What does it mean to be needed, and is it a way we wish to have others view us?  Don’t we all struggle to feel worthy and of value?

             Do we really HAVE to have all the things we cling to?  Are all of these gadgets and contraptions required for a truly happy existence?  Do we feel incomplete without the reassurance of others?

             This lifetime, for me, is all about Release and Letting Go lessons.  Yet, in the day-to-day, down-n-dirty, we-got-those-bills-to-pay reality, we’re maybe trying to go the other direction.  Might we be causing some of these issues?

            I mean, none of us is so unique that we can’t be replaced.  While at the same time, we truly ARE incredibly special, individual, the only one like us, with our own set of skills, talents, and gifts.

             It’s a balance, it’s a back-and-forth of trying to find that harmony of necessity.



             We want to feel good about ourselves and what we’re accomplishing.  We just don’t want to worry that when we take a break everything will go to hell in a handbasket.

             How we find the tipping point is to fall off of the edge.  Uncomfortable?  Yes.  Fatal?  Usually not.  Informative?  Always.

             It’s up to us, one at time, in our own space, in our own way, with our own specialized set of tools, to discover that fine calculation, that perfect leveling.

             We need to seek it gently, though.  Without vigor, and without haste.  We need to approach it softly, so as not to flip the scales and cause a crash.

             In asking all of these questions, I was directed to see what else we could learn here.  This validation brings the start of an answer, a recalibrating of a reminder.

             To learn, we often times are forced to teach.  To instruct, we must first acknowledge that we are always still learning.

             To help ourselves, it is best to begin by helping others.


“tumbled stones

rainbow healing

Today marks the start of a new beginning; a new way of looking at life and the world around you.

Be it in dreams or through beautiful rainbows, you are being infused with light and blessings. 


Surrender your concerns to the universal light of love and allow this wondrous healing to occur.

You will soon find that others are attracted to you.  Many will come and seek your help and advice for you are a beacon of light unto all.

In the near future you will empower others with your love and wisdom as you help them see their own inner light and beauty.

You are a natural born healer who heals through the power of love.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Affirmation:

(from the same source)

I will love myself enough today to

allow the light of my soul to shine

through and reveal my inner beauty,


and purpose.






            Our recent messages are beginning to develop a theme.  This is always sort of comforting to see.

             Right now, we’re being reminded to keep our physical and emotional expenditures on an even keel.  All output must equal enough taking in.  Disbursement = Receiving.  In other words:


             Because it’s a time of year which can (very easily and quickly if we aren’t careful) get well and truly out of hand.

              There’s a control factor to this, too.  The element of “back off” arises as we slip, perhaps, in to a DO IT ALL NOW mentality.  This is never in anyone’s best interests.  Never.

             To check in on ourselves is to bring Self-Care front and center.  To stay focused on our most loving and kind Balance is to be there when someone needs us.  We’re no good when we’re run down or exhausted.

             And how much fun are holidays when we’re feeling taken advantage of or stressed to the point of tears?  No fun, that’s how much.

             All the Universe is asking us to keep in mind is that we balance the give with the take, the in with the out, the physical with the spiritual.

             And on our card altar, this draw is showing us an excellent place to start.


“Kindness  ~

Card meaning:

Practice kindness in all your thoughts and deeds – toward yourself, other people, animals, and the environment – and watch the rewards that come you way!’

We often refer to kindness as ‘thoughtfulness.’  Yet, kindness is more correctly described as ‘lovefulness.’

By drawing this card, the fairies hand you the wonderful assignment of looking for opportunities to be kind.

This may mean ‘undercover kindness,’ in which you do anonymous good deeds.  Or, it could mean being extra alert for strangers who could us a helpful hand or a thoughtful word.

Kindness can also entail letting someone else win the argument or volunteering for a cause that you truly believe in.

By paying attention to the implications of every thought and action, you begin to develop a kindness habit.  Your new energy of kindness attracts new loving friends into your sphere.

As you practice kindness toward animals, plants, and the environment, you develop a closer relationship with nature.  More important, when you are particularly kind toward yourself – by thinking about yourself compassionately and by taking time out for yourself – you are rewarded with a deep sense of inner satisfaction and peace.


I am kind, thoughtful, and loving to myself and others.”

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is just to remind everyone that we’ve got a Mercury retrograde situation coming up.  (THIS looks like an excellent resource.)  The Shadow Effect is already making itself known, so go slow, take breaks, and SAVE YOUR WORK!


Eye of the Beholder

             There are Universal Laws and all-encompassing truths, within which we all live.  What we don’t always realize though, is how simple we are able to pare our sacred selves down to.  While still maintaining that truthful reality.

             As people, sharing space here, we have far more commonalities than we do differences.  But only when viewed with that aspect of removing the dishonest, falsely created complications can we see it, can we see others and their similarities.

             All of us, our soul journey, our life experience is ……….

a mixed bag.

             There must be a balance.  Very often we feel wrong-footed, and begin to topple.  Losing our center, losing our balance.

             If we were to look at the Mixed Bag we’ve gathered, peering inside to see all the treasures and trash, we could sort out the reasons for our imbalance.  Tossing out* what we no longer need.

*Composting or recycling, never into the landfill!

             What I saw with this message was not, as we might expect, a set of scales, or an actual bag.  No, I was shown a stylized version of the human form.  With the arms and legs and middle and neck and head holding groups of items.

             The “bag” is us.  We are the containers.  We hold the mixed-up lessons and gifts.  We are the scales.

             Our gathered contents have to be balanced, to keep us balanced and on track.  When we feel overwhelmed or loaded down, it’s because our Mixed Bag has become too stuffed full of that which we no longer need to carry.

             Time to unpack.  Time to let go.  Time to make a trip to the recycle center and pass those items on to their next loving home.

             As we look to our card altar right now, this reminder is validated by showing where else we can utilize balance.

light beings

“Goddess of Beauty  ~

‘You are a wondrous being of light;

there is nothing to change or fix.’

You are a wondrously beautiful being of light, yet you cannot see it because you are comparing yourself to others instead of looking honestly and lovingly at yourself.

Meditate upon the image of this card and allow your light and natural beauty to shine through.  You are beautiful just as you are.  There is nothing to change or fix; just love and accept yourself as you are.

As you honour the beautiful person that you are, others will feel the light and warmth radiating from you.

As a result, you will attract wonderful and generous people into your life that will love and appreciate you for all you truly are.

Just be yourself – that is where your beauty lies!”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from tonight’s Instagram.

A pair of pairs.

A pair of pairs.

             Gifts from Nature, and discovering a CLEARANCE sale on sandals.  Yep, that’s what makes for a great day.



             In any of the sciences or fields which deal with human behavior, there’s a concept of “three (or more) sides to every story.”  The idea is that we all see or hear our own version.

             In a metaphysical view, all of those are valid.  They all have meaning and all have truth.

             For example, Person A and Person B have an interaction on a public street.  The account of this event told by Person A is hers, honestly.  Same can be said for Person B, that IS the way it happened.  For her.

             And the video camera mounted on a nearby business recorded a third variant.  As well as any observations made by Person C who was driving past.

            Every telling (or recording) is a genuine observation.   The truth, as perceived:

In the eye

(or mind or heart or soul)

of the beholder.

             The point is, we are not walking this path to judge right or wrong, merely to see our truth, and to honour that in others.  None of it is invalid.  It’s just different.

             Continuing in the same vein, still within our regular rotation around the card altar, confirmation is in evidence.

fairness and balance

“The Keeper of the Scales  ~

fairness, balance

The Law of Harmony is enacted when the Keeper of the Scales comes to you as an Ally.  Align with her as the law states, making conscious choices that create balance in your life.

When you do, you also magically align with the abundance of the Universe and the powerful forces of synchronicity.  This creates conditions and possibilities that lead to the fulfillment of your highest intentions.

Harmony begins with the self and then resonates outward to others.  You are in harmony with yourself when you nurture yourself with love, respect, and acceptance, always fully taking responsibility for your actions.

Only then can you be in harmony with others.  This is because love is the central force that connects all of life and aligns you with like-minded others.

Another message is restoration and the positive, fair resolution in all disputes, including those involving the legal system or other important exchanges.

The Keeper of the Scales is a just and kind Ally, always making sure balance is activated on your path.”

Today’s Resource:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Affirmation:

As I honour and follow the guidance of my heart, prosperity comes to me effortlessly.


Our Card 27, and It’s Still Hot.

  Okay, still hot here, but apparently not nearly as hot as some OTHER places!  Jeez, surface of the sun is what I’m hearing.  Yikes folks, seek shade and stay well hydrated.  On the family front, I received some very entertaining phone photos from J.D. today.



Big damn python


So I guess he and Empress went to a zoo.

The Keeper of the Scales ~ 38 ~ fairness, balance.

     The Law of Harmony is enacted when she comes to us as an Ally.  Align with her as the law states, making conscious choices that create balance in our lives.  When we do, we also magically align with the abundance of the Universe and the powerful forces of synchronicity.  This creates conditions and possibilities that lead to the fulfillment of our highest intentions.  Harmony begins with the self and then resonates outward to others.  We are in harmony with ourselves when we nurture ourselves with love, respect, and acceptance, always fully taking responsibility for our actions.  We can then be in harmony with others.  This is because love is the central force that connects all of life and aligns us with like-minded others.  This Keeper is just and kind, always making sure balance is activated on our path.

    I love this card, in its message and in the simplicity of its representation.  Very reminiscent of the Scales of Justice, as well as the Justice card in the Tarot.  I am a huge fan of all things being fair and equal.  The colors here are warm and soft, all creams and gentle greens to yellows and browns, then back to cream again.  The central figure is a woman who appears to be sort of hovering above a field of grain, she is draped in a sheet-like garment that blends into the clouds.  She has a serene look on her face, with loose, unstyled hair in similar shades of the wheat around her.  Both arms are at her sides, hands extended with palms down, weighing scales just balanced on her fingertips.  The entire feeling here is breezy and peaceful, so warm.