Every.  Single.  Day.  We are granted educational opportunities.  It is our task to find them, and share them.  (We get more than one, but probably less than a million.)

             Some are obvious, way obvious.  They are clear and easy to understand, they make sense.  Others, well, they can be like a spiritual Easter Egg hunt, elusive and hiding.

              We all pass along our lessons in different and individual ways, none better than any other.  Some of us, like those loved ones who went Home early, had less time to learn and to teach.  But their lessons are as valid as someone who shares for twice as long.

             It’s so very important to honour every type, evenly, lovingly, and fairly.

             This is where the message is taking us right now:

find it, acknowledge it, give it.

             To share, is key.  We can learn and gather, but if we don’t share and give some of ours to others, it doesn’t help; doesn’t help us, doesn’t help those who we could be learning from, in our own sharing.

             This has been a difficult journey, no doubt about it, but it’s also been so fucking FULL!  The downs are terrible, the ups are amazing, but the in-betweens are where we spend most of our time.

            To be grateful for all, every lesson, is where the Universe wants us to focus.  We are here to learn, and …… to teach.  It’s the sharing.  Really, it is.

             And in

Today’s Sharing:

             I have to say that my old Nikon digital camera has been misbehaving lately.  I can’t take any photos with it at the current moment.  I may need a replacement.

             For this post, I’m being directed to search in our archives and come up with the perfect complimentary view.

             No card draw, just this, a shot I saved from December of 2015, it fits.  Our North Jetty, in Florence, as the sun sets.  All that sand, it used to be someplace else, and now, it makes a walkway, covering the rocks.

florence oregon


             Things change, and we move forward.  We treasure the past, but we have to cast our eyes ahead, while living here, in this moment.  Now.




Affiliated Harmonically

             Energetically speaking, there’s a shit-ton going on right now.  (And yes, that’s a professional if not technical term.)  Pluto, Mercury, the moon, and (depending on where you live) tomorrow’s Equinox.

             All of that, to those of us Highly Sensitive types (plus whatever “regular” living chaos we’re in), can add up to some stressy-ness and edgy emotions.

             And that calls for Self-Care of the most major kind.  (As well as MORE releasing.)  Perfect message then, for what arrived today.

Yours – Mine

             As I read through the Four Agreements (it’s slow going, I really want to absorb it all), I see the benefits of stepping away from our suffering even more clearly.

             Your situations are your situations, my situations are my situations.  The same goes for how we feel and how we react.  I can’t be responsible for your reaction, just as you can’t be responsible for mine.

             Can we approach life with Truth and lovingkindness so as to mitigate as much harm as possible?  Absolutely!  In fact, it’s recommended.

             We just can’t get hung up on who else feels what about everything.  WE are the focus of our own journey.  Sure, it’s nice to have fellow adventures along for the ride.  Our main responsibility though, is our own sacred selves.

             On our card altar right now we’re going out into the future (while staying firmly planted in the now), manifesting that next chapter.  My chapter.  And your chapter.

minor arcana Robin Wood

Two of Wands

             Remember how Staves, Wands, Clubs are all about energy?  Like what we started this conversation with.  Energy.  The power of life which rolls within and around us all.

             That which makes us all connected.  The very essence of who and what we are.  The spark of creation and wave of power.

             And here, in its truest form of duality, balance, and those first steps into “making” something out of nothing.  In this illustration, our character gazes out upon the possibilities of All.

             We are most magickal when we are in sync with the Universe and all of Nature.  Here is the validation of our efforts.  We can see, as this individual does, that there is a future.  We have learned from our past, as we embrace our present.

             This present moment, this is the gift of intentional living.  Your gift.  My gift.

Today’s Resources:


Llewellyn’s 2015 Witches’ Datebook,

the Robin Wood Tarot

Current Astrological Happenings:

Mercury Retrograde through October 9

Autumnal Equinox 1:09 a.m. on Wednesday 9-23

Pluto Direct at 11: 57 p.m. on Thursday 9-24

Full Harvest Moon at 7:51 p.m. on Sunday 9-27

(Time zone: Oregon.  Calculate accordingly.)


Seasonal Shifts

             As much as I’d like to embrace being a Luddite, and shun all technology, truthfully, there are parts and pieces that I actually enjoy.  Like this.  Just being here.  And, ya know, having any sort of music, just there, whenever I need some.

             Today’s message addresses our love/hate relationship with change.  How necessary, and yet, how challenging.  How we WANT to throw a fit and scream, “no, nothing new!”

             Spiritually speaking though, we really do need it.  And, it really is good for us.  The merest lean towards acceptance is so SO very healing.

             Here’s what I was made aware of this morning, what we are being asked to look at, and absorb:


             We’re timely, too.  It’s the first day of Fall, so all of Summer is technically gone now.  This is the moment when we have to face the death/rebirth cycle.  Again.

             On our card altar, this being a Special Day, we have a Special messenger.  How difficult was it for the Ancestors to adapt, originally, to this gift?  And yet, now, we can’t imagine our lives without.


“Horse  ~  20  ~  Personal Power

When first introduced, Horse strengthened and deepened the people’s view of the world.  It afforded them greater understanding of the land because it allowed them to explore the horizon on a level never known before.  With obvious links to movement and travel, Horse sanctioned the exploration and conquering of the physical setting, the breaking of boundaries and the expansion of tterritory

In similar fashion, Horse Dreaming embraces the essence of Personal Power and what it means to spiritually journey within in search of inherent wisdom.

Personal Power represents the wealth of knowledge we may accumulate over a lifetime of experience which, when honoured, shifts from the mundane and familiar into a world of unlimited potential.

According to tradition, a Horse stands symbolically at each of the four cardinal points on the great Wheel of Life . . . . Each of the four directions offers a sacred gift of Power and a wealth of corresponding energetic wisdom.

 It is up to us to go out and spiritually seek this knowledge and, once found, integrate it into our life . . . . 

If Horse has galloped into your cards today, you are being primed for a journey of great Power.

We all subconsciously know where our Personal Power lies, and as long as we instigate the search, we will ultimately find it – resulting in great rewards on all levels.

Remember: all journeys start with a simple step forward, with any forward movement nurturing growth, and growth leading to development, and enrichment.

Promoting a sense of complete freedom, the appearance of Horse suggests travel of all kinds, both inner and outward; emotional, physical, and spiritual.”

Today’s Deck:

for this Special Occasion is the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

              Happy Autumnal Equinox, to us all.

All Equally Autumnal.

              Did you all have a delightful Equinox?  Mine was peaceful.  Mostly.  With the added bonus of being able to purchase some groceries.  It’s a gift that we should never take for granted.  Also, the baseball playoffs* are now going to begin.  It’s truly Fall.

*The possibility that Dan and I will be cheering for opposing teams is highly likely.  It could be a Hovel Divided, come World Series season.

             What seemed like a spiritual conflict appeared when I jotted down our message and flipped over today’s daily draw.

Reflection and Contemplation,

both exceptionally useful tools.

             While true, this almost felt like it was opposing the selection we have below, with our return to the regular rotation.

oracle cards, dolphin and mermaid messages

“Play Time!

The dolphins know the importance of playing, as joy creates miracles and manifestation.

This card indicates that you have been straining and working too hard, and that you’ve lost your original focus.  You are striving more of out of habit than out of a clear direction.  The dolphins ask you to stop, and divert your attention through silliness and non-competitive play.  Any kind of playfulness will shake up your ruts and routines, and allow you to regain perspective on what is important and what is not.

Playing is a magical form of meditation, as it opens your heart chakra and allows your creative spirit to tap in to Divine wisdom.  If  your playfulness involves outdoor physical activity, the extra oxygen will also spark new ideas for you.”

             Exactly as the fairies (and their unfortunately illustrated unicorn friend) said yesterday, the dolphins and mermaids recommend we let go and have fun.  Even though it might seem as though the channeled message doesn’t belong here, we know that it absolutely does.

             Because really, what punctuates and refreshes Play Time/Kick Up Your Heels events better than a contemplative moment of Quiet Reflection?  Oh yes, these blend extremely well.

             Rest, but also Frolic.  Putting these suggestions together sounds like the perfect combination to me.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

arrived on my doorstep this week.

water bottles, blue ocean shades

Colours of the Sea.

             I’ve been a two-bottle person for ages now, the “other” being a disposable one* that I trade in when the situation arises, or when it’s convenient   Now, I don’t have to use ANY hydration container but my own.

*Because I like the tops that EartH2o 20 ounce containers come with.

             Thank you, parents of my Beloved, for the awesome birthday gift card, which enabled me to purchase some way fun presents.  This is one of three.

Preservation and Safety.

             Astrologically speaking, we have several events coming and going (check my regularly updated, helpful reminder boxes <—– over there).  However, since that’s not really my strongest area of expertise, I encourage everyone to check out Sarah’s place.  If you haven’t already made this one of your daily stops, please do.  Her take on what is going on around us is extremely helpful.

             Also, it’s not just me this time, I know it.  Others must be noticing it too.  In the past few days the weather has just BOOM! gone from summer to fall.  Which makes sense, the Equinox is only a few days away.  But still, I could absolutely feel it in the air, and I had to turn my lights on for the ride home from class this evening.

             When I got out of bed earlier, stretching and waking up before my window, there were definitely more orange leaves in my view than even yesterday.  I wasn’t discouraged though, because our message wouldn’t let me be.

Find the important/beautiful spots in your day,

and treasure them.

             Which is precisely what I did, from that exact point on.  (Not that my day was bad, though.)  As I later stood in front of our card altar I was directed to jump back into the regular rotation.

             This one may not be my favorite illustration, but what he’s telling us is continuing the previous theme.  Obviously that makes the importance level high.

oracle cards, the metal king

“The Metal King  ~  37  ~

discipline, armor, boundaries

Ally:  The Metal King is strong and arrives to lend you his impenetrable shield of protection.  No matter who sends you criticism or jealously, you will not be hurt.

This Ally also prompts  you to think about setting healthy boundaries.  When you do – no matter how uncomfortable that task may be – everyone will benefit   He asks you to make sure you know where you end and another begins.  Others’ emotions are not yours, no matter how empathic you may be.

Another of the Metal King’s messages is to remind you how important it is to have a healthy sense of self-esteem.  It’s a good time to shine and be proud of what you have accomplished.”

             It’s been a while since the Contrary angle was suggested, but that’s the case today.  Here’s the other side of this one.

“Challenger:  Be mindful of codependency and enmeshment when the Metal King comes as your Challenger.  He’s inviting you to address how overwhelmed you may be around other people.  Do you pick up their feelings like a sponge?  Do you feel you need to heal them so that you feel better?

Get grounded.  Be clear about your own personal boundaries, and restrain yourself when you feel like jumping in to help without being asked.  This is also a warning against forming unhealthy relationships in any area of your life.”

             Good info, from both directions.  I especially like that he has brought his armour to keep us safe, from whoever or whatever happens along.

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Mileage:

was up to the pool and back in only 22 minutes 57 seconds, just 3.872 miles, at an average speed of 10.1 MPH.

Continued Sharing From The Wedding Weekend:

includes this shot of Horsetail Falls, off of Hwy 84’s scenic bypass (the old road, in other words).

Horsetail falls

With Dan taking his own pic, for perspective.

             There are three (I think) official falls along that road, and a couple of spillovers.  It’s a gorgeous drive, any time of year.  We plan on going back that way again, when we aren’t in such a rush.  (And possibly hiking some of them.)