For a limited time only.

             If there was such a thing as cosmic cops, who were in charge of Universal Laws, I feel pretty safe in saying that they wouldn’t cite me for false facts today.

             The reality is, there’s not one example that I can think of which stays exactly the same, forever.  The images I was shown this morning were varied, while being specific to their own category.

             All of the views shifted, moved, evolved, aged, cycled, rebirthed.

Counting on Change

             It’s such an absurd system we have.  Getting proficient, then letting that all go. Becoming really good at something, only to lose it.  We’re comfy and used to what we create, only to have to leave it or release it entirely.

             Frustration is common.  And yet, so is growth.  Once the changing (no matter what/which one) is behind us, we’re so much better for the process.  We have experienced a healing transformation.  It’s just the getting there part that is so difficult.

             For good or bad, that’s the system in place.  We can adapt to it, and learn smoothly.  Or we can battle against it, and repeat our lessons painfully.  We always have choice.  (Sort of.)

             Within our regular rotation around the card altar right now, we also have a glimpse of hope.


“Divine Magic  ~

‘Extra magical energy surrounds your situation right now.   Expect miracles!’

This card signifies that the next oracle card you pull out of the deck is surrounded by Divine magical energy.  The Divine Magic card urges you to pay special attention to this card, and do your best to follow its message.

The Divine Magic card indicates that a spiritual gateway has opened for you.  At such times, ability to manifest is heightened.  Use this time to focus upon your desires.  If you’re unsure what you truly want, ask for Divine guidance through prayer, meditation, or ritual.”

             Like a prize for playing nicely, we’ve been handed an extra gift.  A goodie bag to take home and enjoy.  As instructed, here’s our second draw.


“Helpful Person  ~

 ‘Someone wants to help you.  Think of whom that might be, and initiate contact.’

There’s a person who can help you reach your desired outcome.  You have probably already thought of whom this person might be.  Or, it could be a new person coming into your life whom you’ll soon meet.

Be open to receiving help from others.  Strong people learn the importance of delegating and working as a team, and this may be a time for you to learn these vital life lessons.  So, be sure to voice your needs and ask for assistance.

With the help of others, you are more able to manifest your Divine purpose and desires.”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing: 

is to say that I recently missed a milestone here on the site.  This post is number 1903.  Over one thousand, nine hundred times I’ve sat down here, typed and shared and channeled and flipped cards.

             Speaking of Change.  None of us can be entirely certain how long we’ll be doing what we’re doing.  So for now, I’ll just say that, as far as I know, I’ll continue to have things to say.  Nearly 2,000 more times?  Maybe!

Care-Taking, on-going

             There are some messages which need to be repeated.  And then, repeated again.  With a slightly different slant?  We can only hope.

             This morning I heard words, then saw scenes.  Both methods were sharing with me what would help us the most, and both methods were bright but gentle.  Nothing harsh (in itself, part of the entire reminder).

Taking Care,

some more.

             A predominant attitude of comfort is what’s called for right now.  We, our loved ones, and the planet* must live with love and ease.

*Happy Beltane!

             Another way to look at this one today is to see it through the eyes of our daily draw.  They are both Kings, but are going about this journey (and its lessons) in very different ways.

osho zen tarot

“Abundance  ~  King Of Rainbows  ~  Mastery Of The Physical

You have to be whole: rich in the body, rich in science, rich in meditation, rich in consciousness.  Only a whole person is a holy person.

This Dionysian character is the very picture of a whole man, a ‘Zorba the Buddha’ who can drink wine, dance on the beach and sing in the rain, and at the same time enjoy the depths of understanding and wisdom that belong to the sage.  

In one hand he holds a lotus, showing that he respects and contains within himself the grace of the feminine.  His exposed chest (an open heart) and relaxed belly show that he is at home with his masculinity as well, utterly self-contained.

The four elements fo earth, fire, water, and sky all conjunct at the King of Rainbows who sits atop the book of the wisdom of life.

If you are a woman, the King of Rainbows brings the support of your own male energies into your life, a union with the soulmate within.  For a man, this card represents a time of breaking through the conventional male stereotypes and allowing the fullness of the whole human being to shine forth.”

             For me, this is more about a PERSON, more a ruling individual than a man or woman, because the balance of male/female is so aligned.  I see no need for gender here, merely human-ness.

             Also, I’m not addressing the next card’s Contrary direction, it felt more as thought they were being opposed to each other, rather than to us.

“Control  ~  King Of Clouds  ~  Mastery Of Mind (reversed)

There is a time and a place for control, but if we put it in charge of our lives we end up totally rigid.   The figure is encased in the angels of pyramid shapes that surround him.  Light glitters and glints off his shiny surfaces, but does not penetrate.  

It’s as if he is almost mummified inside this structure he’s built up around himself.  His fists are clenched, and his stare is blank, almost blind.  The lower part of his body beneath the table is a knife point, a cutting edge that divides and separates.  His world is ordered and perfect, but it is not alive – he cannot allow any spontaneity or vulnerability to enter it.

The image of the King of Clouds reminds us to take a deep breath, loosen our neckties, and take it easy.  If mistakes happen, it’s okay.  If things get a little out of hand, it’s probably just what the doctor ordered.

There is much, much more to life than being ‘on top of things’.”

             Perspective is everything.  As long as we keep the main point in our sights.  As we heard yesterday, lovefulness is the key.  So, we are reminded to take care, be human, and find joy in all aspects of our selves, and others.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this regal creature we spotted the other day.

Llama! (Woven into a blanket.)

(Woven into a blanket.)

             Of course, I immediately texted the phone photo to J.D.  Because, llama!