Inner and Outer Observations

             I wast late to the Netflix party because . . . . . video stores.  I miss them, I loved them.  Streaming felt like I was cheating on them.

             But now, they’re mostly all gone.  (At least here, anyway.  I heard that there are still some around.  Might they also make a comeback, the way records did?)  I have to move forward, I have to watch SOMEthing when I get done with work and sit mindlessly crafting in my chair.

             Thankfully we’ve come across some fabulous BBC programming.  I couldn’t be happier!  We blew through every single season available of the Great British Bake Off/Baking Show, then moved on to the Great Pottery Throw Down, British Home Cooks, and are now rolling around in the clover field that is Love Your Garden plus Big Dreams Small Spaces.

             Where it all takes me is to a Happy Place.  Speaking the Queen’s English, proper teas, misty cool weather, ancient smooth stones, and a soft genuine caring for others.  Where it has brought my focus is to:


             For nearly one full year now we’ve lived in a rental house which doesn’t belong to us.  The dwelling that DOES have our names on it, isn’t where we currently dwell.  It can feel unsettled.  And not cozy.

             What I keep being reminded, whether it’s by a clay artist, a master gardener, or classically trained chefs who create/toil side-by-side with messy amateurs, is that, the old saying Home is Where Your Heart Is has some truth to it.

             We can make a house a home simply by being in it.  Or, we can suffer with (as Dan calls them when I have a severely strong bout of) The Wanty Wants.  Being miserable about what we don’t have doesn’t make anything better for anyone.  It certainly does not fill the needy gaps.

             Looking for a way to improve our surroundings, even if it ends up being in tiny, inexpensive ways, brightens our mood, helping to lift us up, instead of dragging us down.

             It’s about Transition, it’s about Observation, it’s about Perspective.  There is movement forward.  There are changes we can’t avoid, we may as well embrace them.  It has everything to do with an Attitude Adjustment.

             Which, as a surprise to no one, is precisely where our attention is drawn, here, reminding us of the life-death-rebirth cycle.  It’s a process, and it’s progress.

home and transformation

“Crocodile   ~ the alchemy of energy teaches that death will always yield new life.

Silently slipping through her riverine world, guardian of the margins between land and water, of the mud from which life springs, Crocodile is keeper of all knowledge.

Her wisdom speaks both of the enduring nature of life and its utter fragility, of gentleness and ferocity of how death yields life and the constant transformation of all energy.

If Crocodile has swum to you, the time has come to examine the primordial mysteries of life and prepare yourself for rebirth and the wonders it will bring.”

             My home decor options are limited, so I do what I’m able with what I can find.   Observing our “home” as a feeling-in-motion, rather than a solid place we own or create, can help those of us who are re-birthing right now.

             It seems less severe when we view our living situation as an emotion (a feeling, a heart-flow) instead of a location (a place or a limit).

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is to say, please do click on all of those links above.  Watch a few fun shows, allow them to sweep you across the pond, away from our current struggles and disappointments, into a lightness of caring and beauty and joy.




Hills and Valleys, Ins and Outs

             Some days are simply more challenging than others.  I hit a rough patch this week (several, actually).  The dates next week (and the ones right after) won’t help get me past that.

            What HAS been encouraging and uplifting, is my family. I truly hope that wherever you are, whoever you are, you have the kind of support I do.  If you do not?  Contact me, I’ll send you a virtual hug and we can chat.

             As I said in our last post, I’m very fortunate to have someone who picks me up when I stumble.  We also have three incredibly brilliant and kind (adult) children.  As a bonus, I have a mom and dad who adore me and are just up the highway.

             When we are struggling, as I have been lately, it’s helpful to go within, to see what messages our Team has for us.  As if in total validation, this card came up.  It is the entire message right now.

             Well, that and a reminder.  Focus on the haves, leave those have-nots for someone else to worry about.

gratitude attitude

“Visualization  ~

‘Card Meaning:

Your clairvoyance, your dreams, and the pictures in your mind’s eye are becoming more clear and powerful.

This card asks you to trust, to develop your visual skills, and to use them in conscious manifestation.’


It is safe for me to see, I am a very visual person.”

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is to thank Louise Hay.  She left us this week, passing peacefully in her sleep.  She was 90, and she was a gift to us all.





Emotional Progress

              For me, very much of yesterday was challenging.  I had a tough time hanging on to my serenity.  (Which is vastly similar to maintaining sobriety.)

              I had to “re-set” my attitude repeatedly.  And then, this morning, I woke up with the message of sharing it all.  (It’s a process here, people, it really is.)

             The focus is an image.  Okay?  And these are its foundations.




             Envision a pyramid.  At the top is Love.  Bottom left corner is Peace.  Bottom right corner is Joy.  Make a mental picture of this, and hold it in your mind.

             The image may be used as a mantra.  Or an intention.  Or a prayer.  Or really, in any way that works best for your brain/heart/soul.

inspirational serene ocean rainbow

This is on the wall of my card altar room, it’s a place to rest my eyes and calm my head.

            When I sit and allow my vision to see (or remember) that whaletail rainbow photo, and repeat those three specific words (backwards and forwards around the triangle), I am calmed.

             I am returning to a grounded and centered place.  I am, once more, in sacred space.  I am holy.

              Any time you need to do the same, please feel free.  Take even cleansing breaths, and sense the serenity creeping back, gently shoving out the stress and negativity.  It works.  I promise.

Today’s Resource:

and old calendar page.  And me.

This Week’s Kitchen Adventure:

was assembled by using what we had around The Burrow.  And finding a recipe on-line.

iron skillet baking

It barely fit on the largest plate we have.

              Pineapple upside-down cake, made in an iron skillet.  Dan did all the work.  (Obvs.)  And the results were grandly received.



             Turns out, that which we struggle with the most, is our best lesson, the one with the longest lasting value.  I knew this, but, maybe I kinda didn’t.

             My own example is all about letting go, obviously.  So, while I constantly battle that gather-and-hold urge, I am really trying to muster Release.

             Like a friend of mine who began her own business, she detests paperwork.  And yet, her field is packed full of notes, insurance, and government licensing.  In other words: nothing BUT paperwork.

             She and I face our challenges all the damn time!    Because, see, that’s actually THE POINT.

Opposing our Opposites

             Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, these same learning opportunities exist.  They don’t go away!  The key is, what are we going to do about our attitude toward them?

             We address them.  Acknowledge their presence.  Then, we Relax.  Metaphorically.  Spiritually.  Physically, even.

             In a stress-free pose, we stand, feet slightly apart, head held high.  We extend our arms, hands open in peace and serenity.  We breathe.

             Because the opposite is a tense fist, our entire body a jumble of anxiety and clinched unhappiness.

             When we Release, we Relax.  We are then able to Receive.  And in Receiving, we have let go of the fight.  We’ve Accepted that gifts are more plentiful than sorrow and stress.  Exchanging versus Opposing.

             We are striving for a state of calm, of lovingkindness, which we can then share.  Yes, it’s on-going, this challenge and lesson.  And that’s due to the fact that Life is on-going.  But, if we live it hands open, breathing in and out, mindfully, with an attitude of gratitude, then the struggle diminishes.  The difficulties are diluted.  By the second, by the minute, by the hour, by the day, by the week, by the month, by the year and eventually, by the decade too.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, we have been presented with this helpful and complementary message, (which is also a bit reminiscent of yesterday’s calendar page).


“Sharing of Yourself  ~

‘I am an incredibly generous being.’

Card Meaning:

Share who you are with others.  Give what you have, what you do, and who you are.  Be generous.  The more freely and fully you share yourself, the more freely and fully the Universe will be to you.

The Universe wants you to know:

You need to share from the depths of your soul.  Allow others to see your essence and feel your radiance.  If you give with the thought that it’s something you must do as a duty or sacrifice, you may feel depleted.

However, if you give with the belief that there’s no scarcity of energy, funds, or joy, the Universe will pour an abundance of these things into your life.

Don’t expect to receive something in return – rather, be generous just because it feels right.  You can only give as much as your capacity to receive, so open yourself to receiving even more.

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I give even more?  What is stopping the flow within my life?  What could occur in my life if I gave without reservation?


I am an incredibly generous being.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denis Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS PLACE.  Yeah, I could live there.  Plus, it’s historic.


Knowing Our Wins.

             (This post has the potential to appear on the tardy side.  I ended up with a late night.   Apparently, this happens when you [me!] become all Zen Balanced and shit.  Time changes.)

             We’re going to begin with a success story.  One of my pool pals came to me recently and asked about the cigarette smoking situation.  Specifically if I had relapsed.  Her question surprised me, it’s been so long (almost a year and a half?) that I truly had forgotten I used to reside on that side of the ashtray.

             She told me she’d been trying to quit since somewhere around 1984.  I explained Allen’s book and program to her again, but she said she had the book, it didn’t work for her.  Next we talked about audio and on-line seminar options (and I quizzed her on how far she’d read, not more than a couple of pages, turns out).  She promised she’d look in to the other choices, or try the book again.  I told her that I totally believed in this, and him.  And her.

             Tonight she stopped me after class and said, “I did it.”  She had become a non-smoker four days ago!  I was so proud of her (she’s in her 70s, and from Brooklyn, so ya know, hearty) and told her so.  The entire experience just validated my day, and my Present Moment Consciousness way of thinking   Yay us!

             Since we’re running short of time, I know you won’t mind if I abbreviate our daily draw just a bit, leaving off the guidebook info and tuning in our radio for the message  (it worked so well yesterday).


“Possibilities  (r)  ~  2  ~  Fire: Action

Letting Go  ~  8  ~  Water: Emotions”

             We continue to struggle, and then find success.  We make some progress, then we hit a snag.  We move forward, then there’s a roadblock.  It’s the nature of being Human.  It’s exactly how this journey is meant to be.  Otherwise, we’d never learn a damn thing.

             As we release the old patterns, we see new options.  But are we looking so far ahead that we become fearful of failure?  Are we wondering if maybe we’re reaching for possibilities that aren’t ours to have?  Do we possibly (unknowingly) sabotage our own forward momentum and success?

             Sure, any of these are complications or misdirections which could slow us down.  But we have to remember that we can manifest ANY sort of future we want.  (Pretty much, anyway.)  We need to let go of the restrictions we’ve been taught, or that we THINK we’ve been taught.  No more excuses.  We simply need to dream it, and believe it.

             We are free to let go, with the faith that our net will appear.  Even if it doesn’t (use me as an example), the trauma is painful, but it’s never a mortal wound.  There are more choices out there than we can even imagine.  So let’s start imagining.

Today’s Deck:

(with words by me) Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

whatever it is to the pool and back.  My ride was quite lovely.  Being aware of my own Peace, and my own Now, makes pedaling easier.  Huh, who knew?

FLP Report:

It says Rhode Island, I promise.

It says Rhode Island,
I promise.