Dear Cher, Corrections, and More Swords.

   My brilliant Hurricane wrote a super funny post yesterday, an open letter.  I’m going to do the same, but for a completely different reason.  This morning at 7:33 I was asleep (duh), but my phone beeped.  I ignored it until I got up, several hours later.  I looked at it and there was some sort of twitter thing, but we were kind of behind and this is Daniel’s Monday so I didn’t have a chance to really spend too much time figuring it out.  When I DID go back and read the message, I had to read it about five times, then quickly get to my tweety page to make sure that’s what I was actually seeing.  Why yes, it was. 


    I tried to Direct Message back, but she doesn’t follow me.   *sigh*    Instead I’ve decided to reply here, in an open letter to the Idol Of My Youth: Cher!

    Dear Cher, thank you so much for the tweety message this morning.  I am honored that you took the time.  You are most welcome, and I will be glad to “Cher” your pictures and links forever more.  You are an inspiration and a role model, you show your real side, as well as Cher-ing your art with us all.  Please give your family my best, and I hope the new movie does well, but mostly I hope you enjoy yourself and have a good time with it.  Most Devotedly Yours, Julie in Eugene.

   Okay, now here’s the Dyslexic Witch Alert – I made a few mistakes yesterday, so I need to correct them.  First of all I said that the Autumnal Equinox might show up as yesterday, wrong, it might show up as tomorrow.  Fine, First Day of Fall is today, my time.  Also, I asked if Kristin’s husband’s birthday had already happened, no.  It is tomorrow, the 23rd.  Tomorrow is also my beautiful sister-in-law’s wedding anniversary.  She married Bruce (not Kristin’s husband, who is also named Bruce, but OUR Bruce).  I found Bruce for her.  We were at a softball game and I heard him before I ever saw him.  But, ya know, I was there because her brother and I were living together, so I already had mine.  I tracked that voice down, and the rest is history.  I love you both, and your gorgeous daughter too.

    In about five hours or so it will be the Full Harvest Moon (2:17 a.m. to be exact).  Hope you all got to see this tonight, or tomorrow, because traditionally they are amazing.

   My report on yesterday’s Cinnabon cupcakes:  I licked the frosting off, but I ate most of the cake.  Frosting gets a big yes vote.   That was the Tester Toast.  New toaster: a keeper.  Also, the new suit worked well in the pool today.  Not thrilled with how the back is kinda bunchy (that would be MY back,  not the suit’s back) but we can’t help that right now, what with all the cupcakes that need to get eaten and toast that needs to be toasted.

Please use me as a cautionary tale.  That is a picture of what used to be an entire adult sized molar.  It dissolved, inside my head.  And then gave up its fight for life by falling down into the bridge it was originally attached to.  I have a condition where my teeth just disappear.  Marty told me about it yesterday.  I had no idea this could happen, but we have been battling to save my teeth since we first met 36 years ago.  He was a brand new dentist and his brother was my 7th grade English teacher.  I needed a dentist and he needed patients, so we joined forces.  It has been an entertaining and yet dismal relationship ever since.  Find a good dentist, and see him/her a lot.  (And try not to yell at yours as much as I yell at mine, you have to know them really well before they let you get away with that type of misbehaviour.)

   Our card draw today is from the Robin Wood Tarot, the deck I use when you schedule an appointment with me to read your cards.  (I can also tell you how to schedule your dentistry during the right moon phases too.)

Knight of Swords ~  As we discussed the other day, swords are all about communication.  Things of the air.  Feathers, quills, pens, documents, words.  The Element of Air, wind, voice, and breath.  Knights are problem solvers, they ride in and triumph over the opposition.  They are righteous and true.  They soldier along until they have taken care of the problem.  They judge not, for their task is to stand up for all that is good and fair.

   We have a Knight by our side today, wielding his sword of honesty in voice.  Righting the wrongs that may be spoken around us, or even BY us.  Allow this Prince of Justice to be cut the path freely, so that we may write and talk and breathe with ease and with truth.

Idols of Childhood, To Go Food, and Release.

    When I was a kid these were the people I wanted to be when I grew up:  Cher, Samantha from Bewitched, Cher, Morticia from The Addams Family, and did I mention Cher?  I also wanted to live on Gilligan’s Island.  I liked I Dream of Jeannie’s bottle but mostly I wanted to be Cher.  Seriously, all my life.  From about the age of 4. 

       I was given the gift of seeing her in concert, twice.  My girls did this for me.  I cried.  And I was stunned nearly speechless to be standing in a room, fine a stadium, breathing Cher Air.  The first show was with Cyndi Lauper, and the second time I was blessed enough to see her, the opening act was The Village People.  I felt complete with my life.  Obviously I didn’t die of happiness.  And now I see how fortunate that was, but it was close there for a few minutes.  She will be in a new movie this November.  Not really sure if I can hang on until then.   (If you are going to say ANYthing negative, I will delete you.  Just so ya know.  My children included.)

    When her daughter went public with her homosexuality, My Idol Cher struggled.  And wasn’t so gracious as she could have been.  (Which was completely bizarre seeing as she has spent her entire career surrounded by gay boys.)  It took her some time to adjust.  I kind of get that, a bit.  She was her only daughter and as a mother Cher had her own ideas about what her child’s life would be.  But on the other hand, it crushed me to the core.  My Idol Cher should have gotten to that acceptance point much more quickly.  Chas knew, we all know, deep inside, who we are.  His mother was not as attentive as I would have liked her to be.   Recently, as Chas has undergone surgery and been very public and open about his choices, his life, and his personal difficulties, My Idol Cher has done much better.  I am so glad (no pun intended).  I admire them both very much.  I’ve read both of the books Chas has written, and from what I understand, he is doing quite well.  As a mother, all I can do is be proud and happy for him.  And pleased for her, in being the loving parent she needs to be.    Now, a new movie and new album.

In other news….my Hurricane is home!

And look where I met her.  Yes that is JP’s Devour van.  We got sammiches!  Then, because Hanny needed to do some work, I took Indie back to the house.

He was very well-behaved in the Wee Walnut.

Tomorrow we are all going to the coast.  Well, not quite all of us, Axel will be staying at the grandparent’s house.  He has a nice kennel on the property, and he loves to pee on all that acreage.  I hope to be mobile posting from afar, but there won’t be any new cards until we are back.  The very best news is that Mercury goes direct on Sunday, at 4:09 p.m. my time.  Whew.  Fingers crossed that we’ll all make it.

We are back to Sylvia Browne’s little deck of inspiration.

“Releasing Guilt  ~  Guilt is a spiritual killer.  The only place guilt has in your life is if you did something to another person with malice, for example, intentionally harming someone.  Otherwise guilt is a useless exercise that destroys spiritual growth.  Let it go, and feel the weight leaving every part of you.”