Staying on Track, and still saying

             The changes in my life recently have not been how I expected this chapter to unfold.  Because Life goes where it needs to go.  Taking us to the places we need to be.

             Never is it how we thought it would happen.  A turn here, a twist there, a detour we had NO fucking clue was up ahead.  We travel, we experience.  We follow the path, or we veer away from it.

             Right now all I keep hearing is how Acceptance and Appreciation must be in our line of sight at all times, it must be where we’re aiming.  We absolutely can’t make the progress which will help us the most if we don’t embrace those factors.

            The Universe says it’s about:


             To acknowledge our blessings, our lessons, our challenges, that’s where we live in the moment.  That’s where we are ALIVE in a genuine and soulful way.

             To recognize our opportunities as well as those options we can just let pass us by, that’s vital.  Never worry that we’ll miss out.  We definitely won’t.  We’re always in the right place at the right time.

             In fact, on our card altar, this Special Occasion visitor reminds us why.


“Emu  ~  12  ~  Endurance

First in the Category of Fire

A solar influenced creature, Emu speaks of the responsibility afforded to fathers who find themselves raising their children singlehandedly.  Emu Dreaming lends itself to the teaching of effective parenting skills and the endurance that is required to execute the role, especially under difficult conditions.

. . . . . look at how you are holding up physically and emotionally to the stresses of life.  Perhaps you need to pace yourself better so that you are able to maintain a manageable level of endurance.

Emu promotes a holistic approach to life which incorporates a healthy mind/healthy body philosophy while encouraging you to seize personal quiet time for replenishment whenever you are able.

Emu demonstrates how to integrate the positive and supportive aspects of both our ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ characteristics by drawing their wisdom into everything we do, thus enriching our view of the world and our place (and that of our children) within it.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

(I went with this one because of the recent Vernal Equinox, and the personal changes which are happening here at home, it called out to me, so I answered.)

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my April page downstairs.


That heart makes all the difference, don’t you think?


Granting Happiness

             In my mundane daily life, the job training has transitioned into just the job.  It was sprung on us early, like a scary and unexpected premature birth.  We were also handed* our lay-off notices.  I have one month of employment.

*This didn’t occur on the same day, or even the same week, but it did happen one announcement right after the other.

             As with anything, there’s a Good News/Bad News quality about it all.  An aspect which, while filled with uncertainty, isn’t all that different from how many of us have lived and survived for a very long time.

             And that’s also what our message reminds us.

The Gift of Perspective

             (Side note: I had written this post, or rather, let my pen coast across the recycled envelopes I use for taking rough notes while I receive a channeled reading, well before I’d walked through the door of our card altar room.  When I did see who had appeared there….. well, you know how I feel about “coincidental” situations.)

             Much like The Hanged Man in Tarot, we are being asked to view our current situation from an alternate perspective.  Upside-down?  From the eyes of another?  With the filter of lovingkindness?

            Yes, all of those.  No matter how we choose to get that differing angle, we need to see what’s positive here.  Dwelling on the negative (or full-on-panic-derived-from-fear) will only make us feel bad.

             And if that’s the way we go, we might miss out on opportunities which present themselves.  (Presents!)

              Speaking of, here’s where else our view needs to be directed.


“The Lady of the Gift  ~  20  ~

generosity, receiving, withholding

The Lady of the Gift brings a message of tithing.  To be your Ally, she requires you to look at the nature and method of your giving to others.  The world is your church, and you only need to distribute 10 percent of your wealth to others to ensure that the flow continues.

Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean giving money away, nor does it imply a direct action of charity, even though the tradition of tithing is material.  In fact, the kind of tithing the Lady asks of you isn’t tangible or material at all.

She is asking you to look at all human beings as important in the Divine scheme of things and show others that you believe in them, as well as yourself.

Pay attention to how you treat people (including yourself here, too); and be mindful of your perception, even of seemingly “poor” strangers.  If you see others as successful and abundant, and act as if you believe that they have value, blessings all around are assured.

Your belief in others has greater value than you can fathom.  This alone guarantees your success long-term.

Remember that you can only keep what you’re willing to give.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is a place I’ve recently sent one of my far-away friends.  He also has a long (and potentially soul-sucking) commute.  I was thinking of how that time, the minutes we can’t do anything but be in transit, is like a gift we don’t realize we’ve been given.

             So, go HERE and read this article, or any of the others (there’s a menu in the top right corner of that page).  They are all a bit different, but each one is uplifting in its own soft and caring way.

             If you ever get a chance to hear Jack speak, on a recording, podcast, video, or live, you’ll be given the additional treat of being able to read everything after that in his voice.  It’s distinctive and enormously soothing.


Force of Life

             We are a people who like our specifics.  We are basically animals with label-making machines in our hands.  We feel a need to categorize and order all that we can.

             Which, I think, is sometimes why we argue about religion so much.  Everyone wants to put their sticker on the biggest prize.  Or, conversely, in the case of atheists, to slap a big ol’ N/A tag on the void.

             Regardless of what we call this phenomenon, those of us who do believe in something would prefer for it/them/her/him to be called by a proper name.

             The message I’ve been getting, and the songs I’ve been hearing, are reminding us that it makes not one damn bit of difference HOW we refer to our spiritual source, just so long as we continue to make the recognition.  And to do it in our own individual way.


             Whether we go to church, or attend no organized serves of any sort, just stopping somewhere in our day (or week, or whenever) to sit in holiness is a gift.  A moment for our soul to really rest and see and reach out to others.

             Those sacred seconds are precious, and needed.  It is necessary for us all to stop.  To have a time for Quiet.  For prayer.  For reflection.  For meditation.  For just stepping off the messy and loud ride we call this life, and taking a few deep breaths, taking a pause in our daily busy-ness.

name of god

           “You’re not thinking about loving.

you’re just being love –


like the sun.”

             This is a view of our upstairs hall, and it suits us perfectly right now.  Some ancestors worshiped the Sun, and that was ideal for them.  This is a validating reminder to set the title tapes down, and look within.  Holding and honouring our own impression, our own faith, that’s the key.  Not who or what we call it.

Today’s Resource:

Ram Dass 2016 Wall Calendar

Today’s Moment of Irony: 

is that just after I got this post written, I saw there is some kind of television event coming up called The Story of God.  When I read the headline, I just said, “thanks” and laughed at how awesome these signs are.



             We all know today’s card.  And we all know today’s message.  It’s kind of a Little Engine That Could story.

             It’s absolutely about our own inner strength.  And how even when we have burdens and hardships and difficulties (and, like the illustration, missing parts),  we CAN get up and get going.

Gently Forward

             We have a core of power that we sometimes don’t realize is there.  Or, we don’t realize it until we truly need to use it.

             Our strength is limitless, it comes from Source; we can draw on it in times of need and in times of plenty.  We only have to decide, “now” and it will be there.  We are so very much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

             Today the Universe is reminding us to keep going, keep walking, keep calling on that inner strength.  Never be like the other figure, never cower in fear or let the ego rule.

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

             We are being reminded that we CAN take care of, not only ourselves, but our loved ones, too.  We do have that power!  We ARE that strong

             However, we are also being reminded that we don’t need to just shove our way along.  We don’t need to run or push hard.  The most basic and simple steps are called for.  Just gently go forward.  No rush, we have all the time we need.

             Additionally, it helps to remember that we’re not doing this alone.  We have support.  We have back-up.  We have protection and assistance.  Always.

             As we head in to the new week and the new month and the new season, it’ll be a good idea to keep in mind how well we’re doing.  And how much we’ve already accomplished.  Travel forward and travel gently, my friends.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my upstairs hall.  Our March calendar page.

ram daas

“Our whole spiritual transformation

brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, 

we are enough.”

             We are ALWAYS enough.  And sometimes, if we seem to be TOO MUCH?  Well.   Isn’t that also just how it is.



             There are days when these messages seem blatantly obvious and clear.  Other days, well.  On other days they simply are not.

             For the past few “mornings” I’ve been waking up to music which, at first, doesn’t seem shareable.  Until I sit down to write.  At that point, it all shows up.  With bells on.

Life Tunes

             What is the soundtrack of our lives?  What songs accompany this journey that we are all on?  The answer is a Universal Truth, and it’s where we need to focus right now: music is with us constantly.

             Human-made tunes and melodies alongside nature-crafted sounds and songs.  We’re surrounded by the orchestra of Life.  The band is playing, and we’ve got front row seats.  (In some cases, we ARE the band.)

             When we pay attention to it, stop, breathe, relax, and really hear that music, we are tuning in to each other.  To other souls.  To other lives.  Other energies.  We are being reminded of yet another spiritual connection.

             We may not all be able to play an instrument or read the sheet music, but we are certainly part of the concert.

             On our card altar, look who showed up.  As a confirming validation.

music of life

“Whale  ~

‘Through music you reclaim life’s magic and grow strong in body and soul.’

Whale, sublime denizen of the deep oceans, communicates in complex song and serenades his love from afar, telling her of his prowess, experience, and wisdom.

We rarely now use our voices except in mundane speech.  The cry of triumph, the song of joy, the mystics’ chant, and the scream that releases tension all die before they find utterance.  

Yet rhythm, vibration, and frequency say much and heal both body and soul.  Reclaim your voice and like Whale, grow stronger and light as his magic transforms your mind.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages, Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides Oracle Cards by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS clip from an album I purchased about two years ago.  I play it when I’m the substitute leader for Aqua Yoga at my pool.  Also, it’s just wonderfully relaxing, so sometimes I pop in the CD, slow everything down, and simply enjoy.