Yesterday I spent a significant amount of my day with an 8-year-old. She is not related to me by genetics, but her parents and siblings have become like family.

             Again the Universe is telling us it’s time to revisit the conversation around that concept of: it takes a village.  And how without support, well.  Everything is just that much more challenging.

             Here’s what I’m hearing ……


             Who makes up our closest, our near-and-dear, our most loved individuals?  Whoever they are, they’re never all related to us by blood, by DNA.

             Often, our core group is a gathering of like-minded souls, with some genuine relatives mixed in.  It matters not one bit what this ratio of the blend is, nor really, what the numbers even are.

             The important and valuable part?  That we take care of our clan, that we hold them close and back them up.  That we love them, unconditionally, and we are there to support them.

             Because we know, they’ll be there for us.  One of the best ways to make sure we’re recharged and can help family when called upon is to take care of ourselves.

             On what is taking the place of my card altar right now (see phone pic below), we are being validated in that very sentiment.  We MUST practice Self Care, and then, we can be of use to those we love.


“Priorities  ~

Get your priorities in order.

When we know what’s important,

speaking our truth gets much easier.”

Today’s Deck:

SelfCare Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this current view from the room we are calling our “office” (maybe for a long time, maybe for just right now).

oracle and tarot and angel cards

Most of the cards, but (almost) none of the treasures.

             For the first time in the five weeks since we’ve been handed the keys to this place, I got to be in the house, and get shit done.  It’s been nice.  And soon, I’m sure, it will (finally) feel like home.

             (Camera battery recharging cord, still lost.  The replacement device my Beloved ordered for me seems to not be working.)


A Full Circuit and Pennsylvania.

  I saw a Texas license plate today and one from Pennsylvania.  Both fairly rare.  Went to visit the parents and was entertained, again.  I also stopped at a garage sale (on their road) and got a lovely wee lamp for three bucks, plus some free stuff.  I’ve been on this quest the past few days.  Daniel has about finished the front deck (AKA enormous front porch), and since he got the tarp and (most of the) tools off of it …. well shit, it’s like a dance floor!  How did it get that big?  Yikes, now I need to put something out there, like something tasteful.  Or at least not hideously tacky.  I will get some photos taken tomorrow so you can see how it really needs… something.  I found a two dollar chair yesterday.  Two bucks is my limit (and that’s not because I am cheap, we are just destitute right now).  I saw some little benches in a shop, but they were ridiculously expensive, so I am going to harass Dan and my dad into making me some, out of scraps.  Oh they couldn’t BE more excited.

    We have arrived back where we started with our card altar. 

 Healing with the Fairies by Doreen Virtue.

   Self-Reliance  ~   You are your own best friend, and you can provide for yourself emotionally and physically.  Sometimes we feel hesitant and want to get reassurance from another person that everything is going to be all right.  By drawing this card, it is confirmed that all you need is available to you.  You can rely on yourself and your own spiritual gifts to manifest anything and everything you need in your life.  Although your manifestations are the energy of Spirit that often funnels through other people, it still originates with your own thoughts.

    Remember to filter out negativity that may sway you from listening to your own inner voice.  Don’t let naysayers talk you out of fulfilling your dreams.  You are as qualified and deserving of achievement as any other person.  With focused intention and Divinely guided action, your dreams are becoming reality right now.

Affirmation: I am tuned in to my inner source of direction.  I confidently rely upon this inner source to guide me perfectly.

Ride Like a Druid.

    Dental health update (as opposed to mental health update, because something is going wrong with my clutch in the Wee Walnut right now, so my mental health is at risk, more so than usual): roly-poly dentist, who I have known since I was 14 and he was still married, poked around in my mouth today.  Unfortunately nothing we can do right now.  He did, however, explain why the hell this tooth is annoying me, in a way I can mostly understand, and deal with, until we can take permanent measures.  I’ll be surviving on oatmeal and soup until the 7th of next month.  Bad for my attitude, good for my diet.

     Our travels around the card altar have taken us to the Druid Animal Oracle Deck.  I have no idea how long we’ve owned this particular set of cards and guidebook, but it’s been years, and years.  Really interesting and a different perspective.  (See, this is why I wanted to drag them all out and play with them, I forgot these were even here.)  The illustrations are just beautiful and the information is fascinating.  Mostly historic paganism from the British Isles with lots of symbolism thrown in.  Each card has several pages of details, so I’ll go with the over-view as I’ve done before.  If any of these decks really call to you I’d recommend you look into them.  I’ll give as much information as you ask for, and if you can find them locally that would be the best.  If not, they are sure to be available all over the inter-web.  This deck was put together by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, with Bill Worthington doing the art.  The copyright date on mine is 1994 (okay so that does give me a better idea of how long we’ve had them stashed here in the hovel).

      Horse ~ Gaelic Name: Each ~ The Goddess, The Land, Travel

  The spirit of Each calls us to journey, to travel, manifesting in a desire to see new things in the physical world or voyaging in to the inner realms.  She brings us energy and speed and connects us to the power of both the land and the sun.  She is the patroness of the complete life-cycle of birth, death, the afterlife, and rebirth.  By working with her we will grow to feel comfortable with every aspect of our lives, and our cycles within, because we will know that the goddess protects and guides us through-out all stages.

    The horse-goddess Epona (or Eponia), from whom is derived the word “pony” originated in Gaul.  But she was so popular that her cult spread to Britain and as far east as Bulgaria, and she became the only Celtic deity to be worshipped in Rome.

   In Ireland she was strongly linked to the land, and the power connected with it, as well as having a close affinity with the sun.  In some traditions she was depicted pulling the sun’s chariot across the sky, linking her with the sky god.  Whether allied with the god or goddess, the Horse provides us with the power and the ability to journey – in this world or the next.

(Shameless plug: it’s no secret that I think my children are geniuses, and all gorgeous as well, so make sure you check in on the one who helps me with this blog, she has a link over on the side and she’s been updating her place lately.  And yes, today Hurricane Hanna does talk about dead people, but not like her mother, who talks TO dead people.)