To Help and To Heal

             I fell asleep last night thinking of today’s post.  This message reminded me of a recent conversation with one of my co-workers.

             He’s a tremendously kind individual.  Highly sensitive, like me.  He went to see a movie the other evening.  It was an emotional encounter for him; it moved him, in a life-altering way.

             Basically the story spoke of how we never truly know someone else.  But, even with that as a foundation and Universal fact, we can still be there for others in a huge and meaningful way, we can act as support, as aid.

             In reality, we don’t need all of the specific details to see and feel …..


             We are able to be there for loved ones/for strangers, in all conditions and under all circumstances.  We have the capacity, the means, the resources, the natural talent by just showing up.

             As long as we remember this, as we make it more of a habit to help, the easier it will be, the deeper our well to draw from.  And the more we help, the more healing we will all experience.

             As the most perfect validation, look where I was directed on our card altar.


“Support  ~

Offer your support to someone.

Experience the joy of serving others.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my other new calendar.

witches almanac

             I love that the corresponding information is on each month’s image.  And of course, the artwork is some of my favorite.

Today’s Sounds:

here is what I am listening to, as I type and channel and feel and share and reach out.  From me, to you.


It’s What We Can’t Do Without

             The most basic (and yet heart-wrenching) Truth of Life is loss.  The endings. They are brutal.

             Of  course they all lead us into new chapters and hopeful beginnings.  But, the fact is, GOING completes the cycle.  Saying goodbye can be painful, on many levels.  It can also, if we focus our perspective, be enriching.

             Here is what the Universe would like us to remember about living and leaving right now:

Before All Else

             What this DOESN’T mean is to put anyone or anything before our own health and well-being.  What it DOES mean is, let’s make sure that we bring lovingkindness to the forefront, always.

             Let’s not forget to replace fear with faith.  Let’s have Self-Care at the top of our daily To Do lists.  What it also means is to Choose Joy, practice gratitude, and generally wear that power of positivity into as many situations as we possibly can.

             I can link to several songs right now, all of which have LOVE as the theme, but I’m fairly certain you have some personal favorites and can locate them quite easily.  Play them now, sing along, feel the strength in that energy.

             On our card altar, this validation appears, as reinforcement.  (Please be extra aware of the last three words.  Repeat it as a mantra this week and you won’t go wrong.)


“Aquamarine  ~  

moderation, energy, tolerance, gentleness, compassion, feminine, goddess

Whether male or female, you can overcome a current conflict by reflecting upon and applying moderation, tolerance, gentleness, and compassion.

These qualities are not a weakness, rather, they are strengths.  What is called for at present is greater compassion and tolerance coupled with a little patience and gentleness.

It is possible to resolve things in an amicable way to create a positive outcome for all concerned.

As you look back on this current episode, you will realise a valuable lesson.  Compassion and tolerance are a sign of maturity and strength of character.

They are qualities which infuse all with love and light.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this view, and recommendation, for August.

Be Here Now

             If we stop only once a day and bring this image to mind, say the words and feel the power, we have given ourselves and our loved ones a gift in that moment; appreciate it, sit with it, honour it.  We’re worth that piece of time, we’re worth that space and that blessing.


The Core Of Kindness

             There’s been quite a few discussions in recent years about the aging of a generation.  In my case, that’s my own mom and dad.  But, it could just as easily be ourselves, or our grandparents.

             The point is, we’re all living longer, enjoying (or perhaps, tolerating) physical lives beyond ages we previously documented.  And that is taking its toll.  On many of us.

             Our message today is focusing on HOW we emotionally participate in those conversations, and WHO we do it with.


             We will be that generation, if we aren’t already.  We will be in a situation of need, if we aren’t already.  We will not always be in these bodies.  While we are though, we must practice lovingkindness as often, and as thoroughly, as possible.

             This life is not a free ride, we know that.  But we sometimes forget how very NOT fair it can be.  Sure, we’ve all chosen the path we now walk, that’s a fact.

             What is also a fact is that we can’t afford to stop being grateful.  We can’t let our attitude of gratitude falter.  The more we are compassionate, the more compassion we will be surrounded by.

             To be kind is to set an example, even if no one is watching.  Just as our draw shows right now on the card altar.

holy spirit

“Leadership  ~  51  ~  Holy Spirit

Charisma, Enterprise, Authority, Motivation

The Holy Spirit is encouraging you to consciously and fully embrace the leadership role you are carving out for yourself.  Through your focus, dedication, stability, and discipline, you’re emerging from the background and becoming recognized for both your competence and wisdom.

Others are naturally attracted to your charismatic vibration and will follow your lead as they rightfully sense that you can be trusted.

The Holy Spirit is your guiding force as you motivate and inspire others.  Indeed, the very word inspire comes from the word spirit, and means ‘to invite’ or ‘to inhale’ the Holy Spirit into your life and move you toward your creative and spiritual best.

The Holy Spirit affirms that your assignment for now is to shine your bright light on the world and make no apologies for your enthusiasm or confidence as you lead others to higher ground.  Be mindful, however, not to overdrive yourself and become disconnected from your source, or you risk getting burnt out.

Enthusiasm is like fire and must be contained or it can consume you.  The Holy Spirit’s message to you is: 

lead with confidence.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is this recent view from Instagram.

summer view

“Messages, signs, and symbols of Summer.
#blueberries #WeedsInTheGrass #GiftedFeathers #love
(well, love is all year long)”

             In the past few days I’ve been shown a turkey feather, a tiny fluffy grey feather, a bluebird’s feather, and now, this one.  Each individual sighting, so special.  Together?  That’s when we need to take notice.


Exit? Did we say exit? More like: transformation.

              When my children were growing up, I spent a lot (A.  Lot.) of time in schools.  As a mom-volunteer, from toddler-hood through legally-now-an-adult, I witnessed an enormous selection of selfless individuals.  Most of them not making much money for their difficult and challenging jobs, some, like me, not making any at all.

            Today, our message is about the Caregiver.  The true hero.  That person who exudes compassion and generosity.  A loving and unique being, one who is empathic and merciful.

Taking Care/Giving Care

             It can be a struggle to assure Self-Care when we are focused on helping all of humanity (and the animal kingdom on top of that).  So it’s important to balance the “taking” with the “giving” when we strive for Care.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar, that’s precisely what our messenger is reminding us to be aware of.

oracle cards, animal messages, armadillo,

“Armadillo  ~  28  ~  Boundaries

Armadillo wears its armor on its back, its medicine a part of its body.  Its boundaries of safety are a part of its total being.

What a gift it is to set your boundaries so that harmful words or intentions just roll off.  Your lesson is in setting up what you are willing to experience.  If you do not wish to experience feeling invaded, just call on Armadillo medicine……

If Armadillo wandered into the cards you chose, it is time to define your space.  You may have been too willing to let  your home become a bus station.  You may find that you cannot say ‘no’ even when you know that you will have to cancel plans to be obliging.  This routine can get old in a hurry.

It may be time to ask yourself the following questions:

Am I honoring the time I need for personal enjoyment?  Do others treat me like a doormat?  Why do I always get upset when I’m taken for granted?  Is there a reason for my being a ‘yes’ person?

All of the answers to these questions relate to setting up boundaries….. allow Armadillo’s armor to slice in-between, giving you back your sense of self.”

Today’s Deck:

Medicine Cards – The Discovery Of Power Through The Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson, illustrated by Angela C Werneke

Today’s Family Update:

is this text conversation between our Empress and her dad (two of the most caring and generous and compassionate people I have ever had the privilege to spend time with) from earlier.


We’re doing surgery!!!

Removing the masses and not putting her down today!!!!!

The vet said that her overall health and quality of life was so good it would be a shame not to try.


Wow – the healing power of Emma!

"Just out of surgery."

“Just out of surgery.”

             So yeah, her first hospice dog outlived his expiration date by well over a year, this one seems to be following along the same way.  They’re all home now, resting comfortably.  That poodly little lady seems to still have a bit of livin’ yet to do.  How fortunate for her, it’ll be with Emmy.

Physically Caring.

             Let’s catch up, shall we?  To be perfectly honest, the fudge got eaten, not photographed.  Because it’s always SO damn good.  We stop at the same (excellent) place, year after year.  This time?  She recognized and remembered me.  It was way cool.

             While in Portland, we had time to see THIS EXHIBIT.  Mentioned by my son, as we were texting while his father and I drove out of town.  It was amazing.  Touching.  Strange.  Educational.  And fabulously human.

             Afterwards, we poked around in the gift shop briefly, coming home with only one item.

touch stones

Sometimes it will be there, on our card altar, and sometimes it will be in my pocket.

             It’s a rose quartz, shaped like a heart, that says LOVE, with a smooth indentation in the back.  It is, literally, a touchstone.

             Waking up today, I thought of that new sacred purchase, as I stood at the sliding glass door and KNEW my ghost from last night had gone Home.  Gay and Karen were there helping her find her way, and find her Team.  Then I heard this message:

when we mourn “actively,”

it helps release toxins from our bodies so that we heal faster.

             Then, our daily draw turns out to be one of the most healing and compassionate cards.  Just looking at her image creates a sense of calm.


Queen of Pentacles

             Even though she is of the Earth, she brings with her emotions and feelings.  Tenderness and caring.  Mothering and health.

             She does designate material wealth, but also blessings of a different kind.  Those we gain when we reach out and share ourselves with people we care about.  The type of physicality that is natural in our relationships with loved ones.

             This Queen lives in a lush and pleasant place.  She brings with her abundance and an ample bounty.  Prosperity that she shares freely.

             We have a tactile history in our treasured moments, those times when we gather with our tribes, our clans, our families.  As we’ve been reminded lately, keep those memories close, but also, allow them out, graciously spreading the riches of our hearts, our souls, and our selves.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

 was downtown and back, for an appointment and an errand, in the sprinkling muggy rain, for 8.964 miles in 50 minutes 24 seconds, at a not-too-bad pace of 10.6 MPH

Today’s Sharing:

is really a view from yesterday morning (yes, actual before-noon-morning).

water birds, great blue heron

Great Blue Heron

             RIGHT out my window.  Later, as we drove up the coast a few miles, I saw another one.  Then I saw the sign (with the bird’s symbolic image), marking a viewing area for them, and other wildlife.  Presents from the Universe, each and every one.

FLP Report:

includes some from today and some from the last part of our driving, New Mexico, a new style of Alaska, Iowa, super colorful one from Maine, two very strange Washingtons, an Ohio, and two more from B.C.