Plenty of Room

             It’s been a while, apparently, since we spoke of this place being a Hate Free Zone, and how the very basic human rights need to be applied with a broad and all-inclusive brush.  Or, so says The Universe, anyway.

             I didn’t wake up with a song today.  Instead, it was the feeling of expansive all-encompassing togetherness.

All Are Welcome

             Like, we are truly all one People.  Our Mother Earth’s people.  There are no divisions that matter, we are all One.

             When we separate, it’s harmful.  When we include, it is healing.  This is a Universal Truth.  With no exceptions.

             They didn’t show me why I had this feeling, simply that we have a chance coming up to prove ourselves in this belief.  We will be able to help, someone somewhere.

             While we are watching for it, here’s what else is coming.

changing gifts

“Angel of New Life  ~

‘An exciting new chapter in your life is about to unfold.’

The Angel of New Life is here to announce that a new chapter of your life is about to unfold.  Over the coming days and weeks you will begin to feel a sense of renewed clarity, purpose, and direction.

New, magical and exciting things begin to happen as you are intuitively guided to explore new avenues and possibilities for you life.

Through this process you will uncover aspects of yourself that you didn’t know you had.  Embrace this new and exciting period of your life and know that the past is now behind you.

Your life is forever changed and you are forever evolving to ever greater spheres of light and love through the wondrous spirit of creation.  Enjoy the journey and all the blessings coming your way.”

Today’s Deck:
Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this recent view, from the end of our driveway.

cupcake royale

Yes, this is the current weather situation.

             Can you see my new sticker?  Cupcake Royale included one in the box as a gift.  Ordering frosting for deliver?  Totally worth it!