Inner and Outer Observations

             I wast late to the Netflix party because . . . . . video stores.  I miss them, I loved them.  Streaming felt like I was cheating on them.

             But now, they’re mostly all gone.  (At least here, anyway.  I heard that there are still some around.  Might they also make a comeback, the way records did?)  I have to move forward, I have to watch SOMEthing when I get done with work and sit mindlessly crafting in my chair.

             Thankfully we’ve come across some fabulous BBC programming.  I couldn’t be happier!  We blew through every single season available of the Great British Bake Off/Baking Show, then moved on to the Great Pottery Throw Down, British Home Cooks, and are now rolling around in the clover field that is Love Your Garden plus Big Dreams Small Spaces.

             Where it all takes me is to a Happy Place.  Speaking the Queen’s English, proper teas, misty cool weather, ancient smooth stones, and a soft genuine caring for others.  Where it has brought my focus is to:


             For nearly one full year now we’ve lived in a rental house which doesn’t belong to us.  The dwelling that DOES have our names on it, isn’t where we currently dwell.  It can feel unsettled.  And not cozy.

             What I keep being reminded, whether it’s by a clay artist, a master gardener, or classically trained chefs who create/toil side-by-side with messy amateurs, is that, the old saying Home is Where Your Heart Is has some truth to it.

             We can make a house a home simply by being in it.  Or, we can suffer with (as Dan calls them when I have a severely strong bout of) The Wanty Wants.  Being miserable about what we don’t have doesn’t make anything better for anyone.  It certainly does not fill the needy gaps.

             Looking for a way to improve our surroundings, even if it ends up being in tiny, inexpensive ways, brightens our mood, helping to lift us up, instead of dragging us down.

             It’s about Transition, it’s about Observation, it’s about Perspective.  There is movement forward.  There are changes we can’t avoid, we may as well embrace them.  It has everything to do with an Attitude Adjustment.

             Which, as a surprise to no one, is precisely where our attention is drawn, here, reminding us of the life-death-rebirth cycle.  It’s a process, and it’s progress.

home and transformation

“Crocodile   ~ the alchemy of energy teaches that death will always yield new life.

Silently slipping through her riverine world, guardian of the margins between land and water, of the mud from which life springs, Crocodile is keeper of all knowledge.

Her wisdom speaks both of the enduring nature of life and its utter fragility, of gentleness and ferocity of how death yields life and the constant transformation of all energy.

If Crocodile has swum to you, the time has come to examine the primordial mysteries of life and prepare yourself for rebirth and the wonders it will bring.”

             My home decor options are limited, so I do what I’m able with what I can find.   Observing our “home” as a feeling-in-motion, rather than a solid place we own or create, can help those of us who are re-birthing right now.

             It seems less severe when we view our living situation as an emotion (a feeling, a heart-flow) instead of a location (a place or a limit).

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is to say, please do click on all of those links above.  Watch a few fun shows, allow them to sweep you across the pond, away from our current struggles and disappointments, into a lightness of caring and beauty and joy.




Better, and Beyond.

             How fortunate it is that I’ve gone all Zen and shit, because this glitch du jour would certainly have sent me over the edge, prior to my most recent Enlightenment.  We are STILL dealing with computer issues.  (I would put an Angry Mom Face here, but I’m not truly angry, more resolved than anything.)

             I’m not on my customary (and comfortable) machine tonight, so I can’t do all the things that I usually would be doing.  (Like downloading pictures!)   However, I do have a funny (and really, very sweet) exchange to share.  By tomorrow, we’ll be back to  Normal.  (Ah Ha Ha, like THAT ever happens.)  For this very moment, let’s be present, and entertained.  Not crabby and pissed off at electronics.

             My son and I text.  A.  Lot.  As you know.   Neither of us like talking on the phone (well, I don’t, not sure really, how he feels about it).  And our schedules are such that this method is massively convenient.   Here’s how it looked last night, after he got off work, and after the post went up.

Him:  I’ve decided that I hate too many of your “daily draw” cards, and I need to be involved in picking your next one.  So that’s going to be your Mother’s Day gift, even if it’s early: I will go with you slash search with you for your next deck.

Me:  Lol.  That would be lovely!  But it won’t take any of the “hated” ones away.

Him:  I know.  But it will at least dilute the pool.

Me:  It totally will.  I think you mostly hate the illustrators that Doreen selects.  And Osho.  But hey, today’s was pretty good!

Him:  The MESSAGES are usually fine, but I can’t get past the shitty illustrations. It’s my nerd showing through; I have too much exposure to the GOOD version of what they’re all trying to do, via comic books (even if I don’t read them) to tolerate the crappy ones.

Me:  Look away, Babe.  Look away.


             At that point I burst out laughing so loudly that the dog jumped up, rudely yanked from a nap.  It was hilarious, on so many levels.

             And speaking of such (hilarity, as well as NOT-BEAUTY), we have an interesting phenomenon on our altar today.  Before I even got in to that room, the ugliest deck of all was calling to me.  We’d come to the end of its rotation with our last draw, so the stack needed to be shuffled and started anew.

             If I can’t get the photo to work, go see the picture HERE.  It’s the same.  Again.  (Note:  In setting up this link, I just saw that in the last post she showed up for, I was ALSO quoting J.D. and we were dealing with past computer difficulties.  Funny.  In a way.)

The Angel Of The Universe  ~

You are being encouraged to expand your thinking.

By choosing this card you are being guided by your angels to look at your life and work from a broader, more universal perspective.

The angels congratulate you for all that you have done to date to serve and help humanity and those around you.  Yet it is time to move on to the next level.  Trust your angels and the universe for they will guide you.  There is no need for anxiety or fear.  You are simply being encouraged to think a little bigger.

Start to imagine yourself and your work reaching and touching large numbers of people without losing any of the integrity of what you do.  Imagine all this happening with ease and only in ways that will make you feel comfortable.  

It takes no more effort to think big than to think small.  There’s no need to do anything radical at this time.  Remember, to a large degree, we create our reality by what we think about, dream about, and imagine.  Simply think a little bigger and ask the Angel Of The Universe to guide you.”

             Yeah, coming back to see us so soon had great significance.  We absolutely need to pay attention, and not let this one go unacknowledged.  Remember from yesterday, “there are more choices out there than we can even imagine.  So let’s start imagining.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

to a downtown appointment, and back it was 8.806 in 53 minutes, 11 seconds, and my average speed was a brisk 9.9MPH.  With the sun shining , inside as well as out.

FLP Report:

Pennsylvania and an old fashioned green/white Colorado.

Today’s Baking:

haven’t made biscuits in a while, so that’s where I’m headed now.

LateNight Insight:

one of the things I’ve recently been discussing with *A* is my use of skills, tools, and new coping mechanisms, along with this Present Moment Consciousness concept.  This post is a perfect example.

              I ran in to a roadblock, but it didn’t upset me.  I just rolled with it.  When it was feeling a bit stressy, I gave my self elf permission to take a break.  I stepped away and let the situation just BE there.  It works, this new mind-set.  Really, REALLY well.