective.  Of strength, and foundation, both we may have to look for in order to truly see.

major arcana

The Emperor ~ 4

             My dad was in construction for most of his life.  He built, rebuilt, remodeled, and created.  Whether he began from the bottom up, or came in on a job half-finished, he always had to make sure that the starting point was sound.

             That’s what the Emperor brings us.  Stability.  Power.  Aid.  Reason.  Also, an elementally balanced foundation.

             When we ponder a problem, thinking about it from all angles, knowing our plans are solid and true, we are better prepared later, at the point of constructing.  Seeing anything with that type of focus is part of how we need to move forward now (or, as soon as movement is possible).

             It’s the right time to understand what we see, and what we make, from this frame of reference, all viewpoints included.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Food Sharing:

is THIS BOOK.  It was on a recommendation list last year, but my library just now had it ready for me to pick up.  Fascinating and brilliant.  Super inspirational.  I’ll keep you posted.


Just Keeping It In Mind

             I’m not calling it a theme, yet.  But I do see how some of our most recent messages and daily draws have a common thread.  This continues to be true today.

             When the Universe shows us a simple and gentle route to take, it’s in our best interests to follow along.  When we don’t, we know how upsetting the end result always is.  I mean, we can still learn the lesson, but it turns out to be so much more difficult.

             And, it didn’t need to be that way.  Here’s what I heard this morning:

in the Challenge,

there is an Easy.

             It becomes our job to find it.  The easier route is there, we are reassured constantly about this.  All we need to do is locate it.

             It’s like turning our face directly into this double Mercury retrograde.  Leave the fear behind.  Don’t get crushed under the weight of that panic.  Simply stand tall, breathe deep, and move forward.

             We know the Challenges will arrive, we also know that we are now well-equipped to handle them.  With our Easy attitude, and our Easy stance of lovingkindness.

             As with what awaits on our card altar, we know.  We merely have to remember.

universal truth

 “Goddess Of Knowledge  ~

‘Start to apply what you already know;

Trust your intuition.’

Some two thousand, five hundred years ago, Plato, the great ancient Greek philosopher wrote, ‘All learning is simply recollection.’

While study is important, remember also that all you truly need to know is inside you.

The Goddess of Knowledge has appeared in your reading today to encourage you to start to put all the wonderful knowledge that you already possess to good use.  You do not need to do further courses and obtain further certifications or accreditation in order to be effective in the work you would like to do.

Simply start doing it now.  Start to apply what you already know and trust your intuition.  Focus on love and light and ask the universe to guide you.

When your intentions and motivations are driven by love, the universe and the Goddess of Knowledge will help you act in the best interests of all concerned.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is another view from Sunday’s adventure.

oregon coast

The most photographed lighthouse on this side of the world.

             I’ve been looking at it most of my life, walked around and hiked up more times than I can count.  We even stayed there once.  It still makes me happy, every opportunity my eyes have to rest upon the entire scene.


Happy and Happy

             When we talk about “choosing Joy” and making that an option in our lives, we have to understand how real it is.  We can step in that direction.  Even if it takes an effort.  Daily.  Hourly.

             It’s an attitude which infuses and nourishes our soul.  It’s about blessings and miracles we are on hand to fully experience and grow from.  It’s our message today.

Be Joyful

             We have to ask ourselves if we’re doing as much as we can to bring joy into our lives.  Are we going to fun places?  Are we doing fun things?  Can we help others have more joy in their life?

             Joy is not something outside of ourselves, it’s a level of awareness.  And yes, a choice to be made.  We need only check that box each morning.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar right now, we’ve been given a powerful reminder of keeping joy and love in our hearts.


“Seal  ~  Ron  (with a wave over the “o” and pronounced as Ron)  ~

Love, Longing, Dilemma

The card shows a gray seal on the shore of the sacred islands of Iona, once a place known as Isla Na Druidneach, the Isle of the Druids.  A pale rainbow shines over the Atlantic, and on the horizon we can se the outline of the uninhabited island called Dutchman’s Cap.


this card calls to you from the seal-people of the sea.  The Dan nan Ron – the song of the seals – upsets and frightens many who hear it.  Its mournful and human sound stirs the heart of the listener to the core.  

It is a call form the sea, from the Unconscious, from the depths.  It calls to us from the waters of our birth, from our beginnings on earth, from our brothers and sisters in the animal realm who are closer to us than we dare imagine.

We fear this call, because we feel we may be drowned, overwhelmed by our feelings.  But do not let your intellect imprison your heart, as the human imprisons his selchie spouse – the magical seal.

Opening yourself to the prompting of the Unconscious, of the Feminine, of you dreams and longing will bring transformation, healing, and love into your life.


this card suggests that you may have come to a time in your life when you are faced with a dilemma.  Each way you turn could involve risk and potential loss, and yet you know you must make a choice.

The seal speaks of the longing of the heart, of true love, of a sense of humanity and goodness.  In the end, these should be the determining factors in your choice.  

Although the seal may represent loneliness and separation, as the selchie imprisoned on dry land, remember that the time will come when she will be released and will act as a guide and companion through the watery realm of the emotions and the Otherworld.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrationed by Bill Worthington

Today’s Celestial Sharing:

is to say that for a few days now we’ve been in the Shadow Effect of this upcoming Mercury Retrograde phase.  It happens on the 19th, and will be under the influence of Gemini.

             This could be trouble, but before we panic, let’s remember how to accept what is and make the best of it.  Even though communication is going to be twice as difficult as in “regular” retrogrades (which is already mightily fucked), we are absolutely equipped to handle it now.  (WE ARE, dammit.)

             We can be careful and we can be upbeat; we can be filled with lovingkindness and we can continue learning, flowing with our knowledge, not flaying around and fighting every lesson.

             We can go outside and touch trees, we can walk along the beach, we can explore our own neighborhoods, we can sit still and feel water, we can hold rocks and crystals.

             And, we can be open, honest, and joyful.