Having a Day

              In my (self-appointed protective) poking around the internetz recently, I came across a brilliant young woman (no link to found, sorry).  She had an inspired suggestion:

Instead of telling you to have a nice day, I have another, perhaps better, idea.  Because, not all of us CAN have a nice day, not all of us are capable of that right now.  We maybe are only able to just get through the day.  I’m going to wish for you to have a day.  To survive it, so that you can, later (hopefully) sleep, and then get up tomorrow.  ‘Tomorrow’ is always a new opportunity.”

             That’s where I am, currently.  I’m just able to have a day.  I’m hoping for all of you that your day is good, but if it can’t be good, then at least have the day.  Tomorrow will be our next chance.

             In its usually validating way, here is the Universe chiming in.  More truth, if all we can do on this day is air-in/air-out, that’s still an accomplishment.

have a day

“Breathe  ~

Archangel Raphael:

‘Take several deep breaths, exhale slowly to awaken your energy and release old patterns.’

Additional Message:

‘Often during times of stress, you may unconsciously hold your breath.  Yet, as we know, breath is essential to oxygenating your mind, body, spirit, and very life.

Write a note to yourself to breathe, as a reminder of the importance of invigoration yourself with deep and steady breaths.’

Working with Archangel Raphael:

Raphael will give us Divine guidance (intuition, thoughts, ideas, dreams) about how we can participate in keeping our bodies healthy.

When you call upon this archangel for healing, pay special attention to inner impressions, and be sure to follow through upon guidance which calls you to take action.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is a small note about Doreen.  Many folks in various spiritual communities have “broken up” with her lately.  She’s turned a new leaf in her life, and some people aren’t fans.

             For me, personally (now that I’m barely learning about Change lessons), I can see how it would be challenging to watch a teacher and leader going another direction, and in that sense, discrediting much of what we still believe to be true.   Of course, I can also understand how she needs to grow and absorb her lessons in her own way.

             For the purposes of this website, we are going to carry on as if she were no longer with us, and just allow her to move along in her journey.  We’ll continue to draw from her cards, guidebooks, pertinent sources, and accept that which serves us in the best and most positive way, as we’ve always done.

             There is still great validity in what she originally channeled, and vast amounts of her work is out there, being read and being shared.  It comes down to choice, and I choose to receive my messages from any and all avenues available, so long as they are found to be within the parameters of lovingkindness.




Big Wide Open Results

             When we talk about opportunity, we’re really talking about our own forward momentum.  We know that we’re traveling along this path, but do we ever know where the fuck we’re going?

             I mean, sometimes we catch a glimpse, and it’s inspiring as hell.  But then, the clouds come in, the sky lowers, and we’re fumbling down that pot-holed, shitty flooded street again.

             Then we have to rest.  Sit on the curb, or duck into a protected doorway if the rains arrive.  While we wait out this latest storm, new ideas pop up.  Brilliant thoughts of our possible future.

All The Options!

             Sure, we could follow up on many of them.  But will we?   Do we have the stamina to take All The Chances?  Or, should we lean here, holding our umbrella, and  wait for another chance?

             Inspiration is everywhere.  And it’s much less flashy than we imagine.  Mostly, it’s in the reality of where we are now.  In the simple views out the kitchen window.  In the bus driver’s smile, or the friend’s comforting hug.

             Let’s look at where our daily draw is taking us, in connection to this message.  There’s always hope and there’s always a choice.  And weather, not always an option, but always a factor.

             (Also, one person’s dream destination is another individual’s living hell, just sayin’.)


“Dry Desert  ~  31  ~

‘Dig deep for inspiration and truth.

Now is the time to become resilient and adaptable.’


Is your life presenting you with opportunities that seem to yield nothing?  Have your ideas dried up?  Does it feel like you’re on an endless journey through a dry, hot, lifeless desert?

This card reminds you that there are times when you are meant to become resilient as you journey through harsher circumstances.  You’re being required to conserve your energy – until, after consistent effort, you reach the oasis you are searching for.

Consider the creatures that live in these conditions: they have adapted to thrive in spite of the outer environment.  In a desert, water – essential for life – can be found deep underground.

Go deep within yourself now . . . find your truth there.  Let Spirit sustain you while you locate the real Source.  Whatever it is that you are asking about will not be found in the conditions you are in until you move past the surface of things and choose to do the real work and discover the answers deep within you.

This may not seem like the productive time, but looks are deceiving.  This is a most important place to find what’s truly right for you.


The subject of your inquiry is barren and can’t give you anything right now.  No matter how beautiful and seductive the shimmering glow of a mirage, this is the illusion.

When the Dry Desert card is reversed, it is a warning not to be hypnotized into thinking you will achieve your desire.  This well is empty.

Consider the gift here, though . . . know that while this is not the right place, person, or circumstance for you at this moment, it means that something better, more fulfilling, and life sustaining is coming.

Celebrate the warning and be grateful.”

Today’s Deck:

Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s FLP Report:

shows that the students are back from Spring Break, and they drove a long damn ways to get here.  One each: Kentucky, Wyoming, Arkansas, Michigan, Illinois (in SUCH an illegal plate frame), Kansas, Tennessee, and Missouri.



             The weather here today was stormy and dark.  I overslept.  (These two facts are not necessarily related.)   When I rode to the pool, it had stopped raining.  I made sure to say Thank You, outloud, as I pedaled along.

             The message I was shown this morning was not very cohesive.  It was in snippets and choppy chunks.  It began like this:

we choose.

             Then continued with things like:

  • we are in charge of our reactions
  • I am the one who picked this life
  • we are perfectly capable of being in a good mood, or a bad one
  • I define my destiny
  • it is up to me to move forward or stand still or look back.

             Again, all true.  And maybe, or maybe not, related.  But, here it is.  For us to ponder and apply as we see fit.

             On our card altar right now, still within the regular rotation, this draw pairs perfectly with the channeled words.  Really, nicely done, Universe.

harmony from clear quartz

“Clear Quartz  ~

harmony, meditation, protection, infinite possibilities

Clear Quartz crystal can be programmed with whatever qualities you desire, for just like you, this crystal is full of infinite possibilities.

This card is asking you to reflect on all that you would love to have and to achieve in life.  Make a list and then mentally infuse this card, or a real Quartz crystal, with all the qualities and things you wish to manifest.

Carry the card/crystal with you – keep it close to your heart and mentally envisage your life as you would love it to be.  See realistic goals for yourself and repeat this ritual daily until all the goals are reached, then set new goals.

Remember – all is possible if you believe it.  Just make sure it is truly what your heart desires.

Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Holiday Sharing:

 is this piece of mail we received today.

winter card

peace . harmony . prosperity . happiness . goodwill . cheer . hope . joy


             It simply says it all.  In the very best way.


Right to choose.

             Cast your minds back.  Back, back, back . . . .  “Expect the unexpected” our card told us.  Right.  Well, then.  That happened.  (No one died, I promise.)

             I repeated the phrase, “accept what is” repeatedly.  (No, not excessively.)  And it might be helping.   I’ll keep you posted.

             This will be a day of no channeled suggestions or messages to share.  There is nothing else for me to add right now, except our daily draw.

oracle cards, self-care, independence

“Independence  ~

Decide for yourself.

Exercise your right to choose.”

             Everything about this is perfect.  And to the point.  We all have that right.  So let’s use it.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s (from yesterday) Affirmation:

I lovingly accept what is.

Trusting Alternatives and Truth

             It’s back to our blueprints and life charts today.  And being reminded of Faith/Wisdom.  Not so much a repeat lesson, as an enforced reminder.

             My sleep images were jumbled  but not disruptive.  At first, when I was just waking up, they didn’t seem to be playing well together.  At all.

             Then, it all fell in to place beautifully as soon as I saw our daily draw.  Nice cohesion and blending of ideas.

Return to Release, Relax, Receive.

             Remember our 3 Rs?  Yeah, that one.  Open up those clinched fists and believe in the possibilities.  Loosen our hands and hold them with palms up, the better to accept and appreciate.

             We truly do NOT need to be in full control, or rather, feel like we need to be.  Because, we just aren’t really anyway.

             Can we rely on our inner voices and Team to guide us?  Can we Trust that Wisdom?  Yep, every single time.

             In fact, we can put it in to practice with the following card.

oracle cards, angel messages, choice, trust, wisdom

“Choice  ~

Reconsider a commitment.

You have the right to change your mind.”

             While Choice is one of my all time favorite words, the application here suits us perfectly.  We do have choices, even though we know that ultimate control is out of our hands.

             We have free will, at all times with all things.  So, our basic reminder is to trust in the way we’ve agreed to let our adventure play out.  And never think that we don’t have the option to change our minds.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is from Ally (xenatuba).  Go HERE to read about what’s possibly been part of our ongoing issues.