That Alternative Angle

             When I walked in to my (still not fully unpacked, nor completely finished) office tonight I was directed immediately to one of our most dynamic (and controversial) sets.  Every time I get this kind of strong pull, I know it’s an extremely important message.

             This, as we say, was a sign.  So, let’s listen to it, be grateful, intentional, and enjoy the gift.

             Some cards are better off reversed.  The upside-down aspect helps us to see both sides of the what the Universe wants us to focus on.  This is one of those examples.

osho zen tarot

“7 of Fire  ~  Stress


The quality of stress represented by this image visits all of us at times, but perfectionists are particularly vulnerable to it.

We create it ourselves, with the idea that without us nothing will happen . . . . especially in the way we want it to.

Well, we are asked, what makes us so special?  Do we think the sun won’t rise in the morning unless we personally set the alarm? 

We are being directed to go for a walk, buy a small present, fix ourselves a nice meal – anything ‘unimportant’ will do.  Just to put ourselves out of the reach of Stress.”

             I love that this came up as contrary.  It means that we have already begun our “turn” in the proper direction.  We’ve already seen how small things make a big difference.  We have taken the steps needed for learning this lesson.

             Also, I am truly appreciative of the reminder about “unimportant” bits.  Stopping to see the beauty around us, counting our blessings, noticing the tiny joys in our day-to-day-ness, those are the true important parts of this journey.  Those are the best forms of de-stressing.

             When we set down our juggling plates and our burning candles, we realize what little value they actually had.  Because now, our hands are free to do so many more, better, things.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this additional view from our adventure last week.

             When we go to other places, we always look for the museums, the cultural and interpretive centres, the history.

astoria history

              Yes, we stopped to read all of the plaques.  We even brought back a few souvenirs.  (And, of course, books.)




Exploration and Discovery

             We just arrived home from an exotic vacation.  Okay, not quite.  But we DID leave town!  And it WAS a great trip.  It simply wasn’t the one we thought we’d be taking.

             There are things we can plan for, and unforeseen situations we cannot.  Our get-away did not go exactly as we thought it would.

             And that brings us to what the Universe wants us to focus on, the current message.

Go where the road takes you.

             We begin this life with a blueprint, a Big Picture sort of idea.  What we are left to organize on our own, later, are the tiny details.  Add to this mix Free Will Choice, and we end up with the types of lives we actually participate in.

             Our Team, our loved ones, our own inner compass, all factor in to where we go, what we do, who we spend time with.  And, most importantly, how well we bounce back from those “unexpected” bumps in the road, the detours which take us to places we had no clue we’d be going.

             It’s a soul lesson, these re-routing maneuvers.  We learn from the way we handle it, how we feel, and whether we repeat the same sort of behaviour.  Our goal, obviously, is roll along with compassion and understanding.

             Each one of us know though, that’s not always how we react.  Are we doing better than the last time?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Are we trying?  Alrighty then, that totally counts.

             It is definitely the Journey, and not the destination.

             Here’s a view from our drive home.  It was, as I said, not the trip we thought it would be.  But wow, it certainly was a very VERY good one.

go where the road takes you

Pacific ocean, mid November

             Somewhere below Astoria, but above Newport.  As the sun releases this day, I am energized and recharged.  Enjoy this, it was a gift to me, I’m sharing it with you.




Druidic Wisdom, and What We Do With It.

      So, we leave our be-deviling issues behind us, yesterday we treated our wee selves gently, and today we are swimming in Wisdom, Inspiration, and become Rejuvenated.  I have found that I really like focusing on what the daily card says, because we were kinda doin’ it anyway.  (And it is easier for me, so there’s that.)

      As I have mentioned, my Empress is in an un-kind, and not Gentle, living environment (has been for some time).  She is solving this be-deviling situation by (slowly) moving into a better one.  (We all hope.)  In this process she brings Totes full of her belongings over here to the Burrow for storage.  (A side note about these oh so useful containers… remember when Daniel was all excited to get the Totes for his truck [AKA: The Testosterone Machine]?  Well they are still in the truck, but since the Incident of Towing on a Dark and Rainy Night, she has been driving that vehicle, hence having access to these handy plastic boxes she can fill, then dump off, and refill constantly.)  In this process she sometimes needs to leave Max here for a bit.   Since she also works for me at the mall, he waits, very patiently, for her return.               Like this.  She has recently coined the phrase Dog On Lap, when this happens, it gets anyone, who has the D.O.L., off the hook for doing any task at all.  You can’t!  You have to sit and hold Max!  See, the Wise decision.  And the Gentle one as well.

           Again, cast your minds back, recalling that my (insane) mother felt compelled to make a baby doll, and wanted me to cross stitch a face for it.  Got it?  Alright.  I found an ancient pattern book/magazine (of course I still have it),        and I foraged around for a piece of fabric that would work,                             and came up with this.  Because I could.     I called her today (there’s nearly an hour I will never get back) and she said how wonderful I was.   She’s sweet like that.  But…. could I also make the other one?  With brown eyes?  Since she had no idea WHY she was making them, it would be best if we had both options.  Ya know, because I could.  Sure Mother.  Love to.

      Not going to report on mall duty today, because it was exactly like yesterday, and the day before that.  A freaking gazillion texts, phone calls, and issues all solved without having to actually appear in person.  Sadly, no progress made on the shift schedule.  THIS will be taken care of tonight though.  (Or at least I really hope so.)

      On the cover of the guide book for The Druid Animal Oracle it says “working with the sacred animals of the Druid tradition.”  My own ancestral background is a mixed bag, to put it lightly.  Native Americans (of several tribes and areas), Irish and Germanic lineage, as well as the Mexican relatives (ya know, to give me some color and spice), so I tend to welcome many paths into my spirituality.  The Druid animals cover much of this, and really call out to me in a deep way.  This one though, also adds into the mix a regional aspect. 

         Here, where I sit, in the Pacific NorthWest, there is a huge connection, and historic relevance, to salmon.  Have I told you my favorite Lewis & Clark story?  (Probably, so just skim over this part if I am repeating my wee self elf.)  On their grand Voyage of Discovery, they ended up in Astoria, Oregon.  The winters there are long, extremely dark and rainy.  The explorers were made to feel welcome by the local peoples.  They ate much salmon.  Much.  At one point during that cold season, they decided that it was Too Much salmon, so the travelers sent scouts up river to buy some dogs and ponies.  To eat.  Uh…. if the salmon we get now is wonderful (and let me tell you, it certainly is), can you imagine how awesome it was THEN?!  And these guys would rather have eaten dogs and ponies?   Dudes.  Seriously?

“Salmon  ~ Bradan (pronounced: Bratan)  ~  Wisdom, Inspiration, Rejuvenation

     The card shows a salmon leaping toward a filbert (hazelnut) that is falling from the nine trees of Wisdom which grow beside the sacred pool.  The Ogham sign for Reed (Ngetal) is carved on one of the nuts hanging near the water.

      Bradan is revered as extremely sacred in the Druidic tradition, it is the Oldest Animal, and it offers us Wisdom and Inspiration.  Often with great difficulty, the salmon will return to the place of its birth to mate.  To find Wisdom, we too need to recapitulate our lives, to journey in consciousness back to our beginnings, to our childhood, and perhaps beyond to our very origins in Goddess and God.  Bradan brings not only Wisdom but Youthfulness and Inspiration, but remember that to find these things, you must maintain an attitude of openness and innocence rather than strong-headed determination.”

         Late breaking news: blog snow details.  Yes, it is a seasonal feature of WordPress.  Anyone who has a blog with them can activate it.  Apparently last year I did, so I automatically got it this year too.  At one point I thought by moving my mouse around I could even change the direction it was falling.  But now that has stopped happening, so maybe it was a fluke.  See if it works on your screens.