Getting Away and Looking Good/Good Looking

             It is becoming more and more obvious to me that our daily draw and channeled messages are truly connected.  What I was shown this morning, and the card I flipped over later, have continued to prove that point.

             This is a very nice development in our spiritual evolution.  It looks like we ARE spiraling upwards.  Really, very nice.

             All of the images that were presented for sharing today were bright and held a glowing promise of positivity.  This makes perfect sense, since we are being advised to:

add something aesthetically pleasing.

             Whether to our website, our Facebook page, our home, our office, or anywhere else that we spend time or which cries out for an illuminating pick-me-up.  The location matters not.  Just find it.  And follow through.

             Where do we locate an object or picture that pleases us?  Everywhere, anywhere.  Sit for a quick quiet moment and it will appear, or you will be directed to it.

             Grab an unlicensed/free photo off the interwebz, draw something yourself, or walk outside and see what shows up.  This doesn’t have to cost us any money, we can’t allow something so mundane and lower-level as cost interfere with our forward momentum.

             Also, keep that thought, as we move on to this.

oracle cards, fairie messages, vacation

“Vacation  ~

You need a break from routines and stressful situations.  This card urges  you to take time out for yourself so that you can rest and renew.

The fairies take regular vacations, traveling to distant fairy glens.  They know and respect the value of a change of scenery.  By drawing this card, you are strongly counseled to do the same for yourself.

A vacation doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money.  Instead, it means getting away from mundane concerns and demands.

Think of a vacation as an investment in yourself and future.   All living beings need to rest in order to operate at maximum efficiency.  

After your vacation, your mood and energy levels will be renewed.  You’ll have better access to creative ideas, and  your positive demeanor will attract wonderful new people and opportunities into your life.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to taking a vacation – make definite plans today.


I give myself permission to regularly rest and relax, knowing that by being revitalized, I am happier and more productive.”

              All I want to hear in the comments after this suggestion is how everyone is going to try and get a vacation in.  Even if it’s only 3 minutes long.  No remarks about how anybody CANNOT do it.

             For me, I’ll be applying this in the form of listening-to-guided-meditations-on-the-couch.  Maybe I won’t be physically leaving, but I’ll be gone, nonetheless.

             Positive thoughts, lovingkindness, and “aesthetically pleasing,” these are our mantras right now.

              (Additionally, if you can, find a way to watch What About Bob, and see how to “take a vacation from your life.”)

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

starts with this shot (that Dan said I totally should have not been so obvious about getting).

Sadly, belonging to strangers.

Sadly, belonging to strangers.

             Plus a totally different North Carolina than we saw last time, one regular Florida and one completely-not-regular Florida, a blue and white plate which got past us, and then, one Illinois.

Getting Healthier.

             What a busy and productive day I had!  But not Dan.  Wanna know why?  He’s officially on vacation!  Not that you’d notice, we’re probably not going anywhere.  Other than a few day trips.   But boy, do we have plans!

             They began tonight.  We took Maxx, went to see my parents, and stayed late.  No problem, he doesn’t have to get up early tomorrow, he’s on vacation!  (We say this about every half an hour, italics included.)

home-grown carrots

The greens go to the horse.

             Those carrots were not part of the meal, but Mom did grow them.  And she shares, must be where I get it.  We had several* grilled items, then I rummaged in her freezer for some dessert.

*Including trout (from the neighbors), chicken, and salmon burgers.  She likes to hand over lots of things that Daniel can put on the BBQ, insuring plenty of left-overs for the coming week.

             Since we did hang out for hours, catching up, I better get right to our messages now.  The first one was what I heard as I got up, heading to my “morning” view.  Similar to yesterday’s, but singularly fascinating and dynamic, too.

Easy, strong;

gentle, power.

             As we make our way around the card altar, we receive a really nice gift from the sea, as accompaniment.  Also?  I can’t even describe how much I adore this illustration.

mermaid messages, oracle cards

“Healing Heart  ~

You’re a powerful healer.

Keep up the good work!

Deep within your heart, you are aware of your healing abilities.  Perhaps you’ve received feedback from others about the way that your words or touch have helped them heal.  By drawing this card, you are urged to take your healing work to the next level.   You’re also asked to  purify your diet and thoughts so that higher frequencies or healing energy can flow through you.

By opening to the next level, you will notice a shift in the people or situations that come to  you for help.  You may find the number of healing opportunities increasing, or your clients may display a greater understanding of spirituality.

Heaven wishes to support your healing work completely   If you’d like to further your education, work in a healing center, or increase your income, just ask . . . . and then be open to receiving.”

             This can be applied to many forms of work, not just the metaphysically focused.   We connect with so many more individuals in our day-to-day journeying than we are conscious of.  Most of the time we don’t realize how deeply those interactions turn out to be.

             When we support each other, and we reach out with that Healing Heart, we are fulfilling our charts and living our genuine lives.  If we are as sincere and mindful as possible, the spiral up aspect is even more amazing.  And powerful.  For us all.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Little Known Personal Fact:

is not even about my wee selfelf, it’s about that guy who lives here with me.  This is the Deputy’s favorite time of year, not just due to the ambient heat of the season, but because everywhere you turn, there is football and baseball but NO basketball.  Plus, ya know, he’s on vacation!