Synergy and Promise

             Since I’ve been delivering messages on a weekly basis rather than daily, I sometimes get information before I have a chance to sit down here and share it.  I walk around for hours with the same word repeating loudly in my head.

             For the past few days all that I keep hearing is this:


             And then, a few days ago, I was fortunate enough to sit down with two beautiful women here in town.  Definitely a sort of “sisterhood” feeling. We talked a lot about how we give back, how we stay connected, and how our lessons are often gifts we can pass along.

             There is “unity” inside of Community.  There is a supportive and harmonious energy when we gather together and share.

             This is what’s on the horizon for me, personally, but it is also what’s in the works for us, in our Universal village.  It’s what we NEED, and from what I can see, it’s exactly where we are headed.

             Here is an uplifting view, source unknown, that I thought was very fitting.   (Because, wise wild dolphins.)



             And an affirmation I recently came across.  Credit to Melanie Beckler, at Ask Angels.

May I see what I am meant to see,

Hear what I am meant to hear,

Say what I am meant to say,

And know what I am meant to know.


For the highest and best good of all.




Give and Take, and Keep Giving

             You know the saying about sticking with a day job?  Well, even my day job is at night.  On a recent evening, during my daytime night work, I was fortunate enough to spend time with two women who became instant friends.

             They didn’t know each other (nor me, really) prior to this visit.  But, by the end, we had laughed and cried and shared and bonded.

             Both of them, like me, have suffered enormous losses in their lives.  Also, in a similar way to my own, they have seen beautiful blessings, witnessed history, and learned from these events.

             I’m dedicating this post to Carla and Barbara, because not only is genuine sharing important, but clear and honest communication is vital to our future, and the future of our entire planet.

In Partnership

             We simply do not know who or what may cross our path at any given point.  Isn’t it best then, to just be prepared with a smile and kind word?

              Treating others as we would like to be treated is so basic, and yet, it is often forgotten or neglected.  I believe it’s time (past time!) to bring it back.

              Let’s go forward together, and not apart.

             On our card altar, in a most delightful validation, we have a messenger who reminds us that we are always the teacher AND the student, never only one, but without fail, both simultaneously.

robin wood tarot

The Hierophant  ~  5

(not fully rightside-up)

Setting aside the church trappings, this draw (in reversed position) is more about living and learning than it is hierarchy.

We know that to live with Mercy and Goodness is to be balanced.  It’s not being a doormat, but being powerful in our Graciousness.

As we learn we grow, as we teach we grow.  As we communicate with others, we grow.  We take our lessons and we share them, as they are shared with us.

Remember, the number 5 is focused on our humanity.  On our flawed human-ness.  Will we always get our homework in on time and pull straight As?  Of course not.

But will we do our best and try hard and play nice?  Yep, we’ll sure aim for it, and we’ll forgive ourselves as we forgive others who may stumble and need a helping hand.

We are part of a community, we are here in partnership with those around us.  We teach, we learn, we communicate.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is to show you this adorable and thoughtful gift.  It appeared in my mailbox on precisely the day I needed it most.

(Thank you, Karen Bear!)

out houses

A lighthouse outhouse!

             Here’s to a brand new year of RELEASE and letting go.  (And, ya know, whatever our lessons may be.)



             Coming from a mixed heritage, my background (ancestrally and culturally) is eclectic.  As is my huge family.  There are lots of us.  Lots.

             The problem with being one of so many and so varied is that when we are away from the others, or we lose some because they’ve gone Home before us, we miss them.  That’s part of our message today (but it’s also how I’ve been feeling lately).

Heart Connected

             Whether we have a made or born-into group of loved ones, who we treasure matters.  Who we gather around us makes a difference, on a soul level.

             Feeling those connections deeply and honestly is like providing nourishment to our hearts.  Even when we miss them, that emotion is healing.  And today, that’s where we need to spend some time, honouring those connections and feelings.

             It was difficult for me to gather this one up, and as I stood before our card altar, this daily draw stepped in, and handed me the gift of completion.

spiritual ancestors

“Community  ~  3  ~  Spiritual Ancestors

Tribe, Family, Camaraderie, Kinship

Your Spiritual Ancestors are gathering around you at this time, holding you in their light and connecting you with your spiritual family here on Earth.  Your soul is now seeking the kind of love and support that comes from being part of the right community – ‘your people,’ so to speak.

Not wanting you to feel isolated in any way, your ancestors hear your soul call and are presently guiding you toward kindred spirits.

Understand and realize that you can’t achieve your goals alone; be open to support.  You need the soul-energizing support of your tribe.

Give up any notions you have of going it alone in life, and develop the insight and wisdom to recognize your limitations.  

Follow your ancestors’ directions; it is they who encourage you to join a club, enroll in a course, or sign up for the neighborhood team.  You never know whom you’ll meet.

Your ancestors’ message for you is: ‘open your heart and feel our presence in your life, be open to your spiritual family on Earth, too’.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from a (very rainy) neighborhood wander that The Deputy and I recently enjoyed.


Look for my blue water bottle…….

             This is a wall of jasmine in bloom.  To say that it smelled “good” doesn’t even come close.  I wanted to set up a tent in their yard.  (As it was, we stood in the street for an exceptionally long time.)

             If it wasn’t all up-hill from here, I’d be bugging those folks a LOT more often.


Side by Side

             Another one of those messages which just shows up as lists, that’s what I woke up with.  Who knows the whys and wherefores of a complicated Universe? ( **I** certainly don’t!)

             Here’s what I heard, in the order that I heard it:

  • Partnerships
  • Working Together
  • Benevolence
  • Hand in Hand
  • Community
  • Reaching Out
  • Togetherness

             We are, obviously, being reminded that (like yesterday) it’s about an “us” attitude right now, not simply me me me.  A suggestion that we can apply to nearly all things.

             In our day-to-day, it’s about connecting to those who we cross paths with, who we connect with.  In our homes and families it’s about being a strong supporter.  For all, in any direction, it’s about the lovingkindness we are able to offer, with no strings and no requirements.

             When we extend our helping hand in unconditional care, we have already begun the healing within.  We’ve taken that first step.

             And we’ve done it with strength.  As this return to the regular rotation around our card altar shows, we’ve also been directed to an empowering place from which to draw assistance, so that we may go out and continue the sharing.


“Ram  ~  Reithe  (pronounced as Re-hu)  ~  

Sacrifice, Breakthrough, Achievement

The card shows a ram with a ewe and lambs in the background.  To the left we see sheep-bit (sheep’s kidney) and to the right sheep-sorrel.  In the foreground grows stone bramble.  A ram-headed snake is carved in the rock.

Reithe brings the ability to achieve a breakthrough.  Particularly attached to the place of its birth, the ram represents connection, rootedness, stability, and yet it also represents power to penetrate, overcome, and achieve.

Working with the ram as your ally will help you to find the inner strength you need to succeed.  At the same time you need not fear “losing your head” on the dizzy heights of success, because the ram will help keep you grounded, and will remind you of the practical necessities of life.

By persevering, by being patient, and attending to the needs of your daily life as well as your future goals, you will find the day comes when you achieve a breakthrough – accomplishing what you have set out to achieve and discovering that you have also ‘come home.’ “

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Reading Update:

is only to say that Patricia Briggs has been my latest discovery.  She has several series (!!!) and some stand-alones.  Well worth investigating.  (Even though her home-page image is not good, get past that and there’s tons of info, with much better illustrations throughout the site.)