With a bow on top.

            We’ve all had the conversation about our Attitude of Gratitude.  Or, lack thereof.  Prepare yourselves, it’s popped up again this week.

            During the winter holidays, and even around someone’s birthday, we hear so much in regards to the “spirit” of giving/the thought that counts, and where those concepts come from.  Discussion is endless, sadly, action is not always the commodity we have enough of.

             (It’s just sometimes so easy to fall back into the complaining mode!)

             Setting our minds in this direction, the Universe would like us, please, to focus on:


             Our very existence is a gift.  Our relationships…. gifts.  Being fortunate enough to own a home, or a car, or a bike.  All gifts.  Having clothes, food, phones, a job: gifts gifts gifts.

             When we look with eyes of appreciation, instead of lack (or misguided need), we can truly see how extremely lucky we are.

             It’s hot here, I’m miserable (and cranky and über uncomfortable all the time).  The weather is going to get even hotter in the next week.  I am searching for the blessings.  I am also still searching for the shit that got lost in our move.

             Right now, the good absolutely outweighs the bad, and I feel so VERY grateful for that.  It’s just, as you well know, challenging!

             I was directed to a certain deck for this post.  But, I can’t find it.  Instead, I’ve been poking around in my archived images.  This is what we are supposed to see right now.


             Not my photograph, but it captures the feeling which is being channeled through me, to you.  Gratitude.  Gifts.  Love.  See it, see the blessings.   See what we have, not what we’re missing.

             Then, say thank you.

Today’s Resources:

me.  And a view from years ago.

Today’s Sharing:

is to tell everyone that in the past week, guests as well as other staff at my hotel, have been gifting me in such a generous and abundant way; I simply have to cry, because I don’t know how else to react.

             I’ve received, an artistically crafted nautilus fossil necklace, a hand-crocheted afghan, a special container of my favorite foreign tea, an Oregon cherry truffle, a beautiful bakery cupcake, and a solid handshake (from a [previously very grumpy] man who told me that it was HIS pleasure to meet me and spend time with me).

             I was expecting none of this, it just seems to keep happening.  For all of it, I am humbly grateful.







Joyful and Honest Attainment.

             Not for the first time, nor I’m sure for the last,  I woke up today wishing you could see my dreams.  They are as vivid as any movie or TV show.  But sadly, I can’t figure out how to describe them to you, other than sharing the messages as I’ve been doing.

             This afternoon, and hours before that, the images just didn’t stop.  Not all of them were good.  In fact, some were the exact opposite of nice.  It seemed as if they needed to be though, in order for me to really absorb the full emotion of this one.

Any one is capable of any thing.

             With enough drive  or diligence, we could be pushed to greatness.  Or, conversely, pushed to horror.

             Sure there are some limits, like physical body size and age, but for the most part we are FAR more qualified for a huge assortment of actions than we might imagine.   Some good and some bad.  But we COULD extend accomplishments way beyond what we think we can.

             Combining the daily draw with our channeled message gives us one large boost of a recommendation.

Self-Care cards, messages, oracle cards

“Achievement  ~

Chase your dreams.

You may be surprised by where they lead you.”

             A few days ago I was having a conversation with someone (of course I don’t remember who it was) and we were talking about why someone would do a job they hate.  For like, 30 years?!

             There is no reason for this, as far as I can see.  Money?  Not an excuse.  Sorry but I don’t believe that for a second.  And this comes from someone who has NEVER lived above the national poverty line in over 52 years.

             The monetary aspect of it doesn’t even register, as far as I’m concerned.  Our lives are to a joyous, educational, and entertaining path of discovery and love.  Not a painful drudge to the finish line.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Food Swap:

is a view of my mom’s kitchen table.  (She puts plants on it as a centerpiece if she doesn’t have anything growing in her yard that she can shove into a vase.)

crochet tablecloths, apple cake, plants centerpieces

Can you see the table-cloth? It’s crochet. Dan made it for her.
(Not sure who made the blue doily in the middle, but I’d bet it wasn’t her, and I know it wasn’t him.)

             This is apple cake.  Don’t ask for the recipe because she won’t be have it.  Mom can’t follow them.  The missing piece is where my father got tired of waiting for us to show up.

             We brought her some of our baked mac and cheese dish, she used the apples Emmy gave her to create a yummy something.  Sharing = win win!