Loads of signs and symbols lately about Moving Forward.  And while I’m not a fan of looking backwards (Release lessons, much?), I do understand the necessity for setting up a way to gauge, a method to measure with, an examination of sorts.

             Since I let go of all numbers, and no longer count calories, hours, steps, miles, nor any false form of calculating my body through artificial ciphers, seeing how we’ve improved on a non-physical plane seems like a positive way to proclaim our


             To be in the moment is our ideal, appreciating all that we have, all that we are surrounded by.  At the same time, it feels like we’d benefit from experiencing and acknowledging how far we’ve truly come, how far this journey has already taken us.

             We can briefly glance back over our shoulders, honouring the task, the trials, the challenges, while genuinely being Here Now.   We can appreciate the advancements and education, continuing to recognize and respect our tremendous achievements while taking the time to breathe, to Be, and to be Still.

             It’s a difficult balance, yes, but  it’s also a Self-Care gift.  We are allowing ourselves to take credit for how far we’ve come and how much we’ve learned.  We are accepting gratitude for making it all this way, and for not only surviving, but for thriving and flourishing so beautifully.

             Progress is not only our advancing, but it’s the recognizing that we did this, we made it, we traveled, we have become aware.  We are the success.  We are the strength.

             Additionally, we are part of the bigger picture.  We are connected.


“Devotion ~ Nature Spirits


inspiration ~ contemplation ~ nature ~ faith

The presence of the Universe is everywhere, so if you feel disconnected from the Divine, you are the one who left.  Your Nature Spirits are beckoning you back to a place of awareness which reconnects you to your source.

Do not allow your mind to isolate you in fear or get stuck in dwelling on misery.  Instead, go outside and take in the natural world – which is a beautiful gift for you to enjoy.

Focus on the beauty, power, and holiness that nature affirms.  Humbly surrender to this greatest force present in all things, including you.

Your Nature Spirits message is this:

Breathe in the Divine.

You are one with All.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette


Today’s Personal Note:

is to say that I’m about ready to give this site a different, look.  If there’s anything here you might want to save, I’d advise printing those pages, because most of them will be going away.

             I know I said this months ago, but now it’s really going to happen.  All I’m waiting for is another perfect header photo, and the time to archive what I won’t be bringing with.

             It is safe to be happy, it is safe to change, it is safe to make progress.






             Many of us are having a difficult time right now.  There is unrest and what appears to be unjust actions.  We don’t know every story from every person, but we hear enough to cause us pain.

             Sometimes, the stories are close to us, sometimes, farther away.  Distance means nothing when we are aware of how others suffer, how anyone suffers.  We all cope in different ways.

             Personally, I struggle.  I face grief issues.  I have an eating disorder.  I am no longer insured.  I was laid off.  It’s challenging to make ends meet.  Depression is close and closer.

             I’m not great at getting out of my own way.  I’m extraordinarily wonderful at helping YOU do it, though.  When everything just feels too heavy and too sad and too wrong, as I’ve said before, I reach out.  I recommend it, highly.

             Here is a quote from Colette Baron-Reid:

“Peace, love, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness are the antidotes for the world today.  Ask yourself – how can I make Peace the power that guides my heart?

Then listen and follow the signs.  Don’t let the unrest in the world rob you of Peace.  Let today be the beginning of a revolution of peace and prosperity for all!

Let it begin with gratitude.  Even if you can find no reason in the temporary conditions of life.  Find it in your heart.”

             I have trouble, every single day.  But, but, but ….. when I discover something like this, I know that I can make it.  I know that I can make it through one more day.  I know that I can force the Peace to calm my terror.

             I know that I can live in this world, this world where bad happens, but where good is never far away.

             Never far, is our


             We can’t give up (as Doreen says) just before the miracle arrives.  We can’t let the hate win.  Our job is to be informed, and then share the lovingkindness we know to be our Hope and our future.

             Even in the dark, we have never been let down by the dawning of a new day.  Even in the confusion, we have never been denied clarity of thought.

             Even on our card altar now, we see the balance.


“Suffering  ~  23  ~  Divine Teachers

An important part of being human, and something that can’t be avoided, is the pain which comes from simply being vulnerable to the physical world.

Your Divine teachers advise you to open to the fact that any upset you attract isn’t without hidden gifts and opportunities.

Celebration  ~  14  ~  Joy Guides

Your Joy Guides are on hand, ushering you into a season of abundance, celebration, and hospitality.

You are loved, accepted, and trusted by those around you.  This is a time when life gives back to you.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is an invitation.


Join me!

             I’ll be on the porch, choosing Joy, holding on to Hope.  Come by, there’s always an extra chair.




             When I got braces on my teeth last year, it was emotional.  The entire process brought up so many feelings of self-worth.

             (Also?  I never saw it coming.  Totally not the direction I thought we were headed.)

             Today’s message is addressing a similar concept, a societal construct which many of us fall prey to.  It’s not simply just about Self-Care.  Additionally, it’s about value.

I’m Worth It

             Because the truth is, we ARE!  Generally though, we’re the very ones who don’t know it.

             Too often, we step aside.  Or behind.  Or so completely out of the way that we, the true us/our spiritual selves, become lost.  Or crushed.  Or merely a faded fragment of the whole.

             To put our sacred selves forward and say, stating solidly, that we deserve the most basic of all things, respect and care, is to confirm: I’m worth it.

             And, we are.  Absolutely.  And without question.  Right now, in this moment.  Not later, not thinner, not prettier, not more accomplished, not richer.  Now.  Right this exact fucking second.

             This is a Universal Truth.  There is no arguing it.  We.  Are.  Worth.  It.  All of it.

             As is the way, we have our validation front and center.  Look at what (and who) has appeared on our card altar.

             (Don’t forget, if some words don’t work for you, please apply a substitute, just be sure to not toss out the importance of this message over verbiage.  Some examples include: the white light of peace, Nature, Life, Source, Mother and Father Gods, the infinite power of the Universe, and [everyone’s favorite], the Force.)

the holy spirit

“Rest  ~  24  ~  Holy Spirit

Meditation, Prayer, Withdrawal, Retreat

Our culturally perverse notion that ‘doing, doing, doing’ is the correct use of time, and that ‘doing nothing’ is a complete waste of time, has indeed made us a sick society.  Your overwhelming desire to back off from this whirlwind of activity and take a break – even throw in the towel altogether – isn’t crazy or unrealistic.

It’s a direct summons from the Holy Spirit to withdraw your attention from the outer world and reconnect with your soul.

Your life is not to be frittered away in meaningless and unexamined activity.  You came in with a purpose, and specific soul intentions that are being neglected.

They’re now knocking at the door of your attention, reminding you that you have commitments to keep.  If you don’t heed this call and begin to self-examine, you may enter a dark night of the soul, a time where nothing feels meaningful.

Listen to the Holy Spirit and open your heart to its direction.  Take lots of time to be alone, and get in touch with your soul.  Write in a journal, seek counseling, and pray.

Allow yourself to be in direct contact with the guiding wisdom of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.  Withdrawing from the world – whether through contemplation, meditation, or even a sabbatical – is the most powerful way to use your time right now.

You are being guided to your quiet moments.  The message is to make time for yourself.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is an amazing musician who just kept crossing my path. Go HERE, then click through, and make sure you watch some of her videos.  (You’re welcome.)


Support Squad

             Remember when we were traveling that one time and I was directed to pick up this deck?

sonia choquette

             Well, I recently came across her book that was written to accompany these cards.  Now is the time to address it all, in the form of our message today.

(Keeping Track of) Our Team

             We all have them, guides, angels, walk-besides, spirit animals, ancestors, companions; this isn’t news, we’ve been discussing it for years now.  However, do we check in with them as often as we could?  They are truly there to help, as long as we ask them to.

             It can be difficult to understand how very much they CAN assist us.  Even in our tired and cranky moments, merely calling out (aloud or silently), they’ll answer.  It’s going to be subtle, so pay attention.

             There are many ways of connecting, but the basics are, we must tune in, stay aware, be in touch.  The most direct way to start is: just do it.

             Ask for aid, comfort, support.  Give them your cares, your worries, your struggles, and your sufferings.  It’s what they are MADE for!  And, if it helps you to feel better, it’s what YOU agreed to before you put on the body you’re now wearing.

             Check in.  Stay in touch.  Ask for help.  Pray, meditate, scream and shout if that’s the way which feels right.  Just please, work WITH your Team.  I plan on doing it much more often.

             Here’s what else the Universe wants us to look at.  Because when we feel the worst is when we need that Team the most.


“Shadow  ~  25  ~  Divine Healers

Anger, Vengeance, Violation, Spite

Although no one likes to admit it, we all have our dark sides and shadows – those less-than-flattering facets of our personality that take delight in abusing and shaming others and wielding power in the most unfair ways.

Whether it’s the condescending remark to the slow-moving grocery bagger at the supermarket, the aggressive hand gestures directed toward the meandering driver on the road, or the belittling comment made to an uncooperative family member, many of us are guilty of hurting or deriding others at times.

Your Divine Healers are present now to help you witness your shadow, lovingly making you aware that it’s actually contempt of yourself and your vulnerability that fuels such hostility toward others.

These gentle but powerful higher forces surround you in love and urge you to accept and embrace your weaker aspects, rather than harshly rejecting yourself by attacking those aspects in others.

Ease up, and be more tolerant of yourself.  If you do so, those shadows will give way to light and healing.

Your Divine Healers’ message to you is: 

ask for help and accept our light.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is a quote *A* sent to me last week (the source of which I seem to have completely lost track of).

“You will always be too much of something for someone: 

too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy.  If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.

Apologize for mistakes.  Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone, profusely.  But don’t ever apologize for being who you are.”


The Core Of Kindness

             There’s been quite a few discussions in recent years about the aging of a generation.  In my case, that’s my own mom and dad.  But, it could just as easily be ourselves, or our grandparents.

             The point is, we’re all living longer, enjoying (or perhaps, tolerating) physical lives beyond ages we previously documented.  And that is taking its toll.  On many of us.

             Our message today is focusing on HOW we emotionally participate in those conversations, and WHO we do it with.


             We will be that generation, if we aren’t already.  We will be in a situation of need, if we aren’t already.  We will not always be in these bodies.  While we are though, we must practice lovingkindness as often, and as thoroughly, as possible.

             This life is not a free ride, we know that.  But we sometimes forget how very NOT fair it can be.  Sure, we’ve all chosen the path we now walk, that’s a fact.

             What is also a fact is that we can’t afford to stop being grateful.  We can’t let our attitude of gratitude falter.  The more we are compassionate, the more compassion we will be surrounded by.

             To be kind is to set an example, even if no one is watching.  Just as our draw shows right now on the card altar.

holy spirit

“Leadership  ~  51  ~  Holy Spirit

Charisma, Enterprise, Authority, Motivation

The Holy Spirit is encouraging you to consciously and fully embrace the leadership role you are carving out for yourself.  Through your focus, dedication, stability, and discipline, you’re emerging from the background and becoming recognized for both your competence and wisdom.

Others are naturally attracted to your charismatic vibration and will follow your lead as they rightfully sense that you can be trusted.

The Holy Spirit is your guiding force as you motivate and inspire others.  Indeed, the very word inspire comes from the word spirit, and means ‘to invite’ or ‘to inhale’ the Holy Spirit into your life and move you toward your creative and spiritual best.

The Holy Spirit affirms that your assignment for now is to shine your bright light on the world and make no apologies for your enthusiasm or confidence as you lead others to higher ground.  Be mindful, however, not to overdrive yourself and become disconnected from your source, or you risk getting burnt out.

Enthusiasm is like fire and must be contained or it can consume you.  The Holy Spirit’s message to you is: 

lead with confidence.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is this recent view from Instagram.

summer view

“Messages, signs, and symbols of Summer.
#blueberries #WeedsInTheGrass #GiftedFeathers #love
(well, love is all year long)”

             In the past few days I’ve been shown a turkey feather, a tiny fluffy grey feather, a bluebird’s feather, and now, this one.  Each individual sighting, so special.  Together?  That’s when we need to take notice.