Yesterday I spent a significant amount of my day with an 8-year-old. She is not related to me by genetics, but her parents and siblings have become like family.

             Again the Universe is telling us it’s time to revisit the conversation around that concept of: it takes a village.  And how without support, well.  Everything is just that much more challenging.

             Here’s what I’m hearing ……


             Who makes up our closest, our near-and-dear, our most loved individuals?  Whoever they are, they’re never all related to us by blood, by DNA.

             Often, our core group is a gathering of like-minded souls, with some genuine relatives mixed in.  It matters not one bit what this ratio of the blend is, nor really, what the numbers even are.

             The important and valuable part?  That we take care of our clan, that we hold them close and back them up.  That we love them, unconditionally, and we are there to support them.

             Because we know, they’ll be there for us.  One of the best ways to make sure we’re recharged and can help family when called upon is to take care of ourselves.

             On what is taking the place of my card altar right now (see phone pic below), we are being validated in that very sentiment.  We MUST practice Self Care, and then, we can be of use to those we love.


“Priorities  ~

Get your priorities in order.

When we know what’s important,

speaking our truth gets much easier.”

Today’s Deck:

SelfCare Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this current view from the room we are calling our “office” (maybe for a long time, maybe for just right now).

oracle and tarot and angel cards

Most of the cards, but (almost) none of the treasures.

             For the first time in the five weeks since we’ve been handed the keys to this place, I got to be in the house, and get shit done.  It’s been nice.  And soon, I’m sure, it will (finally) feel like home.

             (Camera battery recharging cord, still lost.  The replacement device my Beloved ordered for me seems to not be working.)


Sticking With It

            There’s nothing I can do about re-run messages.  We’ve talked about this before, it happens.  Not my call to make.  I’m just the radio here.

             It’s been challenging around The Burrow lately.  Real Life can be like that.  So when we get a repeat reminder, there’s nothing to do but roll with it; no such thing as a coincidence.

Still Holding Up

             We’re continuing to talk about Support.  And how we are here to help.  How one of our greatest lessons is that of lending a hand and being there for loved ones.

             Because we don’t ever do any of this alone, it makes sense that we’re still examining how this community functions.   And what our part is, in the whole.

             It can be a struggle, asking for help.  As much as accepting that assistance.  But we have to.  We need to see both sides, and we truly must be willing to help/be helped.

             I was directed away from our regular rotation around the card altar this afternoon, and now I know why.  Without hope, we can’t be helped/get help, we can’t support/be supported.

             (Also, the number of 14 adds down to my favorite: five.)

             (And, this illustration is actually edged in a super pretty purple shade which the camera and computer can’t seem to translate.)

joy guides

“Celebration  ~  14  ~  Joy Guides

Alignment, Harvest, Bonding, Marriage

You are entering a period of great expansion and celebration.  Your Joy Guides are at hand, ushering you into a season of abundance, celebration, and hospitality.

You’re loved, accepted, and trusted by those around you.  This is a time when life gives back to you.  You may become engaged, get married, receive a promotion, land a deal, or just get a long-awaited lucky break.  Whatever you desire, your Joy Guides are urging you to prepare for, because it’s surely coming.

Realize that as life’s tides turn your way, the soon-to-become-realized positive flow of events isn’t just a fluke or an accident or simply luck of the draw.

Rather, it’s the natural outcome of your unwavering efforts, and commitment to your dreams and goals.

Your Joy Guides’ message:

‘Plan for the party’  You’ll soon have reason to celebrate.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Universal Truth:

Acceptance of all aspects

of who and how we are

in every moment is the way to have

the life experience we seek.



             Coming from a mixed heritage, my background (ancestrally and culturally) is eclectic.  As is my huge family.  There are lots of us.  Lots.

             The problem with being one of so many and so varied is that when we are away from the others, or we lose some because they’ve gone Home before us, we miss them.  That’s part of our message today (but it’s also how I’ve been feeling lately).

Heart Connected

             Whether we have a made or born-into group of loved ones, who we treasure matters.  Who we gather around us makes a difference, on a soul level.

             Feeling those connections deeply and honestly is like providing nourishment to our hearts.  Even when we miss them, that emotion is healing.  And today, that’s where we need to spend some time, honouring those connections and feelings.

             It was difficult for me to gather this one up, and as I stood before our card altar, this daily draw stepped in, and handed me the gift of completion.

spiritual ancestors

“Community  ~  3  ~  Spiritual Ancestors

Tribe, Family, Camaraderie, Kinship

Your Spiritual Ancestors are gathering around you at this time, holding you in their light and connecting you with your spiritual family here on Earth.  Your soul is now seeking the kind of love and support that comes from being part of the right community – ‘your people,’ so to speak.

Not wanting you to feel isolated in any way, your ancestors hear your soul call and are presently guiding you toward kindred spirits.

Understand and realize that you can’t achieve your goals alone; be open to support.  You need the soul-energizing support of your tribe.

Give up any notions you have of going it alone in life, and develop the insight and wisdom to recognize your limitations.  

Follow your ancestors’ directions; it is they who encourage you to join a club, enroll in a course, or sign up for the neighborhood team.  You never know whom you’ll meet.

Your ancestors’ message for you is: ‘open your heart and feel our presence in your life, be open to your spiritual family on Earth, too’.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from a (very rainy) neighborhood wander that The Deputy and I recently enjoyed.


Look for my blue water bottle…….

             This is a wall of jasmine in bloom.  To say that it smelled “good” doesn’t even come close.  I wanted to set up a tent in their yard.  (As it was, we stood in the street for an exceptionally long time.)

             If it wasn’t all up-hill from here, I’d be bugging those folks a LOT more often.